Silverfish control Essay

Silverfish are nasty little creatures that don't harm humans through bite but does enough damage through other ways. They have a silvery appearance with a brittle and metallic lustre. They have bristle like appendages at the ends and are so much long that their body length is almost equal to these appendages lengths.

Why should I be scared!

They feed on sources that are rich in proteins, starch and carbohydrates. They can be often found eating through your books, clothes or bathroom junk. If you remain tolerant to silverfish, be prepared for property damage. Documents, food items and clothes are often the material of destruction which is a consequence of their weird eating habits.

How to spot an infestation?

You can prevent such infestations if you can spot them in the first case. Below are the ten signs your house may be effected from Silverfish.

1. If you spot a silverfish, then it is a sure indication that there is an infestation near the place of sighting. A very obvious sign yet could make an early breakthrough point had you spot one.

2. It can be utterly embarrassing and disgusting to discuss but there is a concrete way to obtain clues about the silverfish infestations by looking out for their droppings. Their faecal matter can be easily detected with their pellet like shaped black coloured poops. Frustrating, yet helpful fact.

3. If you leave cereals or food items for a longer time at a particular place in the house, pretty much are chances that you can find infestations in the food containers or bags. They love peace and stay away from noisy places.

4. Tiny holes that occur in irregular pattern are strong hint of silverfish infestations as these creatures have small mouth and bite through their food with small holes.

5. Presence of awkward holes on books or stationery items are proofs that it's a silverfish work. They have this weird liking towards the glues that are used for sticking Wallpapers or book bindings.

6. Yellow stains on clothes, books or near wallpaper are result of activities of silverfish.

7. Incase you find shells and husks that are tiny yet remain on kitchen or bathroom floors, yes it is silverfish. They shed throughout their lifecycle. These materials are hard to notice at single glance yet can be very useful guide paths.

8. Increase in crevices and cracks inside the house can be a consequence of this insect trying to push itself inside for laying eggs.

9. If you find several holes in the areas adjacent to the wallpapers, no doubt it is a silverfish infestation.

10. Etches inside the tables or anything as such are few other important points that can be attributed to the silverfish infestations.

Silverfish rapidly reproduce and are nocturnal which means you can find them only at nights mostly. Dark and revamped places are their favorites given the right temperature and proper humidity levels. These hints alone are not sufficient to help you find and get rid of them. We are pretty much acquainted with good levels of knowledge on identifying the infestation and then planning and executing standard techniques. You can see this through our hard work that pays off in the form of neat and cozy homes void of pests.

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