Social Media As A Tool For Extremely High Competitive Advantage For A Business Essay

Mila Staufer, current inspiring instagram idol from Arizona but still 4 years of old , has made a lot of interesting videos which went almost viral on social medias since she was two . She has appeared in many TV shows even as she has earned more than 2million views in within days for her every video, which has unbelievably converted a tiny little individual who is still in kindergarten has involved in promoting unlimited products and serviceswith her adorable precentation skills, many more small scale business around her location tend to do smart and attractive video clips featuring Mila and her twin sister for more promotions as all the local and international viewers are watching the videos end up buying the productsand services eventually.

As Fox News reported,Therefore Mila Stauffer has become a Social Media Influncer at her young age and many more companies and shops have invested their promotion plans on her cuteness on insatgram platform. You Tube Different desires on one denominator in a form of video, such as entertainment, education, promotions and instructions, business, news, religion. Most importantly you tube is a golden platform for advertising and promotion in every business strategy.

Any enterprise would use YouTube to introduce new product or to promote existing products and to launch new business ideas, while to show the glory of the business, monitor the customer feedback, and to response customers and support with inquiries to create a significant news about the service or the product.Therefore YouTube is another business platform for acquiring benefits and compete with other individuals or other enterprises by uploading different video content and interact with other users’ videos.

You tube is connected with Google as it brings another advantage for the business as the search engine directs to specific videos related to location requirements or each search request.The site would appear straightforward to the individual users but for the business people it is a YouTube’s press page states that “The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year.” (You tube Press 2018) as more and more people are involved in searching information and watching YouTube content– if any business needs to build up a strong customer base they need to be on you tube to get discovered.

As an example, any food delivering shop with a you tube channel would get online orders and more at shop orders if they upload and active in you tube with their products and services, if the videos are super interesting and inspiring the orders would go up as you tube is a popular in every age limit as people tend to watch than read. So the creativity and the quality and the social media support all together would result in extremely high competitive advantage for a business.Official YouTube Blog, says that user views are over 1 billion minutes of the top 10 YouTube ads in 2014 alone. Therefore advertising on YouTube videos also results in fascinating advantages for a company.

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