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As you read this phrase three people born in the world, while others committed suicide. Fifteen thousand people have an orgasm, and somewhere on the edge of the world from hunger child died. Infinite number of atoms (and events) around and within you face, react and die to rise again. The sun, meanwhile, is celebrating its 4.59 billion birthday. That for him all our sorrows, sadness, life adversity, adversity, joy, inspiration, insight? NOTHING! But they, like the sun itself to a living human being - that is, ALL! For a long time, the dependence of human spiritual world and the natural environment has been one-sided. Nature has shaped the life and customs of mankind, which is slowly but surely "graded" by its deification to unconditional debunking, from absolute dependence to total domination ... Well, from now on the very nature depends on the balance of destructive and constructive tendencies in the human soul, which even learned to split atoms. Everything seems to be nothing, but only in the soul itself is not all right
character Donatas Banionis -. Teachings of Chris Calvin is just experiencing a severe spiritual crisis, although a little think about it. Willy-nilly, he had to look into the abyss of his soul, when he arrives at the research station near the planet Solaris, which come to life and materialize all the past memories. Calvin meets there his wife Hari, more than ten years ago, to commit suicide. At the station, in addition to Chris, there are other members of the research expedition. And every one of them re-acquainted with their ghosts, taivshimisya long time in the depths of the unconscious, locked into the darkest corners of conscience, but, unexpectedly, get the actual, physical incarnation. Some can not stand the enormous mental stress, pulled hard all the weight of being the guilt and irretrievable loss, and are saved in the death of the doctor Gibaryan. Two other scientists, Snaut and Sartorius, are on the verge of a complete loss of reason and return to the bosom of the primeval chaos and madness. They try to protect themselves from the madness for a long time known methods of irony or denial, but the vision does not recede. Contact ghosts and scientists is far from the usual stereotypes sudden, violent invasion of monsters in the current peaceful life 'reasonable' citizens. Rather, it is appalling monotony, slow, soft and palpable despair. Somewhere on the edge of consciousness scientist Chris afflicted incredible and illogicality of what is happening, is maturing right idea, capable to resolve the situation: "You have no escape but to try to understand and recognize each other." Naturally inclined to reflection Chris achieves in the matter of small successes, unlike his subtle sense of his wife, who, like every woman has a much more developed intuition and rich emotional spectrum. Dialogue between the two former spouses is increasingly becoming a monologue, a confession Hari unfortunate that wanted his handpicked only happiness and wanted to give an honest, sincere, selfless love that Chris did not understand and could not accept. The more complete and vivid presents a rich, lively personality Hari dead, the more clearly emerges all the poverty, stagnation and a deathly stillness live Chris. Finally, realizing the situation in all its tragic entirety, noting what incredible suffering they cause her husband to their existence (and not seeing the benefits), Hari decides to rid the accident from his presence, and again commits suicide, which in fact is an act of sacrifice (favorite Tarkovsky threads), born out of love, not out of selfishness, as previously thought Chris. This stunning event is for the hero last and decisive impetus, after which it begins, finally, to see clearly his spiritual fall and know that for him the closest: his, yet the feelings and living soul, not infinitely distant cosmic space, that is. e. existence of human being, which is the key to the mysteries of nature. Solaris, receiving data from Chris about his inner world "recalls the" vision and the infinite ocean of chaos memory image of the island, one of which was settled and Chris.
Science and art are often aligned in the field of knowledge of the human psyche. Solaris is a proof of that. The film, unwittingly, as the notes played in terms of psychoanalysis. One can hardly speak about the fascination with Tarkovsky Freud, already for the reason that no Freud (as well as the mentally ill) is not officially in the Union. Meanwhile, it is easy to recognize in Soliryase ocean of unconscious drives and archetypes playing our rational and reflexive concepts as toys. Hari represents repressed feelings of guilt, and she is resolved psychoanalytic typical recipe and re-experiencing the full reconstruction of traumatic events. The most important role in the film, as well as in the teaching of the great Austrian plays a "figure" of his father - that is, All images, fantasies and memories associated with it. It should also be noted that a woman at takovskih and Freud appears equally peculiar illusory entity born male psyche. Simply put, the love of a woman - it's a dream, dream, dream, projected onto the neighbor, and the woman for the man in a far more fancy fruit, rather than a real person (which gives it unlimited power, not only in the physical but also the mental sense). Incredibly colorful, saturated and original image of Hari, to know himself only an appearance, spirit, reflection. In the film a lot of scenes, closely approaching the symbolic, descriptive analysis of the feminine essence and nature, although the general picture line is laid in an entirely different field ..
In the 60s, the 70s of the last century when mechanization and capitalization, as well as materialism growth closer to the extreme, the world swept reaction. Any escapist movements (hippie), and in the art of cinema had their say titans like Bergman, Fellini, Antonioni and, of course, Tarkovsky. But none of them did not meet on its way so many difficulties as Andrei Tarkovsky. Personally, I can not understand how he could have again and again, persistently and patiently penetrate a thick layer of materialist ideology and propaganda of the state plane of social values ​​and not to retreat. Going at odds with the world, struck by the miracle of human flight into space, gifts technogenesis and steadily growing comfortable existence, Tarkovsky clearly expands its late, "Abstract and Fog" conventional wisdom of the concept of philosophy. With its help, he wants to prove that the person is still not spiritually mature enough to own inventions. In his sverhtehnologichny the world - it is a mighty lord, morally, mentally (and meta-physically) degenerated into a feeble cripple. Cars, spaceships, lives up to hundreds of years ... Why did he have all these toys, if he has not been home, cut off from its own being, I forget about the purpose and doomed disembodied ghost forever wander the world, where there is everything, except ... a small island in the middle of endless chaos where a stranger might, humbling their pride, to fall on his knees and begged forgiveness, feel at home and needed someone to empty the ocean 'facts' and the boundless, infinite and silent space.

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