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The Marxist Theory was developed by Karl Marx that mainly focuses on the macro-elements of the social structure. According to this theory, a society in inclined over structuralism regarding how individual practices are influenced by the overall structure of the society (Larkin, 2011). The Marxist theory on gender equalities in health was mainly based on the Victorian ideology. In this Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, Marx had stated that the position of women in the society must be used to ascertain the development of society as a whole and this also includes the health status of the society. Marxist feminism mainly focused over dismantling the capitalism concept of the society as a path towards women liberation. According to Marxist theory, economic inequality, political confusion, high rate of dependence and unhealthy social relations are the root behind gender differences in health. The men of the society belong to the class of bourgeoisie and are under the oppression of dominant power structure, creating gender inequality (Kuhn & Wolpe, 2012).

Marxist theory criticism

The approach taken by Marx in the domain of family and women was little divergent in comparison to conventional economics. In Marxian model, women are represented as a part of household who are responsible for bearing and raising children and family. According to the Feminism-Marxist theory, women play a vital role in generating capital via giving birth to the new workforce as a mother thus producing goods in economy (Larkin, 2011). The critique are of the opinion that in this role, women are exploited as free labour and are frequently undervalued in both public and private domain. Critiques are also of the opinion that Marxist feminism mainly focuses on the capitalist features of the society and while distracting the light from the patriarchy that generates and supports inequalities (Larkin, 2011).

Personal Reflection

I think, gender inequality in the sector of health is one of the pivotal sociological domains that deserve immediate concern. The promotions of gender equality via Marxist theory have promoted women employment but have increase the incidence of infertility, single parent, divorce and neonatal death. The reason behind this is much of the women employment has been in the domain of non-standard jobs. Equal employment opportunity will help in the generation health social relationship via eliminating economic inequality and thereby promoting health.


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