The ball is in our end of this field. a forward is coming difficult down the field, dribbling the ball. Our sweeper challengers the lady and strips the ball from her. Unfortunately, in the process of this play, both our sweeper as well as the ahead drop. Our sweeper elbows another girl in the upper body as they are waking up. The whistle is blown and my teammate gets the yellowish card, even though the other team gets the free kick. This case seems to enter into play quite often, as a result of lack of anger get a handle on some of my teammates have. I've played soccer for about 13 years, starting when I was at preschool. My love for soccer has grown as I have gotten older. I have had the chance to play on many different teams through the years because IShe took a tough shot from outside the eighteen and scored! The entire group ended up being elated. We joked around with her later saying, «You might have waited slightly bit longer to score!» This situation is one of the numerous that Anna created through the woman extraordinary talent. A superwoman soccer player is certainly one with exemplary talent and always has a big heart. I am fortunate to have played with one.

Another form of soccer player could be the bully. This kind of player performs dirty, mouths off to opponents as well as the referee, and holds grudges from the other team. I have maybe not had numerous players like this on my team, although I have played against many of them. One woman on my group, Molly, is a bully. She is good player but she roughs up opponents far too frequently. The rating associated with the game and danger of the play cannot influence the woman actions. Like, in a casino game in 2010, we were winning 2-1 with about five minutes left. Molly made a step to prevent one other group's ahead from progressing. In the act the girl had been `in some way' forced towards the ground. The referee blew his whistle and gave another team a free kick. The worst part had been that Molly argued with all the referee in which he gave the lady a yellow card. It had been poor sportsmanship. Molly's over aggressive attitude, alongside her horrible mood, makes her the bully.

The 3rd sort of soccer play may be the go-getter. This type of player never ever stops hustling on play and makes things

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