"Singin 'in the Rain (1952)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

1927, for those who do not know - this is the year that changed the entire film industry on its head. At this time came the first sound film 'The Jazz Singer', which stirred up the entire world community, making figures of silent cinema to reflect on the term of their creations. About this period, and we will tell the movie 'Singing in the Rain'.
The plot revolves around Don Lockwood, the famous silent film star, who is obliged to play in public relations with her partner that not only does not know how to dance and sing, and acting it leaves much to be desired. And everything is going well, if not the most ill-fated 1927 and the same 'The Jazz Singer', which force all the studio to move to the synchronous record sound with the picture. Now the studio is dedicated to filming with Lockwood and his partner is obliged to alter the tape, which originally should have been silent, the sound
I have to say:. In the film is not at all any disadvantages, which, of course, is my personal opinion, but I I think this view is justified. Determined to see this creature, I set a goal to just get a good - not 10, and 9 points - a movie, but I received a frank masterpiece
plot is rather unusual that immediately draws the viewer to the tape.. We can take and just plunge into the atmosphere of '27 for half an hour, though, the tape will not soon let you in its atmosphere. Colorful paintings, interesting conversations, great dancing, cinematography and music are collected picture of extraordinary beauty: here there is a certain charm to see that we could only at that time. Touch the history and see how growing and developing the cinema (though the length of time and not so much) - is not it wonderful
ease and fun of the film due to the constant gegami, which, if not make you laugh out loud, at least? a stretch on your face satisfied smile. All jokes some of its own kind and optimistic, with the majority taken from the old silent films
Statement of the dance just surprised -. Such rapid and honed movement, you probably will not find in any musical. And everything has been done almost a double. They did a great job of dance directors, because the movement is almost never repeated, and each dance has its own chip, if it is necessary to make a slow and smooth dance directors will do it without any problems, but if you want a sparkling dance to 'Good Morning', they will do their job to glory. Mass dance is also a huge plus: there are performances where the 100, maybe even 200 people, and there is no rassinhrona
Music worth listening to be a whole day.. It is like dancing - any color and flavor. Composers have made a very bold decision, because to recreate melodies of the time, the rhythms of the time it was very difficult, and if the audience noticed some discrepancy, immediately went to a barrage of criticism, but that's all right - all in their places
Funny and charming. characters will haunt you throughout the story, giving quality humor, performing wonderful composition and dance. And, most interestingly, for the characters is to say thank you just the actors, not writers, as it often happens in our time. I would not say that all the characters are different: the main character, for example, and his friend have common traits and behaviors, differing only in the biography, which, by the way, there's nothing special and did not tell. But the actors make the paint in their heroes. Gene Kelly played a charismatic, handsome, and always ready to sing and dance, and, if necessary, Woman ohmurit. Donald O'Connor simply amazed: made a huge amount of work, and probably most of all liked me personally, besides, gave the lion's share of humor. Reynolds, despite the fact that almost all of the songs performed are not very good enough to fit in all the dances, and Hagen, having made fun of manipulation with his voice, playing excellent antagonistku, thus ridiculing the many stars of silent movies, which we, by the way, are now and talk.
film is not simply throws the viewer at a time when silent films realized the inevitability of his death, but also shows how to start a conflict of interest. And then it does not show which side is correct and what is not: here we will not poke that silent films, they say, was worse. We show all the pluses and minuses of these two periods of two films. We were shown the beginning, when all kinodela understand that silent film was going to end, middle, when people decide to change something that people have accepted their new movie, and the end of which we have suggests the best idea of ​​what the movie will be to develop and grow, making his creations ever deeper and more interesting. The film shows all the disadvantages of silent films: a controversial possibility of the actors, a lack of feeling. But the film, and did not forget to show the brunt of people's adaptation to sound cinema: what about the time when the whole crew was trying to position the microphone so that the actors could be heard, and everything goes wrong, well, or time with rassinhron sound. To understand the changes in the cinema at the time, enough to see the movie, as though it may sound strange, I believe that I am right here. Well, I want to note a mockery of those actresses of silent films, which simply grown out of this were doomed to failure when it became clear that the talent they have almost not. And it was the place to be! How many actresses and actors have lost their jobs when the silent movie start to go off into the sunset? How many directors have not adopted new standards and continued to create a silent movie? The film does not set itself any extraordinary problem: he just wants to show us how our eyes evolved art
Cinema should give the viewer a lot of emotions.. These performances, you have not seen anywhere else, and if you watch this film, all that will see later, you will simply alien. Do you want to plunge into the past and feel like a participant in the events of that time? You the way to us!
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