"Shutter Island" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Shutter Island". The film, to great surprise, not earned weighty nominations during the presentation of the major film awards of the world, such as: "Oscar" or "Golden Globe", but could become a serious competitor to put forward at that time films. But, alas, the next joint work of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese has not brought deserved statuettes; all due to the fact that the studio did not have the necessary funds to finance an advertising campaign to promote the "Island" for competing for the medals. All core budget for this purpose went to promote other "the Paramount" studio projects - "Up in the Air" and "The Lovely Bones." But, nevertheless, this sad fact has not prevented the horror - film recoup its start-up capital of eighty million dollars in three times and seize the sincere sympathy of the audience, although the English-speaking critic rating site «Tottentomatoes» is not quite compelling sixty-three percent. Still, let's delve into the atmosphere of a psychiatric clinic of the postwar period and try to figure out whether the picture is worthy of the praise that it descended?
Martin Scorsese perfectly coped with its task with respect to the film adaptation of the novel by Dennis Lehane, "Shutter Island", which appeared in 2003 year. For a long time keeping the film unfolds before the audience an interesting detective story; on one of the islands of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which has been specifically set aside by the government to a psychiatric clinic, containing dangerous criminals deprived of reason. During the short time spent at sea abyss shrouded piece of land, federal marshals had to go through spells of medical personnel, a strong storm that could destroy all life, to feel the chilling fear (from DC). The script itself is written perfectly. Much of it developed consistently and rapidly, but with each new rotation is entertaining event, put on the hook for the viewer's attention and all the more forcefully chaining it to the screen. Excellent detective pronounced side make this film is not just a psychological drama, a gripping thriller, which is not devoid of the dynamics of the development of events. What is it that tells us "Shutter Island"? This film is one of those representatives, who tells the audience the history of man, wounded not physically, but mentally. We watch as he tries to unravel the mystery of his own life, which can not receive replies. This picture is about finding yourself; that many of life's situations can dislocate very spirit of the people, passed the horrors of the Second World War. He was capable of day and night, without sleep or rest, chasing a criminal, and then stay calm, but the family situation has prevailed over him. We can understand from the scanned that however were not the problem, you must put up with them; otherwise all the efforts made by you to achieve your goal, crumble like ashes extinguished the fire, and will disappear from the drops of cold autumn rain. If you watch "Shutter Island" as a regular detective thriller, you can not fully experience its true energetic atmosphere, every moment opens with a bang. Try to find that in it -. Something different, that is able to touch your inner spark
A few words should be paid to the maitre of modern cinema, Martin Scorsese, in order to properly show the reader reviews, the force with which this reel of film was put with some professionalism. The director has given all the episodes of some highly emotional, dark, but at the same time charming atmosphere. It attracts the mind of the beholder, and throughout the session, there is absolutely no desire to stop watching, but only with great force immersed in the quality of the vessel. Envelops you from all sides perfectly conveys the everyday life of the time. No impression that all landscapes 1954 only recycled from the modern interiors. They really like from that time films envelop inside his tremendous power. . Completely perfect soundtrack emphasizes dark and intriguing atmosphere and gives the film more tension
About actor's game, done in the cameras lens - this is an excellent example of the unsurpassed talent of popular Hollywood parties; such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley. All of them have felt their characters perfectly and brought into the picture perfect melody psychology. All the characters are different, they all pursue their own goals. Different characters perfectly contrasted during the dialogues, interviews, etc. Leonardo DiCaprio appeared before the fans; maybe not very fresh character in comparison with other paintings, but, nevertheless, his work in the picture was bright, fresh in relation to his past roles, quality and audience sneaks up ants. In addition, the way he dealt with the problem, there are no questions, so as to Mark Ruffalo, embodied on the screen the second federal marshal. Though he did not stand out in the overall picture, but does not cause feelings of hypocrisy and lack of professionalism.
As a result, it is worth saying a few words to generalize. "Shutter Island" - a film about finding yourself. The fact that a simple recognition of the fact it is not necessary in priority. This idea is shown in bright shell thriller, detective, drama of one man. The film looks difficult because the atmosphere in the hands of Martin Scorsese shows the complexity of the psychiatric hospital. But, nevertheless, do not want to stop playing; you are fully imbued with what is happening, and after the first acquaintance with the painting is in a certain perplexity, doubt, surprise, the dim state. Within a few hours after the end of the film, your mind still hovering on the island and can not leave him, if he really was able to overwhelm you and leave your mind at until the end of time.
10 of 10

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