Small business exploration Essay

small business exploration


1) The management style that I personally tend to use is a consultative type where the Leader or the owner takes some suggestions from the employees at last the leader only takes the final decision. I like this type of management because taking the verdict from the workers gives more interest to the workers to improve the firm and also they will think that the owner is giving a value for there thoughts. One more point is by implementing this type of management style some times workers will think more effectively than a owner. So in some cases owners become rich because of the employee ideas. My father had a business in my home country (India). He will also implement the same idea in his firm. Actually there are 20 people who are working in that firm there every person is talented. At some times employees only say that where can we buy the product cheaper than any other firm.

2) Among all the 3 categories my strengths are listening and writing. I consider listening as my strength because I have that ability to listen to the people which will help to solve any issue. One of the best example is I will listen the lectures which are taught by my professor with complete focus. I will listen till the end without interrupting them and after completing, what ever doubts I have, will ask my professor directly. Another example is my work place. I will listen whatever the supervisors or my coworkers are talking and if I have any doubts regarding anything then I will ask all my doubts at the last after their completion. Because if we interrupt in the middle they may get deviated from actual matter. Writing is my another strength because I can write fluently with out any pause what ever comes to my mind and what ever I listen from the others. One of the example is my IELTS test. In writing I got 7 bands. If I get a topic then I can write so much about that topic. Presenting orally is my weakness because all the thoughts in my brain and all the things I want to talk will not come out my mouth properly sometimes because of the fear or shy. One of the best example is giving presentations in the class. Everyone will be observing and it creates a shy feeling which causes the pause during the presentation.

3) The consistency and uniformity are the main strengths under the decision category. While taking any decision, fairness is important. Everyone will be happy if there is fairness in all the decisions. Actually when I start every job whether its big or small first I will think how to solve or implement then I will keep on a paper like check list and then I will work according to the plan which I make as a checklist in the document. For these categories the main example is in my college when I was pursuing my technician course. I need to do some complex shapes of the materials which were given by the company. For starting that project I will write a document that what type of tools I need and what type of operation I need to do and what are the requirements of the company. Then I will plan according to that and I will solve the work.

4) If I know that problem may arrive in the future then first I will ask myself that how I need to over come and I will find the way to solve and then I will prepare the needs for the solution of that problem and then I will implement it. So by that way I will solve my problem. One more situation is if don’t know when the problem occurs for me then first I will quickly react to that problem and then I will prepare what are needed to solve it and if there is anything that I don’t know then I will take the opinions from my friends, Family members who experienced with same problem. By knowing that I will solve the problem.

5) (a) Presenting orally and unpreparedness are the areas which I need to improve. These are the important areas in which everyone should be perfect. Sometimes unpreparedness creates the problem bigger and bigger. In starting or doing any business there will be issues for sure. So everyone should be prepared to solve it before it arises. Presenting orally is also important because it tells our opinion and ideas.

(b) I can use remedies to improve these areas by giving presentations, market research, meetings of the other company, press releases and success meets.

6) I would recommend some of the policies to my company for operating ethically are :

· One of the main policy I would recommend is to make sure everything is in the written form. Because if any problem occurs then this written document can help the company to overcome it.

· I would recommend that every month all the employees should be called for get to together then should give the feed back to them about their work. According to that they should be awarded with something. This will make the employees to be active every minute, interested and also effectively.

· Another recommendation is taking suggestions from the workers and customers because it helps the company to make changes according to that and modify according to the customer wish. It helps the company to have high sales and demand.

7) I would use electronic systems for scheduling the time. Because it is safe to store the schedule in the electronic system and it can be stored anywhere. The scheduling information can be sent from one device to other at anytime. If scheduling is done on the paper it will be difficult to carry to every place. If it is lost at any place then it will be a big problem. Electronic system is the safest, secured and easy for exchange the data. I will schedule all my planning’s in between 10pm to 11 pm by using electronic systems. By that time all the things which I have to do on the next day will be known. According to that everything will be planned.

8) To maintain personal relationships with my friends or relatives first I will talk with everyone with a smile and I will mingle with the people very fast because I will listen the persons what he or she is talking and I will understand if there is any wrong thing I will give suggestions to them and I will believe the people more than anyone. So like that I will maintain the relationship and one more thing is to be fit and healthy I will follow the timings according to my plan like wake up in the early morning and taking 2-3 boiled eggs and 1 litre of milk and will go to gym to maintain fit and for every 15 days will do fasting by doing this some waste particles will come from the body. To control the stress I will be very far from uninterested works and will change my mood by playing video games, indoor games, Listening music and walking.

10) My long term financial goals are like constructing a house and giving it for the rent. So that their will be continuous in flow of the cash which can help me for longer time. Buying the land in my home town in India will also help me. I will buy the land in the most developing area so that if there is any emergency of money then I can sell it and get money in the future. The cost of the land also will be increasing in the future because of the development of the area and I can get more money during selling. Another long term financial goal is investing the money in the bank or buying shares of the market. My parents and friends will be the financial advisors for my planning.

11) If I face any financial crisis in my future it may leads to many problems. I cant live peacefully in the house because we have to pay the rent if we want to live so this may leads to no shelter. I cannot even buy the food from the stores it may leads to unhealthy for that I have admit in an hospital and then I need to pay for that medical expenses which I don’t have. I may not even concentrate on my studies because of increase in the stress level and getting bored gives us a negative thoughts. One of the best example is from last 2 months I was not doing any job so I cannot pay even a tuition fee and the stress is also increasing and the important thing is I was playing video games for the stress relief by that way I was addicted to that games. These are the some problems which I faced in the last couple of months.

12) There are some employment opportunities which I pursue in my future

1- Industrial Mechanic

2- Millwright Mechanic

3- Quality Technician Analyst

4- Industrial Field service Technician

5- Industrial Electrician

6- Maintenance mechanic Technician

My interests is to work as a Manual Industrial Machinist which was very suitable for me because I worked on many of the manual machines in my college.

The machines which I can work on


2- Vertical milling machine

3-Surface Grinder

4- Vertical drilling machine

My skills in my core side is I have a good grip on how to read a precision measuring instruments like Vernier calipers and different type of micrometers and can read tape.

One of the example for my interest in being machinist is when I pursing Industrial technician course 4th semester in our college I need to do some projects where I have to choose a single project then also I took the job where most of the machining is included.

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