"Some Like It Hot (1959)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When I first looked at the Jazz only girls, I did not know who the gangsters that this prohibition, mafia, underground bars. I do not remember how old I was. And this film was one of my favorite - even though I do not need to laugh all the jokes. Only a few years ago, when I found everything about this era, the film was playing several times more interesting and a hundred times more fun
-! How did they go to such kabluchischah ?! They retain a balance ?!
- They have a center of gravity in a different place
Joe and Jerry -. Musicians, who often have no luck. The months are out of work, the work in the illegal club with banned alcohol, then lose all your money on the run. In the end, they witness the brutal dismantling of the local mafia. Fleeing from the thugs, musicians disguised as women dzhazistok Josephine and Daphne, and sent to the women's orchestra in Florida, where it is not enough just their instruments - saxophone and bass. However, apart from the difficulties in the art of being a woman, the obsessive attention of men and bandits sitting on their tail, friends waiting for the danger of falling in love with a seductive soloist Orchestra Darling ...
- Give me the account immediately, just in case - And what might happen at the funeral
-? may be too soon to start wake
what I especially love this comedy -. it seems to me that it exists outside of time. At any time, in any country, each person can be a situation where only the standard solution can save your life, work, marriage, and will help to improve something ... And it's a comedy, where there is no tragic drama turns, injustice, and virtually every situation makes us laugh. And at any age - every time I laugh like the first time, finding something new and previously unnoticed in those already memorized by heart jokes and scenes. Such films, I particularly stands out among my favorite - do not need any special reason to reconsider. And when they look up your mind - a charge of good mood you provided
-! Just look, here is a gait. You know, even giddy. She must have a motor inside, left-right, left-right.
I remember, I did not realize that the Marilyn Monroe first appeared in the frame is not in the ladies' room, on the sly drinking whiskey, and on the platform in an elegant coat with a ukulele and a suitcase in their hands ... and jets of steam, effectively its scary! And despite all the stories, how hard it was to work with her in the course of filming, I believe the role of sweet, naive and dreamy Darling - not only one of the best roles of Marilyn, but also one of the most vivid and memorable images in world cinema! Although Darling or Dana Kowalczyk, very ordinary girl with disabilities, to make mistakes, and dreams of the rich and beautiful husband ... Who does not dream about the same)
-? You know what you've done
? - What have I done
-? He tore me to hell one breast
-! Go to the toilet and straighten
-. you ripped off - you and corrects
Tony Curtis <. / b> and Jack Lemmon - them I present only together - saxophone and bass, two Musketeers and best friends, Joe and Jerry, who are his misfortunes are divided among themselves and the constant lack of money, and illegal work, and bets on the run, and communication idetelstvo gang fights! Finally - they are masked by women together, not leaving others to fend for themselves. And they are quite different: Joe - charming and attractive seducer, Jerry - a fun and positive klutz. And they were in female form! Their efforts can not but appreciate seeing them in the image - gait, eyes, voice ... those actors who could convincingly play as a woman - I feel truly brilliant, and Tony, and Jack showed me the genius of years ago
-? Hey, you konservatorki, where you used to work in dance classes
- No, the funeral ...
- Be kind, be resurrected from the dead. The pace, the girl at the pace
addition to the legendary trio in the film a lot vtoroplanovyh but no less colorful characters: an orchestra conductor suspicious Pretty Sue, the humble administrator Mr Baynstok, violent gangsters Colombo White Leggings and little Bonaparte, and my favorite (i'm sure not only me) - of course, Osgood Fielding III, who falls in love with Jerry / Daphne and unforgettable dancing tango
-! Police found two dead ladies, we svolokut the women's morgue, there undress naked. Oh, Joe, I'll die of shame
say that in this comedy funny - it's like to retell the entire plot of the film! Almost every scene - is at least smile! A separate moments - is laughter and tears at all times! As such, the scene on the train, where they drink it! Or the first appearance of the ladies on the platform. Or the legendary tango ... And dancing with maracas! Mark need and the famous music - and the famous song by Marilyn, which film critic Roger Ebert called the anthem sexuality on the screen
-! Daphne, your cavalier to you waving a pen
-. Go . you both to pigs
- you now meeting with him. Smile ... (Laughs) Look, do not be stingy, whip charm to the fullest!
Today, when every month come out dozens of new films, the main
not forget the classics. Of those films that has ever remained in centuries. Already many times wonder: Some like it hot - the usual comedy, now you can find something similar in modern. And yet, there it is something that elevates it above all of them. I do not know - maybe it's an interesting scenario, or acting or directing, or music and the work of make-up ... And may all at once? The result is great! Definitely recommend to everyone!
10 of 10
P.S. - Well, so if you and this is not enough: uh ... I'm a man
- Well, each has its own drawbacks .!

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