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This paper described the various aspect of the Soa Service Corporation. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate service community through providing the modern and cost effective construction service. This paper enables to determine the internal, external analysis and action plan of the SOA service corporation. Indeed, SOA was founded in 2007 by two mechanical engineers. It headquartered located in New York. It is popular brand in the New York market in construction sector. Further, SOA is an architectural model that application elements provide services to other elements through communication protocol. SOA service explains protocols that determine how services pass and parse message through metadata. (Marks 2008)

Internal analysis

It is a model for identify the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of the SOA service corporation. This model is credited to Albert Humphrey at Stanford Research Institute in 1960 and 1970. Internal analysis is a business sense of its basic ability and desirable improvements that support to meet the requirement of potential customer within its market. We would depict the internal analysis through following points:


SOA Service Corporation is the one of the leader infrastructure, renewable energy and service that is main strength of it. This company concentrates on environment safety along with product efficiency. It has large figure of permanent employees that provides quality service that is significant strength of it. SOA Service Corporation has many ranges of project and expertise that helps in slowdown situation so it is strength of it. SOA Service Corporation is branded in construction industry so it is getting high revenue constantly through their business model that is main strength of it. It is also involved in real states, logistics and transportation that increase its revenue of the SOA service corporation. (Danny 2004) in the recent times, construction industry is raising in the worldwide so it is beneficial for SOA Service Corporation. Construction sector raise 6 percent in UK economy instead of worldwide recession in the 2008. SOA Service Corporation has successfully achieved its vision through their unique business model. It follow customer oriented business model that is sign of their success. This business model is also following by many companies that is main strength of it. This business model helps to make stable in market as compare to its competitors such as Maxhome, Constructors management, Dakenna Development and Silver Bullet Construction. They recruited local employees those are very expensive as compare to its abroad base employee that came from various countries to get good job. SOA Service Corporation pays very less amount to their abroad hire employee as compare to local employees. So they get good revenue from salaries expenses perspective. They save more money through hire abroad employees. (Bivolaru et al 2009)


In the global competitive market, no one company could be perfect and SOA Service Corporation is one of them. It is only existing name in New York City and its most of revenue came from the America that is main weakness of it. They should expand their business in the worldwide that is demand of current competitive mind otherwise it would be harmful for organization growth and development. This company is still working in small scale in regional area that is main weakness of it. It has limited market share as compare to its international leaders. They have lot of distance between construction projects that reduce the efficiency of the SOA service corporation that is main weakness of it. SOA Service Corporation is facing lack of investment in their company.


It has planned to expand their business in the emerging countries in the Asian region that is main opportunity of it. Because of Asian countries such as China and India has huge population. So, they can raise their sales volume through these markets. Most of construction industry is targeted these countries to expand their business for increase their revenue and profit margin in long term perspective. The private sector housing boom will generate more construction opportunities for the SOA service corporation. Public-private partnership is another opportunity of it. Because government authority has lack of money so they made partnership with public private sectors. SOA Service Corporation is providing training to their new hire employees to work with efficiently and effectively. (Bivolaru et al 2009) Further, Financial helps such as loan and insurance easy availability is helpful in the SOA service corporation. They can create many historical heritages in the worldwide with partnership of public sectors.


SOA service corporation debt burden is growing in European country that is main threats of it. Its production cost rate is increasing due to high rate of hot rolled plate and cold rolled coil. Government rules and regulation is changing constantly that affects the SOA service corporation business model. It operates from the USA. It is democratic country so it has lot of political uncertainty that is main threats of it. Overall slowdown in construction industry is the main threats that impact the growth of the company. It has lot of competitor that provides cheap services as compare to themselves that is also main threats of it. They are unable to compete with their closest competitor due to its old business model while client’s requirement is innovative in the current market. (Danny 2004)

External analysis

We would describe the external analysis of the SOA service corporation through various points such as demographic, economic, socio-cultural, political-legal and technological. Here we would briefly describe these points:


Demographic factor includes age, birth rate, death rate, age, sex, income level, education level, occupation and marital status. A census is collection of the demographic elements linked with every member of a civilization. Demographic factor affected the growth cycles of the SOA service corporation. Because of population age, sex, birth and death rate also affected the consumer buying behavior of the company. SOA should provide service after the research of demographic area. Different people have different age, sex and culture so it also affected the SOA service quality. Because of different consumer have different kinds of interest so organization should provide service as per consumer desires or needs. (Hansen 2007) Further, SOA Service Corporation is mainly work in USA. So, they should provide maximum facilities in their household business so most of new consumer would attract from their facilities in household construction. However, demographic factor plays a significant role in the organization because it decided the consumer background of test and interest that is important for their services. (Yuksel 2012)


It is main very important factor of the external analysis of the SOA service corporation. The economy environment determines the viability of business operation in change rate, tariff, tax rule and economic recession. SOA Service Corporation stops work when price of the inputs were very high such as cement and iron. Inflations of the price level is also affected the SOA service corporation growth and development. A good economic environment raised the fair price growth in construction sector in all over the world. (Yuksel, Ihsan 2012) Further, the oil and gas infrastructure will huge construction opportunity for the SOA service corporation. The United State is the world largest economy in the worldwide as per nominal GDP perspective. The estimate GDP was $ 17.710 trillion of the US economy. This economic growth contributes in the SOA service corporate company.

Socio-cultural: Normally, socio-cultural trends can show opportunity and threat for the many variety of SOA service corporate. Lifestyle, belief, people opinion, attitudes and values are one of the significant things to acquire the customer assurance and develop strong image in the construction industry. USA is a multi-cultural nation where Chinese, Indian and Malaysian cultural are living together and contributing in construction industry. (Hansen 2007)


USA environment is good for abroad investment perspective and develop the good environment for the economic growth and development. In the perspective of construction sector, USA has clear legal system to protect responsibility and benefit of both customer and the organization. So, it is essential for USA base construction company to keep continuous change in the SOA service corporation. (Yuksel 2012)


Technology plays significant role in the opportunity and threats of the SOA service corporation perspective. The technology improvement will develop an importance change in service quality of product and customer satisfaction. Quick acceptances of particular technologies offer rights to create competitive advantage for the SOA service corporation. (Hansen 2007) These are industrial environment factor that affects the SOA service corporation in the current situation.


Customer is the key strength of the SOA service corporation. SOA Service Corporation is mainly focus on the high society customer. Those desires the high quality services in the construction industry. They should focus on the middle class family customers because customers are willing to pay high price for better quality services in the construction industry. (Gerald 2015)


Competition is the main factor in the industrial environment perspective. It is strength of the SOA service corporation because it raises the quality of the organization. Maxhome, Constructors management, Dakenna Development and Silver Bullet Construction are the main competitor company in the SOA service corporation.


Supplier plays significant role in the SOA service corporation. Because of it has lot of competition so its supplier should be more talented to get correct view of their customer that what they wanted. They should adopt short chain of supplier because it reduce the cost of service as compare to its competitors. (Gerald 2015)

Conclusion & recommendation

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that clear internal, external analysis and action plan as well as high ability to adopt new technology in the SOA service corporation helps it to maintain its competitive position in the worldwide. Our recommendation for the SOA service corporation is described below:

SOA Service Corporation should concentrate on the promotion strategy because they spend very few money on it so it is not popular in their country. In the recent times, popularity is very necessary for raise the sales volume of the organization. SOA Service Corporation is providing a unique and reasonable service but due to lack of promotion it is not expended in the specific area. (Marks 2008)

SOA Service Corporation should focus on abroad market that would raise their revenues. Nowadays, it is only famous in the USA. Asian market such as Chinese and India has huge market due to their high population. So, they should focus on these markets to promote their services. (Hansen 2007)

SOA Service Corporation should conduct regular weekly meeting for security concern because it is necessary for the construction industry. There are lots of possibilities to accident in the working time so they should conduct a meeting for make a plan to reduce the accident of the construction industry. (Marks 2008)



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