Similarities And Differences Between Osama Bin Laden And Mohatma Ghandi As Leaders Essay

Throughout history we have learned that in order to be a famous leader, you don’t have to necessarily be good and fight for peace. As harsh as it may sound, the “best” or more famous leaders are the ones that have killed thousands of people. So, what does a leader needs to do in order to make a change in our world? The answer is simple, fight for a common cause and represent an angry group desperate for a change. Leaders throughout history have risen to fame exactly the same way; fighting for their people and their beliefs. For example, Hitler, Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Bin Laden, and more. Gandhi was a peacemaker who believed in changing the world without violence, meanwhile Bin Laden was an islamic extremist whose goals were to advance islamic revolutions thought the muslim world with violent thoughts. Clearly these two were notoriously different and had different goals, but as crazy as it may sounds, these two had certain similarities that made them in a way alike.

Getting further in the similarities, the most important one is that Gandhi and Bin Laden were as I said before headmasters of an oppressed group who were desperate for change, and fought for social, political and/or religious causes. The need of change is the main reason of public protests in the 21st century. These two led groups who needed a change in their society and fought for what they believed was right; speaking out and making noise in order to make the world notice that they existed and that they wanted to make a change.

Another similarity, is that both leaders were killed by their oppositors. These two cases showed how controversial social leaders could get to be, because it didn’t matter if they fought for good or bad, they would still gain oppositors who wanted to hurt or even kill them.

Now, talking about the differences, the main oneis that Bin Laden tried to reach his goals with violence, not caring who was affected or who was hurt, instead, Ghandi believed that peace could resolve everything. As it well known, Bin Laden was in charge of lots assassinations such as the 9/11 attack which was under “religious believes”. He as a big islamic leader, had the power to convince every muslim to defend their religion without being penalized supposedly because their god wouldn’t judge them. Ghandi gained a lot of fans by his spreading of pacific beliefs and did a big change to the world by spreading non-violent protests and changes. This is an example of how leaders can have a big influence in a certain group and how easy is to manipulate a person.

Another big difference is that Ghandi was fighting for the common goal of India, which was a social/political movement, meanwhile Osama Bin Laden was fighting for those who opposed which was a religious movement. The last difference is that they had different rivals, Ghandi was fighting against England (obviously in a pacific way) for freedom, and Bin Laden was fighting against U.S troops for his terrorist group Al- Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden and Mohatma Ghandi were very famous leaders who made an impact on our world. It doesn’t matter if the impact was good or bad, we know them as people who fought to death for what they believed.

Concluding, I highlight how Bin Laden was an evil man that killed a lot of people, and Ghandi was a pacifist who fought for India’s freedom, but what I think was important to remark of them both, is how they spread their beliefs and made a lot of people believe in them, gaining the power to change our world. I think people need to get informed when they support or follow a person; When you choose a leader, be sure that person will make no harm for our world and will make a good change in our society.

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