Silent love Essay

Silent Love By Sam Arnel Copyright Sam Arnel 2012 INT. DAY MILKBAR HEIDI (24), a black and white character, is standing at the register waiting for her sandwich. HEATH (18), a coloured cashier, hands over the sandwich, which turns to black and white when she picks it up, and punches in the price on the register. HEATH $3 thanks. Heidi hands over the coins, which change into colour as soon as it leaves her hand. HEIDI There you go. HEATH Thank you. Have a good day. HEIDI You too. Heidi walks to the door when another black and white character, GREG (27), walks in. He holds the door open for her as the two smile at each other. Greg goes straight to the newspapers. When he picks it up it turns to black and white. He already has the coins out and hands them over to Heath. Once again they change to colour as soon they leave his hand. GREG You enjoy your day, Heath. HEATH Will do Greg, you enjoy yours as well. Greg holds up his newspaper in the air. GREG Already am. EXT. DAY FOOTPATH/BENCH Greg exits the milkbar and walks down the footpath. He has a bounce in his step and is looking quite happy. Eventually he sees his favourite park bench, but sees the girl from the milkbar, Heidi, is already sitting on the bench. He goes to sit down anyway. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: 2. Both are at opposite ends of the bench. Greg is reading his paper and Heidi is eating her sandwich. Heidi looks over and recognises him from the milkbar. She wants to say something but can’t muster up the courage. Greg notices her looking and also cannot find anything to say. The two instead just smile at each other like they did before. EXT. DAY BENCH The next day Greg approaches the bench with a smirk on his face. He sits down on the bench and pulls out a sandwich to eat. Heidi then approaches the bench and pulls out a newspaper as she sits down. The two share another smile, but still cannot find the courage to say anything. Each time Greg looks at Heidi and she goes to look at him, he pretends that he wasn’t looking at her and vice versa. EXT. DAY BENCH Greg has gone back to his newspaper and Heidi has gone back to her sandwich. As Greg is reading, he subtley slides over a little. Once he has slid over his shoes turn to colour. Heidi sees this and also slides over a little and her shoes also change. Greg sees this and smiles. Heidi also smiles, but then can’t keep eye contact and quickly looks forward again. EXT. DAY BENCH This time both start from where they finished the previous day. They both slide over again. Now both of their legs are in colour. Greg thinks one more slide is in order. Heidi obliges and slides over only leaving one persons width between them. Now the only body part that is in black and white is their head. Greg continues to read his newspaper as Heidi sits with a grin on her face. EXT. DAY BENCH Greg is approaching the bench looking determined to finally talk to this girl. As he gets close to the girl he sees that Heidi is back on the end of the bench in full black and white. He is confused to see this, but as he gets closer he sees a coloured, old man, TOM (60), sitting in the middle of the bench. Greg sits down on the other side of the bench, which turns him back to full black and white. Each time he tries to look over at Heidi, Tom thinks he is looking at him. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: 3. TOM What are you looking at? Greg goes back to reading his paper, embarrassed that Tom has pointed him out. TOM Yeah that’s what I thought, coward. I may be old, but I could still beat you. Heidi snickers and tries to cover up by putting her sandwich back up to her mouth. TOM You laughing at me, girl? Heidi shakes her head. Now Greg is trying not to laugh underneath his newspaper. Tom reaches down and grabs some bread to feed the birds. EXT. DAY BENCH Greg and Heidi are back at each end of the bench like on the first day. There is awkwardness now and neither look over to the other. Greg is doing the puzzles in the newspaper and Heidi is looking straight ahead whilst eating her sandwich. Greg gets up to leave, he walks past Heidi and drops a post-it note near her. It turns yellow as soon as he drops it. She picks up the paper and goes to say something, but still cannot find the courage to speak. She is amazed that it hasn’t turned back to black and white. She reads what it says and smiles. She sticks it on her sandwich container and it says ’Will you have dinner with me?’ EXT. DAY BENCH One month later... A newspaper is seen up close. As it is lowered it is revealed to be both Greg and Heidi reading together in full colour. Greg has his arm around Heidi and both are smiling. Greg kisses Heidi. The credits roll to happy snaps of the two in couple mode.

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