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One non-governmental organization that deals with human rights issues is Amnesty International. I have chosen this organization because it is found in many countries of the world. There have been many problems throughout the world that included torture, illegal arrests and abuse of police and army powers. Many people were killed and some disappeared. Amnesty international was involved in campaigning against such human rights abuses. Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization. According to its website, that is Amnesty International is found in more than 150 countries of the world. It is found in virtually all continents. Amnesty International is a body of volunteers, who are either members or supporters. Their main objective is to carry campaigns against the abuse of human rights. Their main point of reference is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which many countries of the world signed. It also is interested in other human rights standards of various countries and regions of the world. Amnesty international has assisted in many countries where there are civil wars and unrest. This is so because these are the areas where human rights abuses are rampant. In Africa Amnesty international assisted in identifying human rights abuses in countries such as Ivory Coast, Libya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Another place is Syria. Syria has had an uprising that is more than a year now. This uprising started during the Arab uprisings of 2011. Most people in some Arab states rose against their dictatorial governments. As a result, the Syrian government ordered mass killings of the civilians. Many civilians are arrested and tortured by the government security forces. As a result Amnesty international has taken a leading role in highlighting the abuses that are taking place in Syria. This has alerted many countries about atrocities in that country. Another country where Amnesty International has highlighted human rights abuses is in Egypt. In Egypt, many civilians were tried under the military court. Most human rights activists are against such an act. Military courts must only try cases of soldiers, not civilians. Many people, as a result, are tortured or unlawfully detained. So Amnesty International has raised their concern on that. It also puts some news of abuses on its website so that many people can access such information. What Amnesty International has done is very important. It has averted genocides and mass killings in many countries. Human lives and suffering have been averted. What Amnesty International does is just like whistle blowing the injustices perpetrated against citizens in these countries. Amnesty International has many challenges. One of the challenges it faces is that of resources. Since the funds come from donations it usually has insufficient money to carry its work to the fullest. Another challenge is that some of its workers come under threat from armed groups and even governments. Some of its work is targeted by the government, much that some of these have been arrested and tortured as well. There are many non-governmental organizations that champion human rights in the world. In this essay, the writer has discussed the great work done by Amnesty International. The most recent work has been in Arab countries, where civilians have arisen against their dictatorial governments.

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