Skin fasting: the beauty trend from japan should provide for perfect skin Essay

Skin Fasting: The beauty trend from Japan should provide for perfect skin sometimes you would like to have several faces, right? After all, there are always so many new exciting skin care products that you would like to try. From sheet masks to toners and serums to acid peels . But every beauty junkie who likes to test novelties knows from personal experience: Whoever changes his care too often achieves exactly the opposite of what he hopes for: irritated, red, dry and super-sensitive skin is the result. From Japan, where the secret of flawless skin is perfected, there is now a trend that you should definitely try: Skin Fasting. This treatment promises the perfect complexion - while saving you a fortune. What is Skin Fasting? You may know what fasting cures are like: you temporarily give up food to cleanse the body and give it new energy. This is exactly how the skin fasting, so the skin fasting. With this detox cure, you will not have to spend at least one week (ideally two to three weeks) on all care and make-up products. You only clean your face in the morning and evening with warm water. If you feel like you are getting dry skin without cream, make sure you drink enough water. Because that provides them with natural moisture. What speaks for fasting for the skin? Our skin has the natural ability to nurture and regenerate itself if we give it the chance. As soon as you dispense with skin care products, the skin produces its own oils to protect against dryness. These natural substances as well as the body's own ceramides , which act as a barrier and protect the skin from drying out and the ingress of foreign substances, are destroyed by care products. In addition, many ingredients in our creams prevent the essential oxygen exchange. Skin Fasting is therefore a detox cure for the skin, which promotes one's own abilities and lets the complexion finally breathe again. Perfect Skin through Skin Fasting? Dermatologists confirm that it makes sense to stop using cosmetics for a while now and then. Because after the detox phase, your skin should be in a much better condition, blemishes have disappeared by itself and you can resume your usual care routine with a natural glow .

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