Smoking, good or bad? You decide ! Essay

These days, smoking has been a common thing to do, especially in Indonesia. According to, statistics has shown that about 76.2% adults (above 15 years) and 3.51% children has been smoking, causing death rate to increase by 21.4% during 2016. More and more teenagers and children underage continue to smoke since then. They suggested that the future of 80 million Indonesian children is at stake as cigarette companies were intentionally targeting them. It is clearly stated in most cigarette boxes that “smoking kills you.” Nevertheless, are they actually aware of the risks and consequences of smoking? Smoking contains different substances that could cause different effects which are all dangerous to your body, whether physically or mentally.

Cigarette or tobacco smoke, both can cause serious illness to the smokers themselves or even to non-smokers. Many people smoke in public places without realizing that it could indirectly impact others in the crowd. Tar can be transmitted through air-borne droplets where second-hand smokers inhale the air droplets and get infected. This has the potential to cause lung cancer which could eventually lead to death. However, very few are only aware of the significant hazards of second-hand smoke.

There are at least 4000 dangerous chemical compounds in cigarette and at least 70 of them cause cancer, including tar. Another main substance is called nicotine, the primary addicting drug, that causes more damage to the body. It can raise heart rate and blood pressure and can result in premature births and low birth weight babies in woman who smoke during pregnancy, as well as affecting the development of brains. Not only that, smoking can cause several long term effects. Those include COPD and CHD (Coronary heart disease). However, CHD can be treated. But, it will cost a lot and not all people can afford to get their treatment. Statistics shows that nearly 8 out of 10 COPD deaths are from smoking. Female smokers are now dying from COPD in the same numbers as male smokers. Smoking actually protects us against Parkinson’s disease, but, it still increases the risk of dementia. This got to be considered worldwide before death rate increases drastically than birth rate.

In conclusion, smoking can cause a feeling of satisfaction due to the addicting drug present in cigarettes. But, the negative effects of smoking are wide and varied, and all of them are dangerous to every user’s health, whether it is cigarette smoke or tobacco smoke. Not only direct smokers are affected, but second-hand smoke can also result to the same health problems, especially teenagers and children. After all, the disadvantages of smoking outweighs everything else.

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