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My mission is to be a decent person respected by colleagues, friends, family, and my community. I intend to contribute positively in spite of my shortcomings. My work is a true reflection of my values, at such am looking forward to travel widely to better the livelihood of others. People will remember for being a committed individual, ready to lend a helping hand, open-minded, and a good team player.

My vision is to become an agent of change and a good leader at professional, family, and community level. I also envision bringing the best in each individual I encounter at different levels of interaction.

My major goal is to become a Business administrator. Since am pursuing a degree course in Business Administration. I will focus on this field. Business administration can be defined as the process or methods used in appropriately managing a business so that it is stable and even grows bigger (management, 2011). This process includes making of decisions, organizing of the structures in a business, and also managing of many other resources just to reach the desired goal of the business. Business administration can be considered a wider function in the management of that business. Business administrators are tasked with the functions such as the staffing, planning, controlling, organizing, leading and so many other functions the organization. Business administrators earn an average of $44,000 as indicated by (, 2017). The fields have their own particular employees. The worldwide economy plays a major role in business administration related jobs, when this economy grows the demand for business administrators also grows. It is anticipated that the number of job opportunities is going to rise up some year to come. Anyone having a bachelor degree in Business administration is ready and able to work in different levels of management especially top management positions.

As for me my main interest is working in the L-3 Communications organisation. I have found profound interest in the production support B which is my main entry-level job in that organisation. The major responsibilities for individuals in this position is to order, receive and also handle inventory among other duties (management, 2011). This is a top subterraneous clearance government job, which I am optimistic that I will be a supervisor in that department.

After receiving my results of the personality test on My Plan I was opened to other job fields that I would have never thought of let alone considered. The test showed me several aspects of myself and most important my personality. The initial results of the test had indicated that I was an introvert (, 2017). An introvert is a person who focuses a lot of his/her time on himself/herself and they actually concentrate for longer periods of time. They are always independent and very efficient in their doings and also self-guided when it comes to tasks. We are able to motivate ourselves, and we do not rely on other people for affirmation. The major weakness with people like me in the results was that we do not enjoy team work or we dislike working in groups. For me it seems the results were quite inaccurate since I have been in the army for eight good years and I enjoyed working with my teammates. Though I do not agree with the idea that we do not like enjoy working in teams, I will agree with the fact that we find trouble when it comes to public speaking. We are not talented at this area.

The next part of my test results were sensor. People termed as sensor tend to appreciate and honour their tasks and also work extremely responsibly. They will always excel on hand –on activities and will occasionally enjoy solving concrete problems (, 2017). They will tend to have excellent attention and at to a greater extent have huge focus on issues they are to solve. This reflects too much of me, since I do well with hand activities and always make sure that everything I do is perfectly right. Sensor will tend to see the bigger picture and this is what fails them a lot.

The third part indicated that I was a feeler. Just from the word ‘feel’ they tend to have feelings for anything or anyone that surround them. These are moral upright people and are always compassionate about other people. They seem to understand all sides of situations and always point on specific views (, 2017). They are the most considerate and loving people. Their weakness is that they tend to be soft in most situations which is not true for me, since I am a tough- minded person. I agree with the fact that they can overexert themselves just to meet the demands of other people.

The last part of the test results had indicated that I was a judger. Judgers make the perfect managers for organisations (, 2017). Judgers are good at delegating and following the performance of their subordinates. I always bring issues to a good ending and also make deadlines on processes. Judgers will tend to be systematic and have an organized way of doing things. Though judgers appear to be good in their work, they also tend to have quite an unusual obsession on matters and will also jump on conclusions too quickly. I am interested in Business administration, Management or any other type of job that incurs a lot of hard work. This fields require a lot of dedication and attentiveness which I possess. Having a degree in this field increases the chances of a person receiving the job.

The salary for an entry level Production Support B employee is estimated to be between $35,235 and $55,667, this depends on the personal experience (, 2017). They are also various benefits for employees in that company. For instance, for a full-time employee the company will offer life insurance, total healthcare packages, stock purchase plan, a savings bond and also an employee assistance program among other wonderful benefits. Career advancement is also high in this company. The company also offers reimbursement on tuition and also encourages the workers to continue their studies. Online training opportunities and career opportunity programs are also offered (Kiima, 2015). This company also has a good cafeteria, a well modernised gym with personal training instructors. It also has clubs and sports team. Employees also have an advantage of having Three week vacations after their first year in that company. Employees will also receive a holiday pay of eight days paid off, along with two floater holidays.

Immediately I graduate, I plan on a yearly travel of all the forty-nine states in the U.S and also Canada. This has been my dream, and I plan to experience all the adventures before I settle down and start my career. After all, that I will apply for a production support B position within that company. I also plan on attending the job fairs such as the Texas A &M commerce that it provides to its students (Phil Gardner, 2012222). I will also have an open mind on other job opportunities that might present themselves.

Personal traits

Content awareness

Process awareness

Industry awareness

My Plan

Subjects I studied

Working experience, internships

Experience on internships

Introvert, judger, feeler, sensor

Business Administration

Organizing tasks, Inventory recording,, managing,

Army, G&R Plumbing and air, home depot

Diligent, practical, considerate, organized, sensible, decisive


leader, delivery and coordinator


Considers other people’s emotions, honorable, moral, dignified

Human behavior

Enough leadership skills

Possessing a good resume along with some other organized creative sheet, helps the company identify the skills and qualifications one possess for that particular job you may be applying. A good presentation of yourself in a professional manner with enough confidence helps the company identify your potential to do the task you will be given (Jeffrey Pfeffer, 2006). Improving your skills especially communication skills increase your chances of acquiring that job. A letter of recommendation also plays a major role in your application as it gives an upper hand ahead of others. Since I have adequate skills in various jobs and also enough military training, I know they will help promote the company.


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