"Song of the Sea (2014)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Song of the Sea 'Tomm Moore's hard for me to evaluate. Conflict of form and content in it a bit too sharp.
history uncomplicated. Once there was a lighthouse keeper's family, only his wife was selkie and, after giving birth to their second child, went into the sea. Caretaker longed, and his children grow up, by and large, unattended. Senior Ben, blames her sister (on the day of birth and whose mother was gone, having made it to the light in the sea) in all their misfortunes, and she sister, Saoirse, not even able to speak. And on his sixth birthday and even begins to feel the call of the sea and over again thrown into the waves to seal. The grandmother, who visited her granddaughter that day, it is reasonable to decide that leaving children in this mess with his son, who was not even watching, so they do not drown, we can not, and transports them to Dublin, much to the frustration of Ben, who is not allowed to take a pet dog ... His father, meanwhile, decides to get rid of the coat selkie, owned by birthright Saoirse. Here are just Saoirse and her coat are important for the fate of the Brave People ...
In the retelling it all sounds good, but then the story is spreading, and by the end of the film it has more gaps than the solid parts. Scenario - my main and a very serious claim to the 'Songs of the Sea'. Let's go in order.
Firstly, the film does not deal with their own mythology. Why, if the selkie song could solve all the problems of Ding Shi, Saoirse mother does not sing her a long time ago? By the way, why did she not gone into the sea, not the dead? And if the first - why she did not visit her children though only as a seal? These are not idle questions, as all these factors fundamentally important for the plot of the film, but the responses to them 'Sea Song' does not give
Another interesting question is -. If Mach initially charmed his son, so he is not flooded with tears all over the world, the why, when the spell was lifted, he became cheerful, and the problem was resolved as if by itself? And this brings us to the second, more serious drawback - a film of morality. The 'Songs of the Sea' two main, closely intertwined themes: the importance of feeling that it is not necessary to contain and suppress, and the search for the magic and harmony with the ancient mythological world. On both topics Tomm Moore gives a contradictory message, if not meaningless. Emotion is a good thing, he says - and shows his father, six years submerged in his grief so that ruined the lives of their children; and the Mach regaining a sense, first nearly broke, and then began to miss. This year, out the other cartoon about the value of the senses, especially the sad - 'Puzzle', and its creators were able to show not only the damage from lack of emotional reactions, but also a good part of these reactions. The 'Songs of the Sea' unleashed feelings do not improve. Worse with magic; all the characters in the film is applied a lot of effort to restore the connection and harmony between the world of Shi and human, and the viewer is suffering, looking at beer cans and garbage bags near the petrified and fallen heroes of the past ... And all this in order to break the link in the final forever people and Shi. Do not misunderstand me, this theme of the film, too, could be a good (and even closer to me personally), but the whole story is not ready for this tour! .. In general, it seems that Moore did not thought about what he wanted to do a cartoon.
And my last complaint, less significant, but still. I do not understand why it was doing all Dean Shi saydkikami annoying at worst spirit of 'Disney'. They're noisy, they're not funny, and most importantly, they are not magical or miraculous. They look like a crowd of elderly and alcoholics hippies, instead of trying to remember the chords somewhere in the underpass. Maybe Moore wanted to cause the same effect as a stone idols in the trash? .. But the idols had merit, though trodden down, and still alive Shi there is literally nothing magical. It's a bad sign when the villains are killed positive characters, and the audience sighed with relief - well, at last they shut up
really well solved only one line -. Relations Saoirse and Ben, but there's the writers do not find fault. Both the child's insanely cute and totally reliable, monitor their dynamics - a pleasure, and the joint adventure they are very interesting. Unfortunately, in the course of action the other line just pulled attention away from these wonderful heroes
But the main advantage of 'Songs of the Sea' -. This, of course, the visual component. Simply stunning animation, nothing on a similar visual style and insanely inspired designs. Each frame would be desirable to consider the infinite, each pattern - hang on the wall. From the sea to the greenish tones of infinite crimps and spiral on a magical cave rocks, 'Sea Song' - a feast for the eyes. Images of the characters perfectly thought out and very expressive, than to a large extent explains their charm (I'm not talking about the wonderful drop-shaped seals). Particular note must be marvelous to work with light, which has become the leitmotif of the cartoon. In terms of animation, I really have not seen anything comparable to the 'Song of the Sea'.
Whether it's short film, I would put it the highest mark without hesitation, regardless of the story at all. But, unfortunately, forgotten for half an hour about the history of connectedness is impossible - especially if it is clearly tries be connected
7 out of 10.

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