Significance Of Communication In Business Essay


Discuss about the Importance of Social Media in Business.


Social media has become of the most useful tool that the companies are using to promote their brand and to enhance their connectivity with the consumers. However, before implementing any of the social media marketing tools it is important to gain knowledge about it and about its history. From Grovo’s history of social media, I got information about the history of social media. From this module I came to know social media has experienced three stages of evolution which are Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Not only that, I also got knowledge on the various types of communication principles underpinning social media for example, two way, many to one, one to one and one to many.

The next thing I have learned about the contemporary business world. The main topic under this module was culture. There are several elements of culture that are important to understand in order to precisely understand the concept of culture. While undertaking the module some elements that I discovered are language, religion, norms, values, art, food, clothing and customs. I also learned that societies that are complex sometimes include sub cultures. I also understood that it is important to understand intercultural awareness and competence. As a business student, from this module I also learned that cultural awareness is important to understand several aspects of culture in a business such as diversity, points of difference, development behavior and group membership.

In the next module I learned about the problems related to unpaid overtimes. There are policies and regulations related to overtime wages. Rights of employees in the cane of additional work are also there that all the business organizations must follow. All these rules and regulations are under the initiative of Fair Work Australia. It is important to comply with these rules and regulations to run a business properly.

The next module has enlightened me about professional and ethical conduct in business. I have learned that it is important to maintain honesty and integrity in the workplace along with hard work. Two case studies were provided in this context which was about Peter and Paul. When Peter was lazy, dishonest and irresponsible employee Paul was a hardworking, honest and responsible one. From this module I understood that it is important to become like Paul.

The importance of team work is another thing that I have learned within this course. I have learned that an effective team that includes agreements of working together through good communication and close monitoring is able to gain success. In this module, through several samples I have also learned probable issues that can arise in a team. However, I have also learned to use several strategies to deal with these problems. However, I have also learned strategies that can help to develop an effective team which are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. If a team can successfully go through the stages, it can solve many problems and can cultivate positive results for its organizations.

During my studies, I have also revealed knowledge and skills related to professional writing. Professional writing is a key part of my future career, thus the knowledge about the key elements professional writing helped me in my study and professional field significantly in regards to communication. For instance, the key structure of writing professional papers, like essay, reports, research articles are understood, which helped me to improve my writing skills. One thing that I have revealed through the study is that using evidences are crucial for improving the quality of information in the writing. The key structure should include a sequence of theme, evidence and example. Clear meaning should be there, which can be easily understood by the reader. Using figures, demonstrating objectivity and professional tones along with proper referencing are important.

The study session also helped me to write business reports, crucial for my professional practice. With the help of the lecture notes, I came to know the importance of good communication skills in career prospect. In case of business report writing, it should contain background information, current practice, rationale for the report and its implication. It is important to put information in an appropriate form. The standard structural form has also been revealed. Providing example enhance the validity of the report.

Our lecture sessions helped me to develop literature review writing capabilities. The importance of literature review in business learning has been revealed. It is a critical examination and evaluation of the pre-existing evidences on the topic, being reviewed. For gaining potential information, we need to select appropriate research articles for the topic. After identifying key articles or books to be reviewed, it is important to critically appraise the quality of those articles. In this context, Triple R framework can be implemented. Tables can be used to arrange themes and analyse. Finally, the gaps in the existing literature should be determined and concluded with further requirement.

The study course also guided me to understand how to write an essay. For instance, I have learned that unlike report, essay should be written in a flow, thoroughly in paragraphs, instead of including heading or subheading like reports; although essay should have introduction, body and conclusion part. While writing an essay, like reports, there should also be evidence base and examples, for enhancing its credibility. The essay should have a purpose, which is demonstrated in introduction part for making it easy to understand to readers.

Our study course also helped to understand the verbal and non-verbal communication skills. For instance, what are the importance and meaning of each type of non-verbal communication signs like congruence, head movements, facial expression, eye contact, voice tone, gesture, posture, personal space and listening skills. Listening is crucial for interpersonal as well as team communication. Barriers of listening have also been understood.

In addition, the role and type of verbal communication in professional field have also been understood. For instance, the professional communication should be planned or represented in a proper way, which is somewhat different from other communication styles.

Sustainability is the process, in which the human protect the natural resources and they save it for the future use. As a human being, I have learnt that people should maintain the harmony and give effort to live with the sustainability. We need to stop misuse of the natural resources as it plays the crucial part in our life. We have learnt that the adaptation of the sustainability living can ensure our actions so that we can save it for our future generation.

In business, one of the most debating ethical issues is the fair and unfair wages. The underpaid and unpaid wages is a big challenge for the employees. In this situation, the employees became under pressure and it is non-reducible. As an working person, I also have faced various issues regarding the working time. As the full time employee, I have to work longer than 60 hours per week, which is unethical. Thus, I have to donate $2.1 billion of money every week. Hence, for the employees like me, safeguard legal rights is necessary to be made.

As an interviewer, I am apologized to make an interview with Mr. Pakhrin, a renowned businessperson of Australia. He is originally from Nepal and in present days, he is living in Sydney. In our conversation, I have come to know that he has the chain of groceries stores and business with Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. His father started the business and he had to struggle a lot. While taking the interview, I have come to know that as his father was ill, he had to take the responsibility of the business and he became learnt about customer satisfaction, product positioning, and other important information about the business. I found the conversation very interesting and informative. I thanked him to make time for the interview.

In our everyday life, we may face various problems, which have various facts. For example, friendship, marriage, and pirates may be some of the facts. All of the facts belong to different categories, such as marriage belongs to the category words. On the other hand, Friendship belongs to the category actions and pirates belong to words and clothes. We need to understand the concepts of those facts.

Some of the everyday activities need serious thought and careful consideration. From example, while buying a car, I need to be careful about the good safety and economic car. I had to research thoroughly the websites and car dealerships. I found that I should select the car-3 as it is not expensive sand also has strong safety record. I have to think critically and identify the issues appropriate to resolve it.

I have to know about the facts of the critical thinking and analyze the relevant and irrelevant facts of the claim. Critical thinking helps me to estimate creditability of the source of information. I have learnt that critical thinking helps to detect the biasness and logical fallacies as well as helps to determine the strength and validity of the claim. I need to have the claritiy and needs to precise the claim.

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