"Singin 'in the Rain (1952)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Cinema since its birth has grown rapidly, constantly surprising its audience. People just got used to this curious black and white picture, where instead of dialogue sounds beautiful music, and a few replica titles appear as inventors find a way to give voice to the heroes of films and the audience again pleasantly surprised. Here are just actors now has to learn to play in a new way that would not stay in the past.
Successful director Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly actor decided to play in front of us the story of a turning point in the life of cinema. Events unfolding in the late 20s, in Hollywood, not ready to give any actor on whose brilliance. And each of them by any means trying to be a star now talkie
«-. People think that our lives are filled with romance, but we're really lonely. Terribly lonely »
main hero of the movie has achieved a lot with the help of his talent -. His name does not come from the pages of the tabloid press, there is no release from the fans, and each film with his participation becomes a real sensation. Yes, Don Lockwood worked for too long, which would make such astounding career, when he eventually face serious difficulties. Girlfriend, which made him famous in the age of a little movie, is now for him a dead weight. And while Don ponders how to save his reputation, he became acquainted with the talented and Kathy realizes that soon he will have to make a serious choice. Gene Kelly perfectly embodies the character, making it a such a cunning ladies' man and no less talented actor.
Another heroine, whose career is threatened with the new era of sound film, is the star Lina Lamont. It seems to be born, which would smile at the audience with a black-and-white screens and outshine all its beauty, only in the presence of her true acting talent all doubt. However, Lina really perfect actress of silent film - good-looking, talented beauties depicts silly, which continuously saves the hero and speaks in such a funny voice that no sound here is only a plus. Jean Hagen played a great girl who is ready to fight for his career to the last and go all out for what would be a famous actress, but the viewer is not so too easy to cheat
«-. Cinema - is fun and fun for the masses of course. But the characters on screen do not impress me. Only playing the fool. Well, you understand. »
ambitious and confident Kathy Selden has not become very famous, but her talent could not be ignored. From the day of love with Don Lockwood she begins to carry large, step by step, this fragile girl with a beautiful voice gradually conquers the heart first, producers, and then the audience. Debbie Reynolds showed real character who deserves to be somebody in this life. A laugh from her hysterical and incredibly contagious
«- Look at me: I have no glory, no fame, no house, no money, but I have ... And what I have?».
faithful friend and companion of the protagonist acts Cosmo Brown. This average guy really knows how to enjoy life, cherish every minute and have fun, making even the most boring day into a real show. Actor Donald O'Connor simply magnificent. He managed to create a bright, charming and comedic way, which brings a smile every time.
The film captures from the first minute in a whirlwind of incredible events. Directors perfectly managed to combine is a romantic love story, good comedy and magical musical, whose characters constantly fall into funny situations. The warm atmosphere of the film create a variety of musical numbers, among which the most memorable gay songs and amazing dance talent Donald O'Connor. And no matter how difficult or Gene Kelly was singing in the rain, he did everything to ensure that this scene would have deservedly entered the history of cinema. As everyone who participated in the creation of the films, did everything to ensure that she had even half a century later found its audience.
Sound or silent, movies will still be loved by the audience. The main thing that would have filmed it really talented actors.

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