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The heart, the doctor said to take a tablet, it will happen sometimes.
You fall on your knees from penetrating chest pain, heart covered with melted steel hand so eagerly squeezes clothing where there should be the chest, as if trying to snatch a piece of . meat
- «fool» - laughs echo in my ears. - "You can not save her»
eyes clouding, the heart does not want to settle down. Exhausted, you Stukalo immobilized on the asphalt city pier as if it is your most bitter enemy ...
Detective Hartigan (fiction author reviews)
When in 2004 it became known about the filming at landmark over the hill comic sin City, the most recent doubts about love amicable directors Tarantino and Rodriguez to the genre of crime and neo-noir finally dissipated, for "sin City" represented him in an exceptional manner the extreme. These two respectable steering for the supervision of the creator of the original paperback (Frank Miller) did not give a thought and boldly decided to move to the screen, with a few exceptions, all as is, compiling stories, leaving the reserve on sequels and inviting exclusive star cast, with many of whose directors have worked
So the first shock (if the person has not seen at least spilbergsovsky "Schindler's List") for the unprepared viewer -. this modern cinema is almost all black and white. And once this is followed by an exception, as in "Schindler" - as opposed to a paper carrier of the stories in which rainbow colors were a rarity, a larger number of detailed fragments compared to comics still painted in the film by the proposed plan of Robert Rodriguez. Somewhere in this together yourself dialogues during which something or someone can "give color," where some action, somewhere and did openly transparent symbolism. The initial effect of this, that and say, stunning.
Secondly, in the film, as in the original graphic squares ruled absurdity. A character can take on his chest with a dozen bullets and still stay alive. Here it is, despite all the doom of the characters and places and the lack of spirit and in a sense, self-blame and nagging norm. Pleasant, but again, unusual for most modern audiences may seem the visual focus, in which a plurality of scenes and scenery deliberately loomed shown so that it is strongly evident. For example, Bruce Willis' character goes to his car and a child turns the steering wheel, as in the early Bond films, and the entire rear-drawn plan seems like cardboard. But in the local set of old-school style, expressed sometimes in costume, revolvers, some of the heads of the heroes, and, of course, in the old car 60s, the style in which the matter shines through art deco to modern realities, visionary focus It works: all the action looks like a beautiful piece of the underworld of the fictional world. Given the still very modest budget, so the creators and original successfully avoided the problem of money.
picture in terms of the scenario is a little thread of interconnected, strikingly different from each other stories. The closest reference in the comparison can be reduced just work Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction", is known to almost every fan of good cinema. Well, as it was with Tarantino, the entire backbone of "Sin City" consists of three episodes, and even small scenes with Josh Hartnett as pasted mini-episode. Tell them pointless and dishonest, but has the right to throw a stone.
In one, already divided into two parts, a stern, Bruce Willis, being honest (like the more "respectable" characters will not) police detective on the border of a pension, wants the last day work to save a little girl from the threat in the face of a pedophile and serial killer. In the next Mickey Rourke in the role of profligate ugly-cabinet revenge for the death of the only prostitutes who slept with him. In another Clive Owen has been a "noble" deed in the name of conservation area whores.
That's all. Pedophiles, whores, murderers, and then even a small car and truck characters are no better. No, worse. And everywhere there is a catch. You feel what is it? Good people in "Sin City" is not, and those who have, you still get dirty in his slops, cleansed of which are already very, very difficult. The world of Frank Miller - is corruption at all levels of government, a world where there were only thieves, killers, prostitutes, corrupt police and a handful of those who are just angry with the whole world that stands on concrete vozvoyaniem corpses, sex sales bribes. And the black and white color here can be very useful. The only thing that is missing in these stories, but the responsibility that in the view that in a lot of them - is the drug problem. It seems that this fad or simply forgotten, or in store for the sequels, because the nose-to-nose with these substances or with those who consume them fiercely directly on the screen, the audience did not face.
Cinema with sadoizdevatelskim earnest money to the original Miller unfriendly spectator and just have not to everyone's liking. Hard to understand (everything in a straight line like a cork) and take the genre of extreme neo-noir, the maximum doomed fictional town and its inhabitants, black and white and excessive cruelty, like the makings of the roots of comics in general. But precisely because of these extremes, and that of fighting heroes are born and those simple, yet touches stories wrapped exquisite style, excellent soundtrack (Rodriguez - one of the composers) and tall propafosnyh divine dialogue
About extended. version.
some time later, Rodriguez released an extended version, although some sources say she mistakenly referred to as the director. Directed so it did not name, but, however, it is by all criteria and has the right to this name: rewired, upgraded version of the film without censorship. Remounted it is now the add-way: all the stories and are glued in order, in contrast to the theatrical version. It complemented the film is not as hard as it seems at first glance. Of those 20 minutes, that the painting put on timing, accurately take 10-12 minutes captions that go now after each episode, and not just at the end. Most of all in terms of new scenes luck story with Willis - some details are explained better. Brutality has increased, but only in the wildest stretches of which the authors rightly feared initially added.
However, those who have not watched the original, the better to see "Sin City" in the theatrical version to understand the idea pasted "comics "narrative. Moreover, the dubbing her the appropriate quality and the best translation ever seen me (this is the "Sin City" and show on our TV), and an enhanced version of the CIS countries came not from the most successful translation, so this DVD is first better to look at the original language, if you allow knowledge of English. So what if the "Sin City" you captivated, it is better to lay up for the re-examination and viewing.
A masterpiece for fans of neo-noir.

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