Six places to visit during your family vacation in japan Essay

We are travelling to Japan!

My father made the announcement few minutes ago during dinner and I am super excited. I just love Japan. For years I have read amazing travelogues and seen video clips about the country’s thrilling sites, nature blessed islands, spectacular gardens, Buddhist Temples high snowy mountains, cultural icons, mouth-watering cuisines. Japan is such an endowed nation, it has four islands, eight regions and 47 prefectures, it is culture rich, people friendly and surprisingly interesting tourism destination for everyone. Also a perfect choice for a vacation or even Honeymoon in the world’s largest continent.

In this article, I will be highlight 6 amazing places I hope to visit in Japan. Trust me these places are awesome!

1. Tokyo

Did you know that this Japan capital is the most populous metropolitan area in the world?

The city is renowned for its trado-modern architecture, technology and fashion. Also, the neon light, Tokyo is arguably the country's city of lights. Tokyo has a rich historical background, lovely boutiques (top choice if you love shopping), interesting attractions for tech lovers like the Robot Restaurant and awesome amusement parks. Oh am sure my kid sisters would love to visit Disneyland Tokyo, and Wonderful Restaurant.

Well, I can't wait to visit Tsukiji Market (the world’s largest fish market), Meiji Shrine, eat Fresh Sushi and chronicle it with a cruise around Tokyo Bay. I am sure you would love it too.

2. Ishigaki

Ishigaki is a city on Japan’s Ishigaki Island. Arguably Japans best beach destination, it is a focal point for beaches and coral reefs. The Island is famed for being Japan's top beach destination. Being the main Island of the Yaeyama Islands and the region's transportation hub. ... It attracts a huge crowd of tourists annually. Visitors just love the white sands and crystal waters

Ishigaki also has the highest mountain in Okinawa Prefecture, an interesting place for hiking, diving, and snorkelling. There is also the Yaeyama Museum which help you discover the history of the island. Asides these features, Ishigaki is a food paradise and a perfect place for history and beach lovers.

3. Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the most popular destinations on earth. A culturally rich cities in the world, Kyoto is what many travelers dream of when they daydream of Japan. You would love its spectacular gardens, ancient temples, craft shops, and restaurants.

4. Hakone

Hakone is another interesting place to visit for tourists in Japan.

It has great views of Mt. Fuji, an active volcano about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. The Mountain is popularly called “Fuji-san”and it is also Japan’s tallest peak, (3",776 meters). A pilgrimage site for centuries. Hakone is also renown its hot springs, and lovely recreations.

I would love to see Hakone’s boiling sulphur pits from a ropeway, pass through Lake Ashi, or touring in the Mount Fuji in a cable car.

5. Kamakura

This seaside town was formerly Japan's military base. Also, one of the main foundational homes of Japanese Zen Buddhism. The town features bamboo groves, ancient temples, exotic beaches, back street shopping alleys, and mouth watering delicacies. I would love to visit the white sand beaches in the town and take pictures beside the crystal clear waters.

6. Hiroshima

All round the world, Hiroshima is known as one of the first cities to experience atomic bombings. Hence, the city’s top attraction is the monument built in honour of the victims of the bomb blast, Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial.

However, beyond the sad tale, Hiroshima is also home to another amazing attraction. This is the Itsukushima Shrine. The shrine is graced by a gigantic Vermillion Torii gate and is located on the Island. The structure appears to float on water whenever the tide is running high.

Japan has so much to offer, I am certain that a one time visit can never be enough to explore this nature and culture rich Asian nation.

However, you should not miss touring Japan, especially during the country's spring season (March and May) when you get see the magical sight of the cherry blossoms in bloom. While the late autumn (September to November) is may tend to more tourist visits to Japan, some tourists suggest that the best time to visit Japan is between March and May. This season is not only less rowdy, but also budget friendly and you can get cheap flights to Japan through especially when you book your flight with Airfare Centre. It is advised you start planning your visit to Japan at least a month before so you can easily enjoy discounted flight rates with Airfare Centre.

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