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Over Thinking - 5 Negative Effect of this Trait

Thinking is a gift from birth as it enables us to be creative in dealing with ideas and actualize the thought. Thinking is the human way to function when it comes to making a decision, judging right from wrong, affirming our opinions or going against a decision. Overthinking, however, is a habit that we all indulge in once in a while. It is not different from regular thinking except it takes over our inert ability to control our thoughts until it’s too late.

Overthinking is considered detrimental to the human mind, studies have shown that over-thinking destroys the subconscious and disrupts our control over our mind and paralyzes our ability to make the choices that progress us, and in some cases, over thinking leads to psychosomatic disorders.

We are not ruling the fact that sometimes overthinking does prevent and help us to get this done or get a proper analysis of a situation that you are faced with. In this article, we will try to paint the negative aspect of how over thinking is not a trait that we should imbibe in.

5 reasons why overthinking is a negative trait

It destroys and disrupts the performance of athletes

For skilled athletes or the blue collar job person trying to make a living; it has been experienced that people in sports or running an establishment fail to do well when they over think the situation. In fact, it is said to disrupt the full functionality their motor skills which affects their ability to retain information, recall information and execute the information received. Other notable effects are the inability of the over-thinker to properly verbalize how they are truly feeling which results in violence emotional outburst and endangering themselves or others.

It causes you to regress in life

How does that even happen? When you over think, you create a situation that doesn’t exist in the comfort of your mind and work with them. This circumstance leads you to a dark place where one is helpless, afraid, and lack the control to think through the problems. It also leads one to depression and mental breakdown thereby losing precious time that would have propelled you forward in life.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, hallucination, hearing voice, panic attack and loss of cognitive ability are just some negative traits associated with overthinking. This varies from person to person, but with over thinker this leads to unhealthy living and even more worrying.

They are never happy

Overthinkers don’t find the fun in any situation, they over analyze the situation even in a happy scenario and are generally a killjoy.

Life becomes too complicated

Life is already complicated for normal thinkers but for overthinkers; it is hellish and overwhelming. When we over think, every situation is a bomb waiting to explode, this causes us to lose sleep, love, and happiness in one go.

Overthinking is your life slipping away before your very eyes; if you are over thinking and it is resulting in anxiety, insomnia or depression, you need help now.

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