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Discuss about the Smartsheet Alternatives Project Management.



The direct meaning of management of the project incorporates the bunch of modest for important premises:

  • The management of project is no little errand.
  • The project management has the distinct end and start. It's not the steady procedure.
  • The management of project utilizes different devices to estimate the project track and achievements errands. These incorporate PERT diagrams, Gantt chart and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
  • Projects every now and again require impromptu assets as opposed to devoted, full-time positions basic in associations.
  • The project management lessens hazard and expands the possibility of accomplishment.

Regularly, a triangle, usually called the "triple limitation", is utilized to condense the project management (see Figure 1). The three of the critical components are scope, cost and time. These frame the vertices with the central theme quality. (Haughey, 2016)

Benefits of Security

  1. In the delivery services provide better efficiency.
  2. Customer satisfaction would get enhanced/ increased/ improved
  3. While delivery services provide enhance effectiveness
  4. Within the project team improved the development and growth
  5. Competitive edge and greater standing
  6. Provide vast opportunities for expanding the services to the project
  7. Better and good flexibility
  8. Increased the risk assessment for the project
  9. Increase the quality of the project
  10. Increase the quantity of the project (Picariello, 2014)

Critical Success Factors

These factors are important were Quality of the Product, Loyalty of consumer, Penetration of the Market, advertising and financial profit is concerned. These components define collectively the technology market that is fluctuating today. There is requirement for market strategies for the product that are effectively targeted to hopes in the group for creating the new fan base of the customer. The product that is received and marked by the clients is very useful. There are many considers the implementation of application that are related to project after few time that have turned out to important supporters of the accomplishment of such projects. This things mar get incorporates and appear glaringly evident, for instance, important staff individuals by contribution, correspondence and strong testing; thus these are repeatedly underutilized for sparing the time. At some point, projects hold on important things, it is going probably about:

  • Meeting the deadline of the project dates get delayed,
  • disagreement on what project is relied convey upon,
  • dilemma settling problems
  • Project status, prerequisites of the work and perplexity bearing,
  • End clients and colleagues from the purchase of absence,
  • extra anxiety and requests on end clients and colleagues season, especially close to the project completion,
  • On last item that are conveyed from client less of the fulfillment.

Examples: Here we are taking example that is based on the cyber security. Thus, the attackers are continuously scanning the unprotected systems, new containing experimental systems or test and exploiting these systems for gaining the control. New system should get PC or laptop that is used rarely, with seriously defenses the information. IBM has applied the Cybersecurity for their organization to protect the data and information attacking. (Hallman, 2011)

History of the project management is shown in below diagram. Also, we are highlighting the major develeopments and the main sense of project management began in the 1950s:

IT management problems

Below are some of the issues for IT management:

  • Global decisions for supply-chain
  • Effectiveness of the security staffing – absenteeism
  • Development of career
  • Responsibilities for additional security
  • Managing the security operations for remote things
  • Security office turnover: effectiveness of the security staffing
  • Hiring and selection approaches: effectiveness of the security staffing
  • Adapting levels of staffing: effectiveness of the security staffing
  • Important performance indicators/ executing the best standards practices
  • Planning the strategic
  • Threat assessment
  • Maximizing/ Budget for return on the investment
  • Awareness about promoting employee (Schiff, 2012)


The project management strategy bridges gap among the project member that work and strategies lofty ambitions. Projects without strategies are just like collecting dust from document. Strategy along these lines requires settling on express decisions – to do a few things and not others – and building a business around those decisions. So, strategy is decision. All the more particularly, strategy is an incorporated arrangement of decisions that exceptionally positions the firm in its industry in order to make economical preferred standpoint and better esteem relative than the opposition.

Below we have explained the strategies that are used for Successful Project management:

  1. Project scope declaration
  2. Non-critical and critical oath establishment
  3. Use the compiled information
  4. Project should be managed not plan
  5. Collaboration efforts rely (Egeland, 2011)


Below are some of the alternatives that can be used instead of project management:

  • Basecamp – this is the household name for the project management. Ruby on Rails was created originally and was used by Basecamp. Below are the functional areas where Basecamp focuses:
    • Reporting
    • Scheduling
    • File sharing
    • Collaboration and Messaging
    • Management of Task (Peterson, 2016)
  • Smartsheet – it has similar interfaces as project management and is good for users who spend lot of time in spreadsheet and excel. (Wong, 2017)


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