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Atlassian is a software company that has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. 2002 marked the year of the company’s foundation. Atlassian Corp, PLC, which was Atlassian’s parent company was participating in the United Kingdom in the year 2013. Its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on NASDAQ occurred in 2015. The organisation makes encouraging or presented programs for programming creators and wander directors. Prominent things that the organisation offers include JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence and HipChat. Atlassian has its operation in more than 170 countries, with around 62,000 customers, which comprise of both small organization and huge business firms. Atlassian operates in the software business, more especially in the sub-business of business-to-business (B2B) corporate programming (Atlassian Team 2017). Atlassian Pty Ltd. gives tracking, collaboration, correspondence, service management, and development of programming things for bunches in relationship in Australia and all around. Its answers consolidate JIRA that enables headway and IT gatherings to get issues, plan work, and resolve requests; JIRA Service Desk that segments an interface, SLA reinforces, versatile lines, and nonstop enumerating; Confluence, which outfits bunches with a place to share, find, and collaborate on the information they need to finish the work; and Confluence Questions to get, pick up from, and hold the total data of affiliation. The business is around the world; in any case, the overwhelming piece of best programming associations are headquartered in the United States (IBISWorld 2016).

Industry Analysis

Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s five forces are used to estimate the overall attractiveness of the industry in which Atlassian operates. The analysis widely covers five aspects that include the bargaining power of the buyers, the bargaining power of the suppliers, the threat of the substitutes, the threat of new entrants and rivalry. Inside the item business, the peril of new hopefuls is medium. Firstly, the threat of new entrants in the software industry is medium. This is in light of the fact that entering in the software industry is relatively easier, marked with less starting endeavour expenses. The industry also witnesses medium bargaining power of buyers. This is because of the high changing costs on account of the colossal augmentation, cost and timetable of enormous business programming use. The new model of the month to month participation cloud deployed writing computer programs, nevertheless, has cut down the cost of trading and on the other hand raised the vitality of buyers (APAC 2017). The suppliers in this industry, on the contrary, enjoy high bargaining power. The standard commitment for an item association is their agent. Contention for significantly skilled employees in the software industry is to an extraordinary degree concentrated, subsequently the "suppliers," or specialists, have staggering force in masterminding their "cost," or pay and favourable circumstances package. The fourth drive, a danger of substitutes, in the software industry exists to a medium degree. The item business is accomplishing advancement, and there are various substitutes attempt programming plans open for any industry, task and esteem expand conceivable. The software industry, however experiences intense rivalry. As the business accomplishes improvement, and the market is saturated, the amount of restrictions tend to become more.

Pestle Analysis

The political and economic factors that have had an effect on Atlassian involve Brexit and the 2016 contest of United States President, Donald Trump. These political events have resulted in fortification of the U.S. dollar, whilst crippling the remote financial structures. This change is not a very awful change for Atlassian, as the affiliation exclusively perceives the American dollar as part, however, causes costs in different remote budgetary structures from nations in which it works. Social changes combine the cases of thought and attestation shockingly. This is however, a positive indication for Atlassian, as it makes the affiliation engaging the rising number of purchasers who fortify these qualities. To remain fundamental considering these cases, more affiliations will make pushed things to add to their product offering list (Kim 2015). Another fundamental focus of Atlassian is altering movement, social events, so this change will help the organisation to increase the number of its prospective customers. A trademark case is common change, and the probability that affiliations have corporate social commitment (CSR) to diminish their effect and effect on the earth. Programming relationship when in doubt seem, by all accounts, to be 'green', having just two rule inputs: people and power. Atlassian is no novel case of this run the show. Potential cases in the certified piece could impact Atlassian. Another factor that affects the business is the legal implications. As the cyber security laws have been evolving. Atlassian's product movement and transport could be impacted by higher security models. Additionally, U.S. Donald Trump has proposed a strategy to increase the import requests. Atlassian's things are in danger to U.S. import laws, along these lines this could expand their costs. Isolating outlines in these sections gives an explanation of Atlassian's accessible and future business condition

Competitor Analysis

In the software business, especially the business to business workplace programming industry, the key accomplishment factors are according to the accompanying: flexibility, capabilities of the product, expenses of proprietorship, execution and adaptability blend, customer retention and worldwide accomplishment. Atlassian breaks its adversaries into three social affairs, in perspective of the recipients of the things: IT and organization gatherings, programming and concentrated gatherings, and business gatherings. Rivals of Atlassian inside these three social events including Google, IBM, Microsoft, HP Zendesk, and a couple of more diminutive programming venders like Slack and GitHub. While these associations fuse some little new organizations and some legacy courses of action, the larger part are wanders who have gained success spellbinding in acquisitions of answers for make a 'one-place solution' programming answer for various associations. To be sure, close to nothing, forte associations could roll out improvement in the engaged, dynamic software product business, if obtained by one of the software technology glasses to make a forceful product (Asay 2014).

Business and Corporate Strategy of the Company

The business strategy of of Atlassian includes three major aspects which are maintaining competitive advantage, possessing an efficient value chain and enhancing the core competencies of the organization. The product development methodology and each one of the products in their portfolio depend on the going with parts: worked for gatherings, easy to grasp and use, adaptable and flexible, consolidated and open. To work in alignment with the product strategy and scattering model to accomplish the high ground is the work environment of Atlassian. Each of these exceptional parts of their system participates to help the each other. For instance, the organisation’s middle estimation of 'Don't #@!% the customer,' ensures that every person working in the company is working on the principle of giving the best thing and organization to their client (Tunguz 2015). This further supports that the product strategy should revolve around purchaser satisfaction, which makes customer advocates who partake in casual promoting that their allocation show relies upon. This is just a single instance of the group of related associations between these three points, all of which make Atlassian's high ground.

Basic activities for Atlassian which make regard are according to the accompanying: enrolling phenomenal specialists and placing assets into association culture; focus on change of things and significant imaginative work theory; their high-volume, low-touch online movement and sending model; in conclusion, their mind-boggling focus on and enthusiasm for customer satisfaction and support, especially, their various streets for help on their web-page.Technology evolution, a middle competency of Atlassian, offers some motivating force in the incredible things made through the generous inventive work theory, and in encouraging outside collaborations through the web allotment appear. In the end, the organisation’s latest IPO empowered Atlassian to get money in order to acquire things that can moreover offer some motivating force to their customers, both unreservedly and in blend with their successfully existing things

The core competency of the affiliation includes four different levels, from the farthest to the most profound level they are according to the accompanying: completed outcomes, forte units, focus products and focus capacities. As showed as takes after, Atlassian's last outcomes consist of programming offerings: JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Core, StatusPage, Confluence, HipChat, BitBucket, SourceTree and Bamboo. These completed outcomes can be part into the going with three strength units: 'Plan, Track and Support,' 'Cooperate and Chat' and 'Code, Build and Ship'. The company’s inside competency is developing distinguished programming. Atlassian’s key competency is its ability to produce gadgets that are multipurpose, sensibly assessed, facilitated and convenient to-grasp.

SWOT Analysis and Current Position of the Company

One of Atlassian's most significant qualities is their distinguished organizational environment. The organisation has a high focus on people, that include its workers as well as its customers. The region called 'High ground' furthermore elucidates the parts of Atlassian's lifestyle. Another quality is their broad learning organization attempts. Confluence is used by the organisation, in order to gather creation of the content and its sharing, to report each and every inside procedure and best practices. Documentation granted to customers is comparatively sweeping, including particular help, Atlassian Community, which is an online course including a Knowledge base, affirmation and blog sections by the agents of the company on the related subjects. Distinctive qualities consolidate their tendency of programming that they convey and spread. The idea of the product and the importance given to customer accomplishment and satisfaction has empowered the company to adequately offer its things with no business gathering, decreasing an over the top cost of working together and giving them a stand-out relationship with customers (Tay 2014).

The most prominent weak point of Atlassian is their quick growth. Drastically expanding their delegates in two years has crippled the association’s culture and focus regards, which have been entered in supplementing their product strategy. Another weakness for Atlassian is their overwhelming dependence on JIRA and Confluence. Over 66%, has started from JIRA and Confluence. If both of these factors are undermined or supplanted by the contenders, it could affect the salary of the employees to a huge extent.

Atlassian’s enthusiasm for creative work costs is all around agreed with conditions in the business, in any case it is much more unmistakable of a level of pay stood out from peers in the item business who ordinary around 22% of salary in Research and Development costs. As organizations adopt digitalisation, the prerequisite for contraptions for supervising and sending such endeavours will be more conspicuous, so the organization’s enthusiasm for upgrading their products and making highly fused, adaptable gadgets is particularly set (Magnolia International Ltd. 2017).


In the end, it can be said that Atlassian has been fantastically productive in the quite a while since their beginning, building up their client base around 84,035 customers in approximately 170 different nations. Their wage has created by no less than 34.4% in the one and a half year, and they have witnessed an overall monetary gain. Their focal objective revolves around discharging the potential in each gathering, and their goal is to have every data worker, in each gathering, in all the associations to use the organisation’s products reliably. Remembering the true objective to keep up their rate of improvement, finish their focal objective and reinforce their business show, the most ideal route ahead for Atlassian is to stretch out by exhibit progression in best in class markets for data workers and tech new organizations, especially, the nations like Ireland, India and China. This can be accomplished by making a channel and offshoot accessories, using concentrated on web based publicizing, offering their website in languages including Hindi and Chinese . This will lead to wage improvement and also like manner pass on them one piece closer to fulfilling their focal objective of discharging the capacity of each gathering, driving their progress forward in making what's next in non-sustainable power source decisions, space examination and inherited sequencing.


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