Small business project Essay

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The small business has benefited the consumer by increasing the standard of which businesses in conducted. In a capitalistic setting the consumer speaks with their money and the best businesses get that money. Consumers did not always know what they had wanted, but small businesses told customers their need. Some of the first small businesses were general stores, run by a family for generations or tailor shop for fixing and making clothes. These businesses succeeded due to filling basic human needs to survive. But after surviving was no longer a problem, what would people do with extra money? Modern small businesses figured out how to make spending that money easier at the benefit of the consumer. When it comes to convenience, stores can have all the basic needs of food and clothes. When waiting in line to buy the goods, check out is made fast with many lines and bar codes. This would save time for the consumer to get what they need and go. The store is decorated to feel comfortable. The long the customer stays, the more they are likely to spend.

Another way that the consumer has benefited from small businesses is with delivery servicers. An early instance of delivery-based business was milkman. Before refrigerators were in every home, Families could not keep milk fresh in their homes so it was brought to them. Early in the morning, these men would go out and bring fresh milk to every door. But when the super markets and refrigerators were in every home, milkmen faded in to history. Now delivery- based business bring all kinds of items to your door step. Anything from toothbrushes to hock sticks. The business that has made it the easiest to give the consumer what they want has earned their dollar.

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The older generation understood the importance of a good work ethic. This would include punctuality and sacrifice. The Boomers know the importance of presenting professionally. They worked hard to earn their wages and seemed satisfied in their work. They did not complain about how slow they would be promoted. The older generation understood with long hours they would earn their way up the corporate ladder. They are 12% more willing to accept overtime than Millennials, but only 3% more than Gen X(Twenge). If a Millennial were to be working a physical or lower paying job, they expect to have faster promotions. But if they are in a position of management, they are more willing to work more hours. The first major difference is that the new generation expects to get more for less. But the old generation would work hard regardless of how hard the work was, a job was a job. Secondly, the new generation expects what they want faster due to the high-speed world we live in today. The good part about living quickly would be that they are faster to respond to changes in the work place. But then become dissatisfied with work quickly if they do not feel like they are making much of a difference.

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Millennials right out of college are having a harder time get jobs. Not from a lack of information nor willingness, but from a lack of knowledge and decisiveness. Millennials possess no shortage of information; they are pioneers of electronic technologies. Millennials have never been left to wounded and think about answers, because tools like Google have told us about everything we could imagine. Lack of thought leads to a lack of understanding of one’s self.

Millennials can learn about and follow the safest paths through college to get the glittery diploma. When looking for a job, they do not know what they are looking for in a career. “A critical aspect to a successful job search is having a clear understanding of one’s values and how they connect to finding meaningful work(Dorn)”. When they get a career, they learn that they do not like the path they chose. Millennials leapt to the first, safest path they believed would be best for them. but often times miss the mark but a little. A small business is a good way to salvage one’s previous education to a job that is similar. A business can be whatever the owner imagens it can be. For example, a 20 year old girl graduates with an engineering degree, but then finds out their passion is teaching children math and science(Dorn). This person could set up a tutoring business or work with local schools to earn money. Millennials have the determination to change the world for the better but are not sure how they can achieve that goal. A small business can become a way to reach that goal. Many Millennials are self-employed. They begin business mostly online. They can sell goods or offer services this way as well. The small business has helped save some Millennials from having high debt and no way to pay it off

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