"Shutter Island" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

/ F "Shutter Island" was released almost three years ago, but your humble servant on the absurd coincidence, could see this masterpiece work just now ...
Sometimes the so-called. "Word of mouth" is not something that used to bad service, but it has a strange side effect. Well, you know, when everything they say read this book, she is gorgeous, play in this game it's the best, look at this movie is amazing, and the ending of all your "roof will break." It happened in my case. I was advised to become familiar with this movie so many people from my brother (the taste of which I basically trust) and colleagues at work to unknown users of social networks, and they did it so insistently that your reviewer to all included actually quite strange reaction.
him (I mean me) to watch this film was corny boring, the mood still can not come, and one of the best films of Martin Scorsese (as it turned out after viewing) was sent to the far shelf in an imaginary closet "look when - not be. " And I, by the way, is not alone in these "quirks" my niece is now just react to the persistent suggestions for "Game of Thrones»
These strange excuses naturally to the case of special treatment and do not contain, in principle, only one message. - regret. For such an attitude to the work of one of the few truly great contemporary directors, on my part it was just not acceptable. A look back and presenting a second, how many movies debris was seen for the last three years and does take a certain surprise. Enough, perhaps, to touch higher matters, and let us still proceed to review a magnificent film that, looking ahead to say, touched my heart the strings which have long been covered with dust, and only Mr. Scorsese could this same dust brush away and did it not only as a genius.
The film is based on the novel "Private island" by Dennis Leheyna and takes us to the year 1954, Shutter island, located near Boston. It is the most secure hospital for the mentally ill in the United States. Exiled to the most terrible criminal acts, which, according to doctors outside the jurisdiction of law enforcement agencies. Rather acts that may fall, but the responsibility for them by reason of insanity clearly not compensated by the offender in the electric chair, and in the relative comfort of hospital wards, though the number and density of the bars on the windows slightly above average. As far as it is rational in terms of budget spending and by the obvious moral dilemmas are still arguing about human rights activists around the world. But this way, we will not turn off, for review in this case threatens to grow in breadth so that will exceed all required standards.
And so the main character of the narrative federal US Marshal Edward Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner Chuck Oulom (Mark Ruffalo ) arrives at the island of dank autumn 54 th, for the investigation of an accident. What's up in a mental hospital, where the staff of guards and nurses several times higher than the contingent of patients, it turns right on the quay. It turns out that there is quite a mysterious incident is one of the ... well, let's call them undergoing treatment ... but the treated lady named Rachel Solando (Emily Mortimer), managed to escape.
Thus according to the head physician Dr. John Cawley (Ben Kingsley), the chamber door was shut all night and had not been compromised. None of the staff could not see anything, and finding a place institutions made it impossible to runaway, somewhere to go, rocky shores and cold water and a great distance from the mainland are forced to take his word. But only in the case of inability to escape from the island. Doctor leads itself very suspicious, refuses to show personal things of patients, sometimes confused in the testimony and rude besides, so elegant, that brings Edward to cry.
Besides, can weather is peculiar atmosphere of a place and can prolonged abstinence from drinking It causes Marshal migraine attacks and strange hallucinations. And if the presence in their visions of the recently deceased wife Daniels has even as it used to. A storming of the Dachau concentration camp is still possible to somehow explain the deep-set memories, such as everyone knows is not forgotten (and understand American soldiers destroyed all the guards who were only able to catch quite possible). Appeared and here and there dead children this is something new. About runaway, by the way, we know that she killed her three children, for which he rattled on tutoshny resort, but as it relates to Edward? History certainly terrible to stupor, but he had not seen this in service for so many years that.
The further the investigation progresses, the more questions will appear investigators (from the audience by the way, too). Strange note found in Rachel's camera, which then leapfrog to the number of wards of Dr. Cawley, the behavior of the prison director, described that can be succinct word - epileptic. Crowned all this obscurantism mysterious lighthouse, which is known that it does not work for its intended purpose, and its facilities are dumped wastewater treatment equipment, but it is surrounded by a tall fence, which is crowned with several rolls of barbed wire, and guarded him several heavily armed soldiers of the teeth .
How to put my brother this morning - the first forty minutes of probably the best detective of all that he had ever seen. And it is impossible not to agree with him. Masterfully recreated the atmosphere, intricate suspense and mystery, so intriguing and multifaceted that even sophisticated audience not the fact that to guess what is going on here. Yes gentlemen even if somewhere in the middle, you think that all assure clear, you're wrong, the inspection until the end and if you do not there "will break the roof", then ... well, I do not know ... maybe you have seen the movie?

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