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Sin City, Basin city - the city of eternal night, lit by the few surviving street lamps, flares fired, bloodthirsty white smile and bright eyes shine their living inhabitants. Its residents live beyond the law, powerful people be protected from the dirty streets with high walls and crowds of armed mercenaries, the police is money, not people. There can not be reached without a cause, and not to break anyone
«Sin City." - a series of graphic novels (in the common people - Comic) by Frank Miller. His heroes are dangerous, cruel and brutal. Unrealistic in ordinary reality, but who found true place and calling in his grim universe. In a world invented specifically for them by the author
«Sin City." - this is a film-screen version of the famous film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor and musician Robert Rodriguez. He used to do all the work with his own hands, but this time as a co-director were called himself Frank Miller and bosom friend and no less famous film director Quentin Tarantino. The presence of the first provided the maximum proximity of the film to the novel, in the most important thing - the atmosphere, well, Tarantino showed a master class by removing one scene, perfectly fit into the narrative, so that distinguish highlight his work on the background of directing Rodriguez is incredibly difficult to For any viewer before viewing (if not possible, how should explore creative aforementioned trio) you need to know only one thing. "Sin City" - a film made for art. Not carrying in itself no value, in addition to his own pleasure, as a whole, and self-sufficient work. Without claiming anything more, the picture opens up everyone who wants a whole new world, an uncompromising, brutal and grim. And only the viewer itself and for itself can decide whether there is a place a city of sin in his life, and whether there will be in place for him.
main feature, the part that distinguishes "Sin City" from a great number of films is a visual solution. Most of the movie scenes filmed in saturated black and white, with the deliberate release of yet another bright color. Sometimes it's red-blood red, bristling with small fountains, sometimes - poisonous unpleasant yellow color of the skin of one of the heroes, and sometimes phosphorescent white for the image of a large amount of blood. This choice makes the movie at least original. Although nowadays there are plenty of experiments with color- and light filters. And every few years, thanks to improvements in technology someone can bring a picture thing for cinema art - visual component to a new level. And "Sin City." - this is one of those films
But in fact this is just the reception, one of the methods by which completely revealed the main advantage of the film - the atmosphere of the city. Bright spot on the screen grabs from the total darkness of the characters and locales, leaving strange shadows on the corners of the screen. Because of reflections on shiny surface weapons and accessories you can not see all the details of what is happening, and it is impossible to see the character of the soul, to understand their motives and anticipate the next step
This city -. Absolute evil in itself. It is not possible to make it so that there is a strange coincidence brought together the worst criminals of the world. Blame the city of sin. He corrupts changes each man caught in his net, and succumbed to the temptation. His heavy, sticky atmosphere capable to crush all the best qualities of a person to change it, break force to transgress through all possible limits. Each of the key characters in isolation from the city could become the main figure, the protagonist of another film, eclipsing all other residents. But here it will always be one of many. Ordinary citizen. And he will certainly be killed. Sooner or later, and new adventurers will replace. One could say that in this city no one has any guarantees. But it is not so. Similarly, we can say about everyone that he would not live to old age. And do not leave the city.
This terrible atmosphere of cruelty and violence captures the first frame of the movie. Beautiful charming staff it draws farther and farther, and only then reveals the true face, but it's getting late. In its own way, in the abstract, the city is beautiful, but deadly.
too cruel and bloody many scenes can not be considered a minus in the context of the film. Were it not for this component is so exaggerated promises of darkness claimed the city would not be consistent with its filling. Violence without censorship, without concealing anything, reveals the black soul of the scene.
lots and lots of pluses of the film can be called the actor's performance. Well-designed images embodied with maximum reliability of his universe. Heroes is so convincing that it is impossible not to believe their every step. Despite the fantastic nature of their actions.
excluding the prologue and epilogue, there are three story lines, no interlacing, and occasionally intersecting random encounters characters, which is also a very original way. And in each of the stories has a protagonist.
most impressive of all looks like Marv. Virtually unkillable man of great physical strength and ugly face. Perhaps the most severe of the killers now he revenges more, systemic evil. It is difficult to imagine the obstacle that he could not carry on the way. Without denying the merit of makeup is not difficult to evaluate highly the work done on the image of Mickey Rourke. His Marv - a real killing machine, and yet, he empathize, understand his motive for revenge. Now you can forget about past crimes and not pay attention to his methods
In second place -. A mysterious killer Dwight Clive Owen. It is not as bright, but not so simple. It is more difficult to understand his hallucinations and conversations with yourself are confusing. He acts, apparently because of a strange feeling of love, the depth of which is unknown and immeasurable
Bruce Willis and its embodiment -. Police Hartigan took the third place only for the simple reason that this actor image is familiar, and the familiar role . Nevertheless, the performance at the proper level. Indomitable, invincible, and like Marv virtually unkillable Hartigan most positive character of the city of sin, but it is - a killer
Having said about the executors of capital roles, it is necessary, albeit briefly mention other key actors-characters, all of them are interesting and are bright. not their fault that they were given less time. Embodiments of Benicio Del Toro, Elijah Wood, Nick Stahl, Rutger Hauer, Jaime King, Devon Aoki, Carla Gugino, Brittany Murphy, Michael Clarke Duncan, Alexis Bledel, Michael Madsen, Rosario Dawson, and even Josh Hartnett Jessica Alba gorgeous and fit perfectly into the the atmosphere of the film.
impressive casting "sin City" should be a valid reason for viewing any movie buff, even if the words of the other virtues of the movie sounded unconvincing.

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