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This is the evaluation, understanding and the scope of the network that need to be implemented by 5Star Company (Techopedia, 2017). The network consists of various components ranging from network cabling (circuits), hardware components and software components. These components are interconnected to form a network layout or topology that represents how the network design looks like and operates.

Network Circuits

This consists of transmission media that allow computers to communicate with each other across the network. The main media being the network cables that are required for the proposed network include:

Fiber cable

This will act as a transmission media and connects networking devices for faster transmission across the network. This transmission cable will connect core components to distribution components and end user components in the network.

Ethernet cat5 cable

This cable shall be used to connect access layer devices to the whole 5Star Company LANs in each building.

RJ 45 Plugs

This will be used for network cable termination for the proposed network design.

Hardware Components

Network Switches

This provides interconnection of other network devices within a network (Mitchell, 2017). The types of switches that 5Star Company should go for based on future extensibility factor are modular switches. This kind of switch will enhance flexibility and future extensibility for 5Star Company. These switches support modular line cards that allow addition of ports on the switch in the case of scaling the management.


This device will allow connection of 5Star networks and extend to internet accessibility. The router will enhance communications between the three LAN networks for 5Star Company.

Wireless Access Point (WAP)

This will ensure that additional or other clients or workstations are connected to 5Star network wirelessly. The device will broadcast digital signals across 5Star Company at a given range.

Server Components

These include; DNS server, mail server, Web server, file server, DHCP server, Database server and print server. The devices will provide important functionalities in the network design.

Workstations devices

These are employee’s personal computers, office IP phones among other devices connected to the 5Star Network.

Software Components

These include operating systems, Network Operating System (NOS) which are executed other network for sharing resources across the 5Star Network.

Another software is Anti-Virus software to enable the company overcome malicious attacks from external attackers.

The network to be designed will therefore rely on the named components in order for the design to be successful (Mbaocha, 2012).

Network Logical Design

The diagram below represent 5Star Network logical design based on the three-layered hierarchical network model proposed for the network.

5Star Data Center hosts all the dedicated servers available on this network design. The data center processes all the requests from the workstations as well as providing assignment of IP addresses to new devices in the network. Therefor all the operations of the company will highly rely on the dedicated server hosted at the data center.

Physical Network Design

The following depicts a physical layout of the proposed 5Star Software Development Company.

The diagram above represents the three buildings of the company which are Software Development, Technical and Administrative Building. All these three buildings have different LANs which are interconnected in the core and all accessed servers that are centrally hosted in the cloud.


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