Social media impact on family lives of bangladesh Essay

My maternal grandmother has four daughters. Two of them live inside Dhaka (that includes my mother too) and the other two live in U.S.A with their families. I still remember my when grandma used come to our house in order to video chat with my aunts because back then she didn’t know how to do a video call or anything about social media. But after coming a few times she started to feel like as if she was becoming reliant over us and she found the reason to be very funny and small to be so. She was feeling like that because my grandmother is a very brave and independent woman. So one day she called my cousin brother told him take her to a good smart phone shop and help her buy a good smart phone. He did that. After buying the phone on that very day she told him to set up social media accounts for her and to teach her how to use them. That day my cousin first opened an email account for my grandmother, then in her phone through Play Store he downloaded the following social media apps: Facebook, Messenger, Viber & Whats App and finally he opened accounts in those apps. After all of that he taught my grandmother how to call, chat and video chat with the help of these apps. She was a quick learner, so in a few days she started to call, do video chat, send and reply to messages and stickers to her loved ones. A few weeks later I went to visit her where she asked me to teach her how to attach pictures, videos and audios in these apps. I did as I was asked. And guess what! Now she can send important information like her health condition or any sort of problem faced by her! Even files like her medical reports to anyone, in no time! She became more connected to her loved ones and quite self-sufficient then before. Indeed we can see that social media did brought families closer. People like my grandma can talk and see their loved ones with the help of these social media apps. But at the same time it has created an invincible barrier in between the people and their loved ones.

Before these apps were created people used to spend more time with their families by having a conversation, playing indoor games, sometimes even just going on a walk in the park or maybe for a drive! Either big or small but in every family it was seen how each member were physically and emotionally connected with each other. Unfortunately now-a-days, people have become locked in their cell phones. They find scrolling through Facebook & Twitter more interesting and entertaining rather taking a walk with their siblings in the park or playing a friendly match with their cousins in the field. To them chatting with a stranger seemed to be exciting but meeting with a relative seems boring. In the past the while celebrating an occasion the people present in the celebration mattered more than the food or the decoration, but it’s the opposite now because in the world of social media the beautified objects mater more than the emotions of the people. In the past wishing a person on his or her birthday was the most exciting thing to do then

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