"Some Like It Hot (1959)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The last time I saw this picture of somewhere about 20 years ago! I remember that in spite of his then very young age, I was very hooked and pulled a funny story of two scoundrels musicians, absurdly caught in a group of female jazz band, going on tour in Florida. Joe and Jerry, and could not think that will witness a mafia shootout, from which hardly going to get out alive, and after another and change clothes in the ladies' dresses, becoming Daphne and Josephine. Once in the female jazz band dressed losers like how to avoid danger and now they need to be careful, because the farce of disguise can open at any moment. But how can you be cautious two young men in society, sexy young ladies, of which only one sweet Darling easily capable of easy to dazzle any male of his radiant smile, but also in the literal sense - to drive mad ?! What happens - Daphne and Josephine, ie, Joe and Jerry, he immediately fell in love with beauty, gradually exposing yourself to the inevitable exposure. And then there's the Florida resort, where the musical team went on tour, Daphne waiting for courtship vacationer old millionaire who is heavily in it (him!) Falls in love and is ready to offer his hand and heart. But that's half woes - after a while, our poor fellows again faced with the bandits, from which they successfully escaped into the beginning of the film and now surely, Daphne and Josephine, imminent exposure ..
First of all, I would like to thank! company 20th Century Fox, for the fact that the release of this, not afraid of the word masterpiece in the Blu-Ray format, high quality, prompted me to think again 'some Like it Hot "and supplement their collection of undying classics. As I wrote above, the last time I watched this picture for a long time and for me because the view is absolutely opened the new - tape has become not just a revision, and this premiere, gave me a lot of great experiences and a great mood. Despite the fact that the film is in black and white, he looks incredibly bright and sunny - black and white picture is not just banal suitable to this classic tale, and makes it very atmospheric and stylish. However, there is not only the merit in this, for the stunning scenery, beautiful costumes, luxurious interiors and shooting on location - whether it's a dark garage in the center of the city were covered with snow Chicago streets, old train, filled with charismatic little ladies, or a chic resort in Florida - literally fascinate the viewer with its charm and give a very special feeling, which is unlikely to awaken in your soul, when viewing any modern adventure comedy. So, now, and the truth is not removed, and reality makes this tape more expensive and meaningful to the audience! Well, at least for me ...
But great atmosphere and wonderful visuals, not the only thing that can boast of the film. After all, it plays just great actors who are incredibly natural and easy transform into their characters and give us stunning images. First of all, I would like to mention the main paintings duo who played Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon - this couple deserves the highest praise, for what they were doing on the screen, worthy of long and tumultuous applause. Curtis, played by Joe, who had changed into Josephine and Lemmon - Jerry became due to the prevailing circumstances, Daphne. They have a completely different character and temperament that looks great on the contrast and makes them incredibly interesting relationship. Lightheadedness and some clumsy hero Jerry looks very funny, and to a greater extent, this funny evident when he transforms into Daphne - a step that should, and I'm not talking about a comic episode, where our hero compunctionate danced tango on a date with an obsessive starikom- millionaire. Over time, he was so accustomed to the image of Daphne that for a while he forgot that this is just a cover-up, and sooner or later will reveal the deception. And the old lover in the meantime continues to persistently invited him to his luxury yacht, give expensive bouquets and diamond jewelry
And Joe, meanwhile, plays a double, and triple play -. By passing Wearing Josephine, he secretly meets with a great darling in a super-millionaire image suffering from the problem of women and owns luxury yachts. By the way, with a yacht bound stunning episode in which to get kisses and affection from Darling, Joe, comically pretends disillusioned with life the weak man who is tormented by tragic memories, knowing that to such entities, the charming Madame indifferent. Sweet Darling played legendary actress Marilyn Monroe - the sex symbol of the 50s, which to this day is one of the most beautiful women on the planet! Her gorgeous Darling - disappointed in men, it is specially arranged to female jazz band, hoping to avoid another failed romance and gross harassment. Monroe, as always feels great in the romantic manner, giving judgment on the spectator is incredibly feminine, charming and charismatic character. Needless to say that Darling is simply impossible not to fall in love? .. However, as in this picture, which looks great and looks at one go.
P.S. Tape Billy Wilder's "Some Like It Hot '- this is the eternal, timeless classics of cinema, which is probably in 100 years did not cease to be relevant. It's like wine, which over the years became a better, without becoming in the vinegar. And it carries the wine itself a whole bunch of great flavors: an incredibly subtle humor, amazing acting of reincarnation, exciting plot with interesting twists and funny situations, and of course, hilarious phrases that have long been a cruise and went to all sorts of quotes. Elegant comedy of all time!
10 of 10

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