"Shutter Island" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Through the eyes of Martin Scorsese ...
I have long wanted to see this movie. But to see with my own eyes was not possible, but I saw the book Dennis Lehane in store this summer. I began to read. I read for a week or even less. I was in this excited about this book! And, of course, the same feelings and expect from the film. Here today I am decided what movies attention. The first of them - the island. Well, it seems, to be honest, it is not the same as expected.
impossible to sharpen its focus on the description of the film, proposed to any website or on the back side of the disc. These words will not tell you anything about the story, absolutely nothing. What makes it amazing? That is what lies behind the upper description. After all, the film is built on the book, and the book - a terrific detective who just draws you in an instant and do not let go. Perhaps, if I first saw the screen version, and then read a book - it would have been the other way around. But I acted differently, and, frankly, did the right thing. For the second time in my life I compare the film with a book. And before I do not understand people who say that the book is better. How is it possible that the paper better than the movie? It appears, as you can
I can not directly say -. I did not like. After all, if you take the film as a whole, everything is very good. Of course, there are some flaws and changes, not by the book. And, perhaps, a couple of funny moments. Not in the sense that they're funny, and fun to read. In fact one drawback - tightened. And it's not that desirable to turn off when you view, no. But all the talk, dialogue, action - everything is so stretched and tedious, and some scenes very well, I do not natural. The actor fail his oblique, blank stare, the dialogue goes nowhere. I was a little impressed by the secondary actors. It is they, at times, summed
Visual -. Well. Darkly, in the spirit of the hospital. While reading, I imagined things differently. Taken interesting. I liked the style of shooting - it's just beautiful. Well, what to other advantages, so here I want to mention an incredibly appropriate music, which, unfortunately, difficult to pick up on reading. I did not think what motives can describe what is happening on the screen. But the creators were able to fully convey the atmosphere of the film. A bit scary, on, beautiful. All very well at this stage!
Leonardo DiCaprio, no doubt, an interesting actor, always different. The role of Teddy, in fact, perfectly came up to him. Well, that is a choice has paid off. DiCaprio has managed to do just such a character, which is described in the book. Yet all too quickly, he became mad, although, I admit, he did it by really talented. Leo has once again surprised us, and this role is highlighted on his list. After all, the character he has a two-faced, but he was able to give us the life of each of them.
reading, I imagined a nice Mark Ruffalo in the role of the bailiff. He went this way, all is well. But in the movie he is paid far too little time. He spoke little, and all his acts are performed at the end. I caught a glimpse of what his role claimed by Robert Downey Jr. and Josh Brolin. All well that she got it Ruffalo. He's a hero, just a two-way, it is very interesting. Few, of course, but with the mind played a role.
Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson as the secondary characters like the most. Despite such a short time spent on the screen, and it is 5 minutes, Clarkson manages to be remembered here. And Kingsley's good in the way, as always. He that role went to face - calm, strong, confident. Well, in a word. Michelle Williams I do not like. And this time it's game did not change my mind. But as in the book - her character is crazy and annoying. I like the book from her was in shock, and here. But when you look at her face, it becomes even more disgusting. She, on the one hand, the best option, and the other -. The worst
Who does not like movies with surprising, unexpected outcome? First look, I think you will like this picture. However, I would advise first read the book, because it certainly will not leave you indifferent. In the story, no comment. The history is interesting, absorbing. And the book gives more in order to reflect and make greater nervous than film. I have not seen in the film of the intriguing line with the patient 67. She never revealed until the end. No, in the literal sense, of course, is disclosed. But this number does not give you until the end of it to plunge and wonder. In the film, everything is so simple, even a little bit fabulous. But still ... the last thirty minutes, of course, are impressive! This is very scary and very unexpected. To convey the 'Book atmosphere ' These last pages are not able to, but it turned out pretty good. DiCaprio during these thirty minutes if experienced all life on earth. His eyes have a sense of emptiness and only a small fraction of hope. He showed amazing his character, namely, his experiences and sufferings. And it is because of this last half-hour, my opinion has changed
original title of the film 'Shutter Island', I mean 'Private Island.' But I can not say anything -. Russian name is much more intriguing and sounding . Yet, at times, and we are positive aspects. And by the way, a small minus, who personally the whole movie strained me. Even in the description says 'bailiff'. But the whole movie the main characters called 'Marshal'. This sounds not so nice, and gives less pathos. But still I want to hear - Bailiff Daniels
'Shutter Island', of course, impresses with its unusual storyline.. If someone says it's an everyday story - nonsense. That's what the hand does not turn press 'negative'. For this, and in the final thirty minutes, which convey the essence of the film and grab as not grasped nothing during those two hours. World Martin Scorsese has turned gloomy, as it should be. But still beat this amazing work he did not succeed. Screen version, alas, not gone the wayside. But by viewing is recommended. If you have read or not read - in any case, be sure to check
6 out of 10.

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