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In this recent world everyone wants to earn money of better standard of living. Nowadays everyone has some business plans which they want to start, so starting up a business is not so easy for everyone only those people can do business who have the potential and good quality of patience level in them because without patience some one cannot do a business properly and they should have the potential to bear loss and profit equally (Hodge, 1958). So a new business system after doing some research procedure came to my mind is opening a social media services, because social media services plays a vital role in every business segment. As due to rapid industrialization growth social media services has gain huge importance as many companies now looks for the specialist social service provider. So we should make a plan a proper plan to start social media services like ghost writing for business, posting blogs for the companies, providing ads in Facebook pages. A wonderful masterpiece is created by the social media services. Big brand companies of social media services have increased their brand value by developing their process of work day by day. Small companies like kogi BBQ are also introduced their social media services to increasing their sales (Kociolek, A. and Clevenger, 2011). The company size does not in this type of business; the quality of work is the main instrument in this type of business. The company should have the motive is to work successfully with client and build a good relationship with the community. The 5 pillar of social media are:

What is social media? - The term social media means building a good conversation with clients and the consumers.

Common mistakes of social media- As we known social media have solid foundation but every business have some risks.

The use of social media by different companies- The companies are using social media successfully in drive sales, build traffic, hire employees, building a community and its creates a positive well-known brand.

Developing a framework for social media strategy- The question and answer which were discussed should have some reasons behind them for the development of the company as because strategy portion is crucial for the success of social media services (Otto, 1980).

The process for measuring return on Investment- The strategy and research are the main part of this type of business. This is the most important part of social media marketing.


As social media runs with the help of internet so some strategies are needed for better development of the services. If the company does not have a proper execution strategy the company tends to fall downwards and its brand value of company will also fall, so a proper game plan is needed for the better development of the company. The company should set the tweets as per requirements. The company employees should also have the knowledge about their competitors performance in the social service market (Pelmear, 1987). The Google Excel Docs is the place where the daily transaction are to be recorded, weekly calendar are to be used for publish calendar. The company should treat each channel as an individual entity so that they spread their company globally. An authority brand is built over the web by the online brand marketing. Building social authority is the effective part of social media. The method is creating better titles by the company which helps the posts to be more promotable. For better development of service the company should provide attention grabbing headlines that creates an elegant image .For promoting the social media services a good visual power is needed for promoting their contents.

Literature Review

The technology has taken social media services where the business man can extend their market campaigns for wider range. Social media services define a connection between company and its clients (Petersen, 2003). Process of communicating with the customers has changed greatly change with the emergence of social media, so the business man should learn how to use social media for the better development of the business as well as industry. This is true due to rapid growth of e-business the companies are going to gain high profits in the future internet related markets. This review states that the current literature which focuses on the social media services for expansion of marketing strategies. The social media services focus on concept of making new foundation and it also increase the impact on consumer behavior. The four main themes found during the research of the study are Virtual communication, consumers attitudes and motives, user generated contents and viral advertising. The social media services can only be studied through experimental and theoretical research. This study does not particularly describe the gains of the business man from this marketing tactics. Retailers must understand the every aspect of social media. By the help of research we can examine that studies are only focusing what social media marketing is as well as the factors affecting the social media Services. Development of the study has been limited due to the initial progress by the researchers (Williams, 1997). The long term promotional gains of the retailers are to be expanded during the time of research of social media services. For better progression formalized study is needed for good outcomes for gaining more knowledge in the real life application. The gap within social media services has been touched by the reviewing of literature for the need of future studies which helps to explore the benefits gained by the marketing of social media services. Social media is defined by Kaplan and Heinlein as a group of internet based application for building an ideological foundations and which allows the user generated content. Sinclair and Vogues cite o’reilly’s defines that social media is software tools and creates user generated the content which can be shared. There are some basic features necessary for the website which has to meet some requirements as social service network. The social service network should have its own user profiles n and the method that allows the users to connect with each other so that they can communicate with each other without any hindrance and it can allow the users to join the virtual groups. The instrument which provides information is the innovation adoption process to the consumers. B y the help of the process an individual can go through the innovation decision process (Wurster, 2003). The steps which make the process comfortable are knowledge of innovation, forming and attitude, implementation of innovation and confirmation odd decision. The concept of IAP helps the marketers for their fulfillment of social media services campaign and now social media is the place were consumer about their favorite companies and products.


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