Social And Ethical Considerations On Posting Rude Videos Over Internet Essay

The day technology is updated, with the modern gadgets and the social connectivity made difference in the public activities. By this public started posting videos of many rude and arguments in the internet. By sharing these videos over the internet make some good vibes and bad as well. Embarrassment is highest factor where public feel shame. People usually get embarrassed or shamed when their social status is lost. By enforcing the public shame, it benefits our society. It is because of their shame makes realize their crime they have done. In some cases it also makes others not to commit it because they got to know that the same disgrace they feel. In other perspective there is a chance where a public takes the charge into their hands over the people who committed big mistakes this makes huge trouble in the society. There are certain videos to be posted over the internet and some to avoid. Posting news of harassment makes everyone aware of it, but the sharing the videos of that incident not only makes the convict to be shamed but also the innocent to be uncomfortable, any way this depends on their region and mentality. Moreover this has to be considered in a way to social consideration.

There are some parents post very embarrassing media of their own child for their disobedience. These videos or photos defiantly make both the parents and the child to disgrace. Such activities make the child to suffer for whole life. Parents might think that these media makes their children to change as they are disgraced for it. But this act has to be avoided by parents as this might lead to distance between their family loves. Yes, public shames on these activities which result in making the child get into depress. From the above situation sharing the rude videos make a new awareness into the society. But when it comes to their family it really matters what they are doing. Posting videos for finding drug in the child’s room is completely different situation, because this makes their child land into more troubles.

Moreover this hurts their child’s future and remains as a mark in their whole life. Drugs are more often seen in teenagers as they are addictive in nature. This age group mostly is in their schools, with this type media, they not only disgrace for it but might lead to banish from the school and makes much more difficult to get an admission into new school, this might also problem to get a job in future. As these days every institution or organization require for clean records. There are many more alterative to deal with this; counseling halls are increased these days which help the teenagers to avoid their bad habits.

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