"Singin 'in the Rain (1952)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Perhaps I'll start by saying that I think this film is probably one of the best comedy musicals in the history of cinema. Of course, many disagree with me, but mostly those who "Singing in the Rain" is not seen. The film was very high quality, interesting, entertaining, energetic and, most probably most importantly, fun and easy to view. How many times do not watch this picture, every time she looks at one go and does not load. This ease of viewing occurs largely because of dance, which in the film very much and they are all the way put simply gorgeous, and of course also because of the humor, which I personally brought in a complete delight. Absolutely not vulgar, unobtrusive humor that is present in the film may not like everything, but as I wrote above, I liked it very much.
most probably the funniest moments I find the scene at the time of the first shooting sound film, when one of the main heroines could not understand where all the same say as a director trying to dumb actress explain it all looked so silly that I personally just laugh "out loud." Like in general all the funny scenes, but for some reason, this amused and crashed into a memory the most. In general, a great movie, well, I have yet to start to talk about the storyline that even now looks quite fresh and original.
The plot tells the story of the era of silent film, when people went and watched a movie on the big screen without sound, and when, instead of votes actors, they heard the usual musical accompaniment. One of the most popular actors of the time, Don Lockwood presents to the public his new film and simultaneously tells the story of how he became a star as he had traveled in search of work and how initially worked as a stuntman in the film studio. Next Don is very well able to replace an actor on the set of new movie and the director liked it, so Lockwood received permanent residence in Hollywood. Now he's a star with a capital letter and on it went crazy with millions of women, although it usually appears only in the company of one, namely, stupid and arrogant Lina Lamont, with whom Don is nothing serious is not present, but here is how to convey that message to the near Lina. Once again, running away from the "herd" of their devoted fans, Don gets into the car to some Kathy Seldon, who at first did not recognize the movie star. After exploring Cathy begins to talk Don very insulting words, such as the fact that he can not play, and if you've seen one film, I believe you've seen them all. Despite such statements, the Hollywood hunk Lockwood falls in love with a charming and clever Cathy, except that she disappeared after they met. How to Don and his friend, the composer Cosmo Brown was not looking for it, an unexpected love is not was.
Meanwhile, there was a revolution in world cinema, and it appeared talkies. Now the actors can not only ape in front of a camera, but also speak. After the resounding success of the first sound film "The Jazz Singer", all the studios decide to do the picture with sound. Only here there is one weighty problem if Don's voice all right, it's very nasty and squeaky voice of Lina Lamont spoil everything, but then suddenly and is Kathy Seldon, the one that Lockwood and looked beautiful ...
Scenario Of course it is a little predictable, but it's a heavy role in the overall picture does not play. In general, the main plot of the role in the movie does not play, but still, the script as a whole is good and I have to find fault with him will not, and probably put the top five. That's who really looked perfectly healthy, it's the actors, which is now and it will go.
«You busy tonight, Miss Lamont?»
«Hmm, funny, and I'm busy! »
just beyond the great popular American actor Gene Kelly, which is not only a wonderful actor who can play absolutely any role, but also chic dancers and singers that combine to give a very talented man who personally received from me a solid and well-deserved five, by the way besides the fact that Jin is the executor eat one of the main roles, it is also one of the two directors, I can say that with the two posts Kelly handled excellently. Very cool and played Donald O'Connor, although I admit that I thought that he was too replay at some point, but in general come down, I can still say that Donald dances better than playing. Brilliantly played like Debbie Reynolds, which plays at the highest level, and sings beautifully, she personally I put five points she deserved. Just captivated me Jean Hagen, which is as bitchy and simply fun of Lina Lamont looked amazing, it has become one of the ornaments of the film and it is nothing less than five points can not deliver. I can not mention again the magnificent dancing and gorgeous music, especially of course the song «Singin in the rain», which is very often played in my headphones, and is sometimes even used in other paintings, a good example of "A Clockwork Orange ". Well, for the soundtrack, as well as for the formulation of dances score five points. In general, to find fault with something almost impossible, well, perhaps I'll start to sum up.
«I'd rather kiss a tarantula than you!»
«You is not in the literal sense?»
"I? Joe, bring me a tarantula ka »
Summary:! brilliant film, which boasts a good story, great actors, spectacular dance, electrifying soundtrack and an excellent sense of humor, all together makes the movie so how it is today. I personally "Singing in the Rain" is very pleased, very pleased that the film appeared in the Top 250, it certainly deserves this, well, this is my personal assessment, namely:
10 of 10

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