Smoking Cigarettes or Marijuana: Are They Similar? Essay

Squares vs. Blunts

Cigarettes were discovered in the early 1900’s while marijuana was discovered later on in the century, and the two have both changed society in its own unique way. Arguments between national and state governments about cigarettes and marijuana has been happening for the last few decades, about which one is better than the other. From all the research and studies that scientists have been doing, marijuana has been seen as a product with far less fatal effects than cigarettes have. Many people wonder what marijuana can actually do for them and how it differs from using cigarettes, but they have not been properly educated about either one. Smoking marijuana may be better than smoking cigarettes due to the main beneficial reasons including costs, longevity of the high, and health risks.

Cigarette smokers buy their cigarettes in bulks to avoid making store runs, which means they would spend no more than $20 on cigarettes. On average cigarette packs costs about $5.50 per pack. A pack contains about ten cigarettes, and since most smokers have a cigarette every 30 minutes, smokers will obviously go through more than a pack a day. For example, if a smoker goes through three packs a day costing them $5.50 per pack, they would have to spend $115 a week. The cost of smoking marijuana per gram is less due to the competition and value in most states. A gram of marijuana is $10 a gram, which can make about two blunts, and can last a smoker half of the day. If a marijuana smoker bought a gram a day for a week, they could save $45 a week, which can go towards more important things such as food and gas.

A cigarette high can last up to 40 minutes for most people, and therefore forces the smoker to have another cigarette to have a continuous high. Because of this reason, cigarette smokers go through packs of cigarettes every day, which means more money each day that they have to spend. Having to constantly buy cigarettes because of the necessity to be on a short high all day can be hectic and costly. On the other hand, a marijuana high can last for more than two hours and last longer if the smoker does not smoke on a regular basis. Even if the marijuana is a weak blend, which is commonly called Reggie.

The health risks of cigarettes have been known since cigarettes have been on the market, and have been one of the top causes of death in America for years. The risks were so fatal, that the Congress created a law for all cigarette manufacturers to place a warning label on cigarette packs, to warn smokers about its risk of their health. These health risks losing teeth, premature aging, discoloration of gums, losing eyesight, and could cause depression or anxiety. Smoking cigarettes may also increase a smoker’s likelihood of developing some long term diseases such as heart disease, gum disease, lung cancer, throat cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or Buerger’s disease. Even though these risks affect millions of Americans, cigarettes are still legal and are still being sold in stores worldwide. Contrarily, there are no fatal health risks for marijuana smokers because weed contains far less toxic ingredients than tobacco. The health risks of marijuana are short term or are curable. These include: increased appetite, short term forgetfulness, lack of motivation, slowed reactions, anxiety, and paranoia. Of all the effects of marijuana, none of them causes the smoker to lose limbs or increases their probability of a costly long term disease.

Marijuana and tobacco has its pros and cons, but marijuana has a higher count of pros in this case. Smoking cigarettes has been seen as an act of sophistication and power, but people do not know the real problems with smoking tobacco. The media has brainwashed its viewers into thinking that smoking cigarettes is still an okay thing to do, no matter what the health risks are. Smoking marijuana is more beneficial to smokers and is cheaper due to its affects. It would be best to use a product that has better advantages in terms of saving money, spending for things that will serve a good purpose, and saving your own life because of the small amount of health risks.

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