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"Sin City" - is one of those films which I came across by accident. Despite already late night television, and going about to go to bed, I suddenly noticed on the logo Dimension Films screen production of Robert Rodriguez, then early in the noir style images ... and dream vanished, I dipped into the paint, but no less real world with his head, the only thing that prevented the total immersion is the border of the TV monitor and annoying ads periodically thrown out of the pool and seductive thereby clouding the perception of integrity. But after insanely beautiful attractive opening credits in the form of comics under a spectacular music all the obstacles have ceased to be significant. And when announced before the end of the cast, I was amazed by the participation of such a large number of first-class stars and the only ones I could remember. Moreover, the names of directors heard, it proved entirely plunged into shock as it happened, skip this multifaceted project. In general, from the first viewing I was crazy and fell in love with this movie at a glance. In anticipation of the long-awaited second part I have decided to review it again, although probably twenty times are subject to revision.
In fact, after an initial acquaintance with the painting, I took an interest in an unreal universe of this project. In general, I began to search for the origins of this phenomenal idea originated in the mind of Robert Rodriguez. It turned out that there is a series of graphic novels (comics), American writer and artist Frank Miller, called Sin City, award-winning. The cycle is difficult organized sequence parable with tense scenes criminal and clearly pronounced moral sends. Stories short stories are often intertwined, and the main characters of one cycle of stories are other minor characters.
Rodriguez decided to conduct an artistic experiment and move to the screen contrast so novel. In order to meet full compliance with the original source of the film he invited the author of the original novel as a full sorezhissora, for which he paid a voluntary exclusion from the Directors Guild of America. Here's what it means to sacrifice for the sake of creation of true art. Decent action should only praise. And the risk that paid off in full. I move away from the eulogy and continue. If you really compare most frames of the film and graphic novels Miller, the similarity is incredibly identical.
Now, after reviewing all the "hot spots" Sin City, pretty, podsobrav information and becoming a qualified guide, pass directly to the description of impressions and immediate intelligence of this, without any doubt, a work of art. The most important thing that catches the eye and caresses the eye is unusually visual design. Robert Rodriguez as accurately transferred to the screens style of Frank Miller's novels. movie image is basically black and white and very good contrast, individual colors (red, blue, green, yellow) are highlighted, as well as in novels cycle, the individual characters or related parts - the color of eyes, lips, blood splatter, the dress and the like. Due to the color scheme, the film won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival for "For visual zaostronnost". This is one of the main advantages of the film adaptation, against which is built the whole city and everything in it occurring events clearly highlighted contrasting characters and words create indescribable atmosphere
place of the film -. Fictional "vice city» Basin City, the most dangerous and thoroughly corrupt in America. The power in it represent the absolutely corrupt politicians who divide spheres of influence with the mafia clans with the connivance of the police purchased. The heart of the Basin City is the "Old City" - a quarter of brothels, the order in which support the armed forces of prostitutes. They are ready to defend their independence to the last, and no mafia or the police do not dare to interfere in their affairs
Heroes graphic film Rodriguez-Miller -. People do not say that bad, but not explicitly distinguished kindness and mercy. Living in a "vicious City" taught them to cynicism and cruelty. However, the "City" creates situations where inevitably the characters demonstrate the most intimate and profound human qualities. Some of them leads to the plot of guilt, someone - love, someone - a desire to protect the weak
Robert Rodriguez chose for the film adaptation of Frank Miller's four works, four graphic novel: it is "The Hard Goodbye" - a person. who goes in search of the killer of his beloved, "Big fat massacre" - of the street war between groups of prostitutes and mercenaries, "This yellow scum" - a former policeman that protects a young girl from a serial killer and a graphic story "The customer is always right", which It is divided into two parts used as a prologue and an epilogue to the film. More attention, as it was already clear on three short stories, but a prologue and epilogue are not devoid of luster. Each plot is a separate story, but with a few intersections characters, not necessarily main. Perhaps, in any movie that I was watching, except, of course favorite, there is at least one point causing screaming from boredom. But Rodriguez due to the use of color solutions, captivating music and his directorial skill, completely stripped picture of this shortcoming. A single frame, single situation, a separate event in its own unique and exclusive that or they can not get bored, and the whole forming a filigree interesting and dynamic overall plot, which is fueled by the presence of appropriate and cheerful black humor. Each character has its own unique history, which makes them show the best human qualities. "City" takes it as a sacrifice, but it remains nevertheless ruthless - as a rule, movie plots spared the happy ending. Having personal moral victory, the hero is not able to change the world in general, and dies. It is not possible to allocate a stunning monologue of each of the characters.
Would like to mention the scene orchestrated by Quentin Tarantino. It can be defined as a totally independent history as a significant contribution to the overall atmosphere of the film and one of the best moments.
And how magnificently played by all the actors. Though they had and on the set infinitely to be surrounded by a green screen, wear ridiculous colors, walk on moving platforms and endure makeup. Especially liked Mickey Rourke as Marv. In Jessica Alba I fell in love after the first dance, Carla Gugino, Rosario Dawson about such women should only dream of. Yes, all the girls in the lovely film. Rodriguez tried your best. Even all the cameo etched in my memory. And thank you very much to our team of dubbing, we translated the text and voiced memorable. The monologues are all beautiful and with a verbal point of view and with a meaning, with many memorable aphorisms.
See definitely will not regret it for a second. It is phenomenal in the film, is a unique project, unlike any of the existing and currently the best film in the comic books. He is perfect in every detail and in my opinion is a milestone of how to really need to make a film. Rodriguez, with the participation of Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino and the entire crew has created the incredible beauty and scale of the film.
10 of 10

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