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This world is terrible as sin, and almost as delicious
Frederick Locker-Lampson
With 'Sin City' is very simple:. Either you accept it unconditionally, and do you like it everything - from the ongoing violence to the characters, as if hell erupted, or you are with films of different organic and you are contraindicated any date. As soon as I started watching the movie, I realized - this is my movie, a movie that invades me naskvoz.I I gladly allowed the authors of the film to take me by the collar and 2 hours to haul down the road from the exquisite shit. And I'm not a fan of Miller's comic book, in fact, I thought of them before the movie and did not hear, and not a fan of Rodriguez, which I often do not like rather than like because the caller lurid treshovovsti and many of his works.
But 'City sins' - so far - the most attractive and masterful film that I have seen with Rodriguez. Than it attracts? Or, rather, who? Inner pervert scrutinizes chronicling soldiers mutilated in war and slow down at the sight of the accident, hoping to see something of such things? Erotomaniac, shuddering at the touch of red silk against the skin, and the contemplation of the beautiful priestess of love starring wild Amazons designed to mix the blood with sex? Teenager in hard puberty, who are interested in everything forbidden and on - ask for? Esthete, before fading paintings of Bosch and Bruegel? Latent sadist that only cinema can give free rein to their fantasies? Child reading at night under the covers with a flashlight horror story? Seeker circuses bread or thirsty? I think Rodriguez, Tarantino and Miller managed to blend impressively zaboristy cocktail, which is able to befuddle anyone. And it does not mean that love 'Sin City', you acknowledge our own abnormality: beauty, aesthetics - including deformities aesthetics - bright and full-blooded ominous images, alluring atmosphere - can conquer anyone
Yes, the movie! consists of a waterfall abomination, but, akin to 'Natural Born killers' (though not reaching to them in terms of the meaning), shown in this exceptionally beautiful form abominations lose their negative effect and become only strokes on the canvas the artist who wants to be considered in all ³Go styah. Zhivopisuya smelly, dank, damp and sinister city, in which the reign of lust and vice, Rodriguez associates make the film the way would look noir from the point of view of the German Expressionists.
Every frame of this film is fascinating, is not in vain at the Cannes Film Festival he was awarded the Technical the Grand Prix. Many movies have marked this award has become a landmark in terms of the development of film language, had an explicit or implicit impact on the filmmakers, then they learn, they want to emulate. For example, the 'Touch of Zen', received the award in 1975, changed the attitude of the Asian cinema, and later became a springboard for expansion in East Hollywood, grew out of it all Crouching Tiger, with heroes and flying daggers into the bargain. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of cinema in the world such bands as 'Car Wash', 'Bird' or 'beautiful child'. A feast for the eyes, which is arranged on the screen Rodriguez and Miller, appreciated, and other genre awards, and in front of the luxury monochrome pictures, in which bump poisonous acidic colors, forms a relationship to the character or moment is very difficult to resist.
It is not just beautiful, it's sensual, sensible, elegant, creates a depth commensurate with the banality of the standard comic book movie, it electrifies the screen, turning the movie into a kind of decadence. I thought ashamed to say that if in the same style have been removed 'Spider-Man' and 'X-Men', I would have them stay happy, despite the superficial and dubolomnye stories.
By the way, in terms of the script the film is not It shines with originality, but the stories told are quite comparable with the neo-noir genre and characters - though not more than a function, due to the charisma great actors acquire meaning and truth of life. With actors Rodriguez lucky enough. And the actors - with Rodriguez. Mickey Rourke played the quintessence of all his past roles and the hell long ago was not so good! What looked gorgeous in the surrounding madness bryusuillisovsky squint! And how luxurious was Jessica Alba! And how ironic was Benicio Del Toro! And how amazingly sexy Carla Gugino, Rosario Dawson, Devon Aoki ... well everything, when that did not do anything for which he received Oscars and praise from critics, but manage two or three rough brush strokes to reveal the nature and awaken sympathy (or on the contrary - disgust) to their one-dimensional, it would seem, cartoon characters
funny that cesspool, which showed in his film Rodriguez, was filled with love -. crippled, ugly, degenerate, but still love. It is this, and what could occur in the stench and decay, but still - present. And despite smakuemoe violence, the director does not shy away from romantic euphoria that makes its way through the screen and fills the city of sin sensuality and passion.
disposing of the screen a diverse range of events and characters, the director leaves the viewer to organize and collect the material logically tying individual short stories to one another. This adds an already interesting movie mystery. But in any case it is not necessary to say with this film language of logic - creative thinking in this case completely replaces the analysis, although the internal logic of the characters and the world in which they live, the authors manage to not break. As it never appeared appropriate and the voiceover, peacefully quiet, as in the old noir, no matter what happens in the frame.
Someone who is subject to the creation of this painting? Presumably Miller and his comic still has the upper hand over never obey his film language harsh laws Rodriguez, and at the junction of these unique phenomena - such as movies and comic books, at the junction of two interesting and different creative personalities of the seeming chaos suddenly born something unique. Perhaps only Ridley Scott as rollicking and beautifully managed to dissect cyberpunk noir based fabrics like Rodriguez and Miller on the basis of the same film noir - create your own graphic-kinematogorafichesky cinema experiments, which has its say in the future of cinema
opens before us. beautifully stylized world, bringing true pleasure kinomanskoe cruelty in which kayfuesh from each frame. It is the triumph of the cinema as a visionary, overcoming kinokomiksa convention. Of course, the 'Sin City' will become a classic, and among the films of the 2000s still shine over time in the same spot as a bright purple bed in the shape of heart among the dank and gloomy grayness of despondency city of sin.
P.S. I watched the 'Sin City', where Rutger Hauer played the worst product of the city - the all-powerful Cardinal cannibal. And right at this time of the brilliant Dutch actor was gone. Rest in peace, the Flying Dutchman! It is a pity that not all roles are worthy of your mighty talent.
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