"Singin 'in the Rain (1952)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Gene Kelly in 1952, was at the ceremony "Oscar" gold statue outside the program with the tortuous explanation of such a trivial event, "in recognition of his versatile talent of the actor, singer, director and dancer, and specifically for his brilliant achievements in the art of kinohoreografii" . The reason for this, which has no analogues to this day of the event, is the film "Singin 'in the Rain." The film, which at the same time presenting a caricature of Hollywood, from itself, in terms of personal production, are all those rocky cliffs glory of broken dreams that immature individuals seeking to get to the big screen. This movie is without exaggeration legendary. While not in itself. Legendary path of its creation, a process created by the product, and the history of its influence. This film, featuring an entire era of cinema, he has created the epoch, of which he is. But at the same time stands still to answer more specific about what is in it so remarkable and extraordinary
Firstly, the first thing that catches your eye -. Dynamics of the picture. There would not be so surprising, if not understanding the time when it was created - 1951st year. In fact, the 20th century mean for the western cinema represents itself as a transitional stage from the era of genre films "noir" (which were caused by the decadent mood of society in the financial crisis, unemployment and the world wars) in the era of musicals movies and westerns . Musicals meet the standards of that time for the same reasons for which to answer them in black and white detective stories - the war ended, the profit received by America from military campaigns, helped even stronger foothold in the international political arena, people are thriving and, therefore, sad no time. Therefore, a bright, dynamic, colorful show moved to Broadway on the screen, then it was necessary as air. And this air gave viewers Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. They, together with the authors of the script by Green and Komdenom, does not attempt to prescribe a complex multi-layered drama or tragedy. To tell the truth, when even as such the growth of the protagonist in the film is not observed (except heroine Debbie Reynolds is changing to the final). The entire film was built on the basis of well-known songs straight from Broadway, which were written at different times and for different reasons. Combine them a no story line - that was the main objective. And the authors have coped with it by the wayside hoisted charismatic heroes and clean, simple conflict. A monument to the first placing of those same songs and indescribable complexity of its choreography
Songs and Dances of the film -. Fun. If we remember that "Singin 'in the Rain" in principle consist of them, it is possible to bring to a logical result, which asserts what is the film itself. But not about this. After all, to a greater extent it must be recognized that even if segmentally disassemble the tape, and then take individually and look purely muzykalnotantsevalnye numbers, then they will remain great. These passages for five or more minutes you want to watch and review over and over again, with each repetition more and more understanding of how it was hard. Such a level of development of the movements and their synchronization - it is one more indicator of world cinema "Golden Hollywood Era": smile never left parties of actors on the screen, while going corporate despotism in the name of Gene Kelly on the set, making mention of rehearsals which later Debby Reynolds, said that two of the most difficult things in her life was nurturing a child, and shooting in this film. And I say this not in order to denigrate undeniably great creator of cinema. I say this only in order to reveal once again how versatile and crazy world of cinematography. As an amusing caricature of a rather cheerless "the last days of silent movies," "Singin 'in the Rain" in its bowels a panegyric acting endurance and dedication, toying with which the creators often racked their psyche and health.
Wonderful movie. On it's hard to say something new. Only on the emotions I want to say a second time: it is necessary to look and review while enjoying the simple and beautiful story, extolling the idea of ​​some "higher justice". And so, perhaps, it is. This film - the glorification of the era, which in itself is a whole epoch. It deepens and later, learning how it was created, clutching his head from knowing what a Herculean effort is required. This film - the example of cinema, which has, perhaps, will not. However, even asks the question as part of its creation, "and you? Need." But somehow after viewing want with the "Bravo!" To cry out "More!".
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