Since my childhood Essay

Since my childhood I had, and I still have, a huge sense of curiosity especially when it comes to discovering and meeting with people from different cultures, races and backgrounds. And since Morocco is one of the best tourist destinations in Africa and even in the world, I've met a lot of tourists in Rabat, Casablanca and especially Marrakech. I found myself chatting with them spontaneously and immersing in their culture even trying to speak with their own languages using some words that I know. So , when I return home, I say to myself :"Yeah! It was such a wonderful experience, I would like to try that again! ".I need to meet more people in order to let them know more about Morocco because it's a country which deserves to be known in the world thanks to its history, its diverse culture and its rich heritage.

Moreover, I want to have the honor to be as an ambassador of Morocco abroad and to represent it in the best image I can, because when I talk with foreigners in social networks, I realize that they know a little about Morocco or nothing at all. So, my goal is to let them know more about my country and both Arab and Amazigh cultures and break the stereotypes about MENA region.

For instance, since I am interested in women and girl's education especially in IT field , as an engineering student and mentor of female high school students at DigiGirlz Morocco, I think living inside the American society will give me the chance to explore more about the technology, computer science field especially Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, since they are the fields that I'm curious about and I like the most, because US is a pioneer country in IT and space technologies.I would like to share my experience in the US when I return to Morocco, with my peers and even with kids and students in order to increase their curiosity and love about new technologies and cross cultural mindset, as well as learning from the American educational system in order to simulate it here in Morocco.

All in all, If I got selected in this exchange program, it would be a lifetime experience and it will help me grow up more and discover different cultures and mentalities, since USA is the best example of cultural diversity in the world and because I believe that travel is the best way to learn, to discover yourself and to be mature enough to face future's challenges either in professional or personal life.

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