Social Networking: Latest Sponsorship Strategies Essay


Describe about the Social Networking for Latest Sponsorship Strategies.



The use of social media has significantly increased throughout the different parts of the world. Facebook has been seen to be the world's largest social network website which is supposed to have a maximum number of the users. It has been seen that the social media has successfully created the immense impact on the concerned users. It has helped many of the firms to enhance their respective businesses processes throughout the targeted market segments (Boateng & Boateng, 2010). This research paper will help in evaluating the desired importance of the use of social media in any of the organization concerned. Moreover, it is being reflected in this paper that the different methods focusing the social media platforms as to increase the efficiency of the firm. There are two of the basically effects of social media use; they are positive effects as well as the negative effects (Chadwick, 2015). Thus, the positive and the negative effects need to be critically understood by the employees as to enhance the desired growth of the organization concerned.

Consequences of the privacy issue for organization and employees

There are many companies who allow social networking in the workplace. Many organizations allow social networking to enable the employees to share the information’s with each other that are available in the media. But through a research, it is seen that, companies who allow social networking in working place loose 1.5 percent of productivity from its employees (Couldry, 2015). By using social media in the workplace makes one busy in updating status and tagging of photos and continuously keeping a check on the activities of the social media account. The social relationship can also hurt the employee's relationship. The usage of social medium in a working place reflects both the positive and negative effects. The actual working condition can be maintained if one keeps a proper check of such usage and the methods by which it is generally made use of. A person can send some harassing messages to others and hinder the work life of the particular person (Coyle & Chan, 2015). The work life of a particular person can also be disturbed by getting accessed to such texts and photos which they are not supposed to be. Even allowing social media in a company will generate breaches against the organization silently by its workers. The employees may share confidential messages through social media which may be against the company. Even allowing social media in a company may give a scope of leaking of messages and data through the texts that are sent by social media access. By allowing the employees to post some information on behalf of the company may lead to damage to the reputation of the company if it is done in some other way (Desbordes, 2013). Facebook is considered to be the worlds’ largest social website which is generally accessed by everyone at a high ratio. Through these mediums, one can usually keep proper contact with their dear ones apart from calling them on a regular basis. The file will highlight the point on negative effects of accessing social media in working place. One can also keep a stable relation with friends, family, and relatives through social media. It helps in establishing a public relation status with all, socializing oneself. As a fact, it helps in maintaining relation, but if availed without any limit in working place, the work will suffer and the benefit for the company will be less. By accessing social media in the workplace may create space for malware (Disselkamp, 2009). Malware is considered to be as intrusive software which can cause potential damage to the company’s machines. These types of software’s are capable of creating an entrance point within the company by providing networks for hackers, by creating a problem in a security breach and provide with the virus that can corrupt files. a person working in an organization may be frustrated with the working situation and can post status and reply comments which may ruin the employer's reputation and be a black spot at the company's image. The medium has both positive and negative effects but it depends on the person how one can treat the medium in a correct way. The employees of the company should use the medium in the much more positive way than by using it for wrong purposes. By allowing to get an access to the social media in the working place, one can use it do a job in some different place and be a part time worker in some other company, which is not legal on the working ground of the company.

In such cases, employers who are into the recruitment section should take care of these is handlings that can be done by the employees of the company, so that things that are not in favor of the company should not be posted and the image of the company cannot be damaged in any way. if anything unwanted is done by the employees in such social mediums then one is titled to be punished at that point of time. Such rules should be made clear to all the employees too so that they may not violate the rules and hamper the working of the company (Fenton, 2015). People also may tag the company or some higher authority in such photos which are not actually needed and does not have any connection with it, but can ruin the reputation of a person easily. Through social media, one can get oneself into trouble by getting in controversial and negative discussions. Maintaining a positive and neutral profile will help one avoid from controversies that arise out of discussions from racist, sensitive and political views. Social media catches attention at a very short time (Flew, 2015). Therefore allowed to use social media in the workstation will not be concentrating fully on the job and dividing its concentration which may not allow him to give his 100% and the work may go wrong and the project may suffer for his negligence.

Using of social networking websites by employees

There are different kinds of benefits in accessing of social networking sites in workplace; firstly social networking zone can be used to enhance the image of the enterprise by providing good messages and updated versions of image of the company so that people who are new to the company can get positive message about the working of the organization and its environment. Social websites can be used as low price marketing tool. An organization, through the help of social websites, can promote oneself and the products that they deal with at a very low price or sometimes the company has to bear no expense in promoting itself through social pages (Girard & Girard, 2011). With an access to the internal social network, a company can keep the records of its employees with ease. Availing the use of social sites will help the workers to perform the market research properly and bring the best out from it. Such sites can help in increasing the customer base for one’s company as one may be in mutual friends list in Facebook which in order help to gain the trust and avail the product from the company. If handled properly, social websites may also help an organization to fulfill the target as through such sites one can find out the actual target customers. It has been seen that the social media has successfully created the immense impact on the concerned users. It has helped many of the firms to enhance their respective businesses processes throughout the targeted market segments ("Google’s latest accomplishment: refining marketing practice", 2012). Surfing social network in the workplace may lead to tension among the workers as well, which in terms may hamper the relation among the employees of the company. Spending too much time in a social network can also be considered as the waste of company's resource. Another main factor that threatens the use of a social site in a company is the invasion of the hackers that may get into the company’s profile through social networking sites and damage the organization’s data. If one keeps on utilizing the time in social sites in a workplace, then one cannot concentrate on his own job and make up ideas that won’t be fruitful and will bring no result at all. The company needs to keep a check on the working of its employees so that one may not spend the whole day in surfing the personal sites and making up things that are no way useful for the company ("Google’s latest accomplishment: refining marketing practice", 2012). Although the company keeps a proper check on the employees, the workers are devious people who can find out one way or the other for surfing the net for themselves. The employees can make use of the social network to either help the company grow or demean it if they do not like the working or the environment of the company. The company should be aware of its employees working and usage of social media platform in working station as using g such mediums without any limitation may lead the company to avail less output for its employees as one engaging them in social activities will make one perform less in the workstation and the company won't be able to get the best result out of the employee though enjoying equal benefit of the company like others.

Achieving of the win-win situation by employees

Business can be classified into two kinds: one who takes the help of social media to build a platform for oneself and the second one is the one who is unable to take any support from the social platform to build an image in the society. Both kinds of the organization have positive and negative effect in the society (Hogan, 2015). One who can avail the scope of taking the help of social media platform can be famous in the society within no time as nowadays everyone is active in social media and any kind of news in such media spreads like fire. It has a negative side too. A company using social media as a platform to promote oneself can bring negative image for the one if not used properly. Social media is a platform that allows the company to both succeed and be the top most company in the market (Kendrick, 2010). The other company who is not able to make any kind of profit from social media is also safe from the threat of being misused by the employees and can make proper use of the human resource as the time may not be wasted by the employees in simply surfing the internet and wasting the working time (Lomborg, 2015) . So both the companies can face win-win and win-lose situation. In order to make a win-lose situation of a company into win-win situation, one needs to follow the following stated points:

Goals: an organization should set up goals for itself and make its employees follow the rules and regulations that would lead the employees to achieve the goal for the organization.

Trades: one should be very sure about the products of the company and its dealings and how to market the produce so that one can be at the top of the marketer's list and win every situation.

Alternatives: A company, who is suffering a loss throughout the year, should change his plans of working and promote oneself to a win-win situation. To win every situation one has to follow certain rules and regulations which may lead them to win the market.

Consequences: an organization should be aware of the consequences of marketing its products through social media and its proper usage in the market.

Expected outcomes: by the usage of social media, one thinks that the company can easily promote itself to a higher place in no time, but a very few company have the actual idea about the misuse of the platform. Therefore one should use such mediums in order to bring the desired result out for the company.

Possible solutions: an organization should consider all the possible situations that may arise due to the misuse or proper use of the social media platform, and make the employees aware of the consequences that one can face due to the following situations in the company.

In order to transform a win-lose situation into a win-win situation, one needs to follow the methods that are stated. One should observe the market well and allow its employees to make an access in a social platform and be sure that they are using the means to make a profit for the company rather than engaging individual in wasting time and resource of the company (Rohm, 2014). The organizations should make its employees very clear about the punishment that one can face if they do not use the medium for the positive purpose. By developing certain goals and following the stated points and working accordingly, a company can transform it to the win-win situation from win-lose situation. The negotiation can be a success if one can find the goal for the company and can work together to achieve the goal (Sandvig, 2015). The company needs to follow the strategic purpose of management by which one can maintain a proper working environment of the company and make the employees work according to the situation that may benefit the company.


This research paper evaluates the desired fact that social media can be utilized to enhance the profitability rate of the concerned firm. The negotiation can be a success if one can find the goal for the company and can work together to achieve the goal. People who can engage themselves for the betterment of the company are always appreciated by the authority whether through social media or by any other means. Using of social websites properly helps to organize the organization and increase the current position of the company. The main problem that a company generally faces while allowing their employees to use social networks in the workstation is, one will spend the maximum amount of time in surfing the personal social sites or surfing the internet.


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