"Some Like It Hot (1959)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As stated in one well-known rule, remakes a priori can not be better than the original, because they are, first, secondary, and secondly, their creators often have fresh ideas and, thirdly, to gamble on glory predecessors in itself causes feeling of mild irritation. However, but that it tends to periodically break it! In 1951, the cinema of postwar Germany amused his audience very badsome and really funny comedy "Fanfare of Love ', which is not widely known, remained unjustly neglected classics, which, interestingly, is also a remake, but a French film of the 30s. Interesting story about men dressing in women under duress beyond their circumstances, was quite explicit and tangible perspective, but because it just could not apply the genius of American cinema of the last century, Billy Wilder. Looking closer to the dignity of the German and French productions, the director set out to in that whatever was to carve out a light, unobtrusive, but at the same time sharp and resourceful comedy fiery ride and managed to make all our plans in the best possible way. Titled his work like 'Some Like It Hot "(in the domestic box office -" Some Like It Hot "), Wilder enlisted the support of the incredible beauty Marilyn Monroe, put her incomparable companions in the face of Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, and thus carved a legend which does not even think to grow old, driving away the plaque have passed since the premiere of the times of years.
Thus, the plot of the film takes place in the harsh winter of 1929, in the midst of the 'Prohibition'. Do not want to adapt to the rules of public order, the Chicago gangsters continue to fight with the police, the city flooded hundreds of clandestine bars, one of which works and protagonists paintings, musicians Joe (Curtis) and Jerry (Lemon). Experiencing serious financial difficulties, the guys do not see in their work is nothing criminal, because they are trite entertain the audience from the stage, but when dealing with violators of the law, in trouble sooner or later make themselves felt. Having become unwitting witnesses to a brutal murder, the execution of local bosses Colombo (George Raft), Joe and Jerry have to hide from certain death, as the gangsters never leave witnesses to their crimes. After going through all the possible options for saving, the guys there is nothing better than to dress in girls and go after the orchestra Pretty Sue (Joan Shoal) to sunny Florida for a series of performances. Goodbye to the snow-covered, dank Chicago, the so-called 'Daphne' and 'Josephine' head goes into the vortex of the girls' passions and meet the one on which the whole world is spinning. Charming 'Darling' (Monroe) becomes a stumbling block in the long-term friendship, Joe and Jerry, but the heart, as it is known, will not order and the continuation of this adventure will be incredibly exciting!
As for the shooting of the film is taken such dramatic magnitude as Billy Wilder, already had time to remove the 'ace in the hole' and 'Sabrina', worry about the quality of performance history are not entirely necessary. Truly talented, resourceful director truly loved each film, to which he had put his hand. Random projects filmography Wilder would not be at all, because each pattern of its manufacture are carefully selected, layout and meticulous filming process. I was no exception, and the comedy "Some Like It Hot '. As can be considered all the charm and disadvantages' Fanfares of Love "and its predecessor, the director down to the shooting continued to rule themselves scenario, with every free minute on consultation with its author. And such a ruthless approach to the work was not in vain, because absolutely all the scenes, episodes and dialogues have made history, becoming the classic movie entertainment, in which even at the big desire it is impossible to find a flaw. With each passing day on the set of Billy Wilder increasingly entered into the spirit and its frantic pace echoed by other members of the team led by Monroe, Lemmon and Curtis. Thus, from the banal remake of the notorious rethinking the original was created by a bright, attractive and surprisingly not a stupid comedy, unable to stop even for a moment, because the story just physically does not imply reducing the speed.
The film was restored Wilder excellent retro-ambiance 'Dry law ', pays homage to the old gangster movies, incredibly popular and in demand in the United States and beyond. Stylish and incredibly dangerous criminals in elegant suits and weapons, invisibly hidden in long cloaks to cause genuine interest, since they represent the alluring enticing classic American crime 20-30th, which will forever remain in the history. Especially good in their way of George Raft, who plays the very Colombo, because of which the main characters have to hide in remote and hot Florida. Submit to on-site Raft anyone else is not possible, as it was actually the perfect embodiment of a heartless gangster, some divom attracting the attention of the audience. Although perceived Colombo together with his gang seriously still fail, to Wilder and rafts could confound many pompous directors, speculating on the subject 'Prohibition' in prohibitively serious productions.
But of course, despite all the flavor of gangsters, which served seed for the further plot of viewers most likely interested in the relationship between the extraordinary mates trio of music, which includes 'Darling' 'Daphne' and 'Josephine'. Billy Wilder got enormous pleasure, playing a thin, neat comedy woven from hundreds of different items. Take one of them out of the plot, as a picture would have collapsed before our eyes. But a reason for this film took so veteran director like Wilder, even capable of a chair in the locker room of the orchestra play as neither he nor we were not in order. A firm hand and an indisputable authority directing Monroe, Lemmon and Curtis in the right direction, the director revealed in their true talent, which had previously only expect an appropriate hour, when he was awakened. Before participating in 'Some Like It Hot' actors were moderately popular and loved, but it was this picture led them to the top of glory, providing known for decades to come. Of course, after taking part in the adventure of Wilder's career major stories of stars formed in different ways and not always ended on a positive note, but no one will ever be able to erase them from 'Some Like It Hot'.
As a result, I want to say that Billy Wilder and the company did their best, prognuv by a steel rule and a remake of the original. 'Some Like It Hot' with incredible mischief is traversed from the beginning to the very end, not for a moment forget that the viewer must constantly entertain, fascinate and amaze. So Wilder tape is absolutely deserved status indestructible classics of the genre, and I just have to wish you a pleasant viewing!
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