Snow monkeys Essay

so in this video you're going to see what was probably the best day of my life to be honest so it started out with taking a bullet train and you're going to see just like a regular seat there are like three different classes of seat I think you can do they were all sold out of grand classes what you're seeing is just a regular seat but they still have carts that go around with food and stuff so you can get a bento box or snacks which obviously I did I got like some fruit well like candied fruit you know I don't actually eat anything healthy and then I got ice cream it was sweet potato ice cream I thought it was gonna be weird but it was actually really good so the bullet trains go like 10 bazillion miles per hour and it was still a super long trip but it was definitely worth it because I went to go see snow monkey I think the coolest thing about the ride there was seeing just like normal houses I don't know that was just really cool to me so this is the taxi taking us to like the top of the mountain and we had to do a pretty long hike to get to where the snow monkeys were it was pretty funny on the hike there there were like several signs that said don't bring plastic bags because the monkeys will think it's food and steal it from you so apparently they're little evil cops also look at that tree how cool is that [Music] and this is officially where the best day ever began [Music] so here I am taking snaps if you're not my friend on snapchat you can support me on patreon analogy was a friend wink wink I also post some on Instagram but definitely not as much as I do on snapchat and here we have a you know casual family gathering father is [Music] [Music] now these little guys are cute but they definitely will like try to take babies from you or try to touch stuff so that was pretty funny that you tried to grab my phone or my shoes several times while I was there oh my god [Music] hello [Music] me when someone says ice cream [Music] these monkeys are super protective of their babies like they will fight someone if you get near them [Music] [Music] [Music] god they were so stinking few if you're in Japan you seriously need to go to a snow monkey park it should be at the top of your list I will link the place I went below this was seriously the best day of my life what's that umbrella thing you have there okay [Music] [Music] hi Jeff [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so we started to head back also I don't know if I already mentioned this but these were hot springs apparently the monkeys just like too hot type together 24/7 [Music] so there you have it that wasn't snow monkey park also known as heaven so we took the bullet train back also and this time we did grand class so you get to see both types of seats this one was definitely a lot nicer the seats were super comfy and it was super quiet so it was good for napping on the way back although I didn't really nap my boyfriend did I mostly just ate here's my bento box it had meat in it so I had to feed that to my boyfriend I mean I eat fish anyways whatever that's got some candy I ate and yeah that's it thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up I never know what to say at the end of these anyways just check out my social media stuff bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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