"Some Like It Hot (1959)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

To begin with, I believe that picture better, not only in Marilyn Monroe's career, which is played in an unsurpassed way cool, but believe that "Some Like It Hot" is one of the best American comedies of all time, because the humor in the film is so good that over He can laugh out loud and to this day, but when you consider that the film production already in 1959, the film finally can safely be called a classic of the genre and a classic film, and the high places in all the tops ratings as well as high scores from both critics and from the audience, one more proof. First time watching this tape, I laughed like crazy, and even after the last display laugh less, I did not stop, because the jokes were heard in this film tape can laugh endlessly, especially great sound these same jokes in the translation of the famous interpreter 90th Volodarsky, who all sounded very funny and fun, and most importantly, more correctly, well, in my opinion. And now a little about the movie and about his storyline.
plot tells of a time when America was a dry law and many "criminals" of American society figures created underground bars and taverns, where coffee was served diluted illicit liquor and for the fun atmosphere was the stage on which to play different musicians, which included two very good friend, saxophonist Joe and bassist Jerry, who, after a raid of their workplace accidentally witness a mass execution Mafi heat group, and the other. Now they are forced to either leave the city and dressed in women, which is now called Josephine and Daphne are sent to Florida along with the orchestra, which includes only the girls, one of them, a blonde named Darling, literally, driving Joe crazy. Upon arrival at the destination point, Joe begins to emerge from an image of Josephine, in order to obtain mutual sympathy and feelings of the Darling, which in turn gradually begins to fall in love with a mysterious stranger, and at Daphne, that is Jerry there are specific problems, because quite old millionaire Osgood He falls in love with him (in this case, her) with no memory and does not want something that just played with Daphne and offer her to become his wife. Everything is going smoothly, but as long as on the random circumstances in Florida do not come gangsters who are just in search of witnesses they've missed something. Scenario gorgeous, it is already safe to call the classics as similar storylines in world cinema in the future will be used a lot more, but what can I say, almost every year out pattern where men need to dress in women, or vice versa, but it is better than in this tape, anyone to move a similar scenario on the screen, did not succeed. For the story and its components can be safely put the maximum score, but as for the ensemble cast, which is adapted brilliantly.
«I'm engaged!»
«Congratulations, and who is the lucky bride?"
«I am!» ​​
«What is it?»
«Osgood made me an offer wedding to play in June!»
«What are you talking about? You can not marry Osgood! »
« You think he's too old for me? »
Elegant played the most famous blonde in the world, Marilyn Monroe, which is how I know it was extremely hard to play in this film, as the first one in that moment she was pregnant, which incidentally is not even really even noticeable, and secondly Marilyn was extremely hard to memorize the different dialogues of her character, which is quite difficult for the filming process, but despite all these difficulties, Monroe played a stunningly great and deservedly won for his efforts of various prizes and awards, which include a very honorable "Golden Globe Award" for "Best Actress in a Comedy", which is obtained absolutely deserved, since the image of Darling is perfect Miss Monroe, and of course something similar to her real life, but in the end I can argue that this role Marilyn seems to me the best in all of her acting career, where, and so were a lot of good projects, but the image of Darling created by Monroe simply unforgettable, a little silly, beautiful blonde, with excellent vocal given and bubbled with a birthmark on the face will remain forever in my memory, that's for sure. Superbly played their roles and actors Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, who both played at the highest level, are shown in this picture all his acting skills and the ability to transform into other characters, and case characters, and for the brilliant performance of Daphne, actor Jack Lemmon was awarded the "Golden Globe" award, in the category "Best actor in a comedy," and his tango with millionaire Osgood just incredibly funny, what about the phrase facing Daphne during the dance, namely, "You're back!", I personally have called me about the storm of loud laughter, so that the award Lemmon was absolutely deserved. I would also like to mention the game Joe E. Brown, who played the role of billionaire libertine Osgood, who lit, no less than the trio of main characters.
About music will not say anything, as many of the songs film, I often listen to at home, and the song «I wanna be loved by you» in general is on my cell as a ringtone for the call personally, I just trudge as "hell on glass wool" when Marilyn performing the song in the end singing "poo-poo-pee-doo," I like not the text, and then as the song takes Monroe, and other songs of the paintings were beautiful. Well it has done its job make-up artists and costume designers, as they managed to turn the two men in women using the then-primitive makeup and ordinary women's suits. Well, I finished, noting the perfect setting Billy Wilder, which has managed to make not just a comedy for a couple of years, and the film that has survived more than one generation and for that many thanks to him.
« I'm Osgood Fielding the third »
« Yeah, and I'm the second Cinderella »
Summary:!! is one of the best American comedies of the history of cinema, with a wonderful sense of humor, smart Marilyn Monroe and directing quality that makes the "Some Like it Hot," a masterpiece of world cinema and my assessment of only the maximum:
10 of 10
PS "Everyone has their own shortcomings!»

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