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- Cognition only true when it is based on morality
-. It is not always the case. Remember Hiroshima
-. Well, then do not do it immoral
Once again revise Tarkovsky and once again come to the conclusion that it was truly a filmmaker, endowed with a unique talent!. And it is so much talent that separates genius director from just wonderful. Such a talent, which is a fine line between genius and crazy, excuse me but it was such a talent is able to give rise to films Solaris level. Once again, Tarkovsky alters fiction novel in such a way that the idea of ​​his film adaptation goes in the opposite direction with respect to the source. But then, they are geniuses at different angles to look at the same things.
As in Stalker, the plot of the film at first it seems very, very unpretentious. Future. Cutting-edge research in astronomy led to the discovery unique planet Solaris. What's so valuable and so remains a mystery (maybe because it is minor and represents sobo allusion to any knowledge at all?). But here the expedition for the expedition of interest in the world is growing, there is a special science - 'Solyaristika'. Leading scholars gather huge Concilia on which all trumpeting the need for cutting-edge research. Built a huge spaceport capable of holding a 85 person staff.
's just one problem. Tame nature is impossible. For we are in the universe only to the tenant's rights. Any interference in the affairs of nature threatens swift countermeasures. In Solaris, as such, it acts as the Ocean. Mysterious Ocean that defies the laws of physics of the Earth that can cause hallucinations and enter into a stupor. But also the ocean can be harmless. Is it worth it? At the very beginning of the development of Solaris has sounded the alarm a simple helicopter pilot Andrew Burton, accidentally collided with the manifestation of the Ocean. As usual, no one believes him. Studies are tens of years. And in the end, instead of 85 people at the station are only 4 Solyaristika comes to a standstill. What's the matter?
deal with the situation flies protagonist Chris Kelvin. And misfortune. People are slowly going crazy. Even Gibaryan cheerful member of the expedition, so loved to live commits suicide. It seems that everyone present is developing inexplicable paranoia. And it all is that the ocean is by scanning the brain during sleep researchers, sends to it guests. People from the past. Dead people, which will be eternal torment and punishment for those whose conscience is not clean. And another big question for whom this is a great servitude: to Terran or for guests. An incredibly strong image Hari - dead wife Chris. Perhaps the strongest of all the images in the world cinema.
Maybe your appearance should be a torture, maybe the ocean service, but what does it matter, if you are dearer to me than all the scientific truths that have ever existed in the world?
the more time they spend together, the more Chris entangled in itself. What is more important for him? Knowledge or the illusion of happiness? Even if not eternal. He is not willing to sacrifice all and all for the sake of knowledge (remember the scene of dialogue with Burton in the beginning of the film). The more time it spends with Hari, the more human she becomes. The more learns to love as a man, the more I realized how tormented soul of Chris. The more tried to make Chris happy. The more important is a return to its roots - to his memory. The past does not return. But it is possible to live in order to correct or improve the effects of past
Sacrifice, which make all the characters, eventually leading us to the main plot of the film -. You must always be a man, not in spite of everything. Not even Hari people through the experience of reproductions of paintings and visit the library tries to be humane. Even she is ready to sacrifice her own happiness and life to Chris finally removed from his soul this burden, and continued to live on. Somehow live ... ' It was not me ... I do not ... Hari '. The source of the end everyone is looking for their refuge, their memory, their life direction. Here are just a guest guilt expiated, and Chris? Hardly.
Insanely layered on an already complicated the film Solaris ending associated with the long-awaited return of Chris home. That's really really ending, which is to look into holes and stare! As noted by many reviewers, the scene is an allusion to the return of the prodigal son. I agree with them and recommend to consider ending it in this perspective: in the eyes of his father's joy, surprise. Forgiveness, if you want. Recent pictures that refer to Solaris and Ocean. In order not to spoil not say, as I understand them. But this is truly one of the endings, which is for himself, each viewer will interpret in their own way.
Love loved ones. Most loved ones. Do not expect that fate sends you the same guest because, as Chris said, ' we love what we can lose '. So appreciate what you are afraid to lose.
10 of 10
Instead of an epilogue.
'You know, showing pity, we devastate. Maybe it's true - the suffering of all life gives gloomy and suspicious look. But I do not admit, no, I do not recognize 'that is not necessary for our life, it hurts her' no, no harm, no harm, of course, does not hurt. You remember Tolstoy? His anguish over the inability to love mankind in general? How much time has passed since then? Somehow I can not figure out, help me. Well, I love you, but love - a feeling that can be experienced, but can not be explained. Can explain the concept and love the fact that you can lose - themselves, the woman home. Until today, humanity, the Earth were simply inaccessible to love, you know what I mean, Snaut? We've so little - just a few billion - a handful! Or maybe we do here just to experience the first time the people as a reason for love, and? '

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