"Shutter Island" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Autumn 1954th. Shutter on a remote island, where the specially protected clinic for patients mentally which contains hazardous sociopaths and maniac arrive two government agent - Teddy Daniels and Chuck Owl. It is known that one of the escaped patients. It is not clear how this could happen with so many guards. Exactly how and where you can hide on this small piece of land? And the clinic staff is working with the agents would not be so readily as they would like, and that is clearly hiding something. And also, inappropriately struck the island a hurricane interrupts all communication with the "high ground", while Daniels begin attacks of hallucinations and his tortured memories of the deceased wife and the horrors he had seen at the front in World War II. What it all end? And will his partner get to the truth?
«With crazy simply nowhere-they say, but somebody is listening" (a)
Dennis Lehane -not a known broad masses of the American writer Stephen King but his works are actively interested in Gollevude. "Mystic River," filmed Clint Eastwood, and "Good-bye Baby, Goodbye" to the big screen suffered Ben Affleck. And right on it then film studio "Columbia" was immediately bought just released novel "Shutter Island." Then it was assumed that the project will be at the helm of Wolfgang Peterson. But he refused in favor of action-disaster "Poseidon." Dates aptsionov expired and the rights returned to the writer. A little later, they bought the studio "Pioneks Pictures", and unlike the "Columbia" zealously took up the development of the project. Getting into the director's chair was invited by David Fincher, and play the story had Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg. But then plans changed and the project seriously interested in Martin Skorseze- master "nuarny" thrillers about no unequivocal heroes. And this style is the best suited of the book.
So, the film is based. You can now compare the film version of a literary source. But I (as I dare say, and most of the audience) are not familiar with the original book, and therefore I will only talk about the film.
rarely make an action movie with such a distinct atmosphere. It is purely "nuarny" depressing and gloomy. A constantly sounding pretentious and depressing at the same time the music enhances the immersion into the picture. When watching a movie if you become a witness, or even a member of all these complicated incidents, and secret intrigues of the characters. Along with the heroes -agents FBI, to delve into their investigation of the plot begins to suspect those or other inhabitants of the island, as well as discovering how and characters of the film a lot of things that seemed obvious before, but actually have a catch Stowe only dig. And this "good" in the thriller Scorsese will be in bulk, to be sure.
Since I have not read the original book, it is difficult to judge at greater length about the work on the script, because I did not know that was removed, added or that was taken out of the shadows in the foreground the filmmakers. But as a mere spectator I can safely put the highest score on the script korpevshey Laeta Kalogridis. She has written a compelling story with constantly evolving storyline, putting in a couple of moments unfolding before the audience the story on its head, as well as give the characters a lot of ambiguous cues and intense dialogues. For films like this creation Scorsese, where everything is kept on the charisma of the stars and intrigue in the plot, which are completely absent action scenes, this is important ...
of high-grade cast member I liked absolutely everything: and Sir Ben Kingsley in the role of the head physician of the hospital -tyurmy John Cowley, and Michelle Williams in the role of the wife of the hero -Dolores (which appears only in flashbacks - memories and "glitches" Daniels' agent). Remember in the small role of a German doctor and the patriarch of intellectual cinema Max Von Sydow (though his character Jeremy Neyringu and set aside not so much time as the other heroes, their conversation scenes with DiCaprio, one of the memorable scenes in the film). And Mark Ruffalo adequately portrayed his hero-agent Chuck Oula, a sort of open and charming detective hat and cloak with a kind smile and a simple-the charisma peculiar only unsophisticated people. Although, in order to avoid spoilers I will not say more about his character, but hint that partner Daniels is not as simple as it seems the guy, and just hiding from her partner (and part-time and boss) a secret. Their work in pairs, DiCaprio -Ruffalo in my opinion a great duo, and thanks to their intense game to a film can come back and after it becomes clear "what's the trick» ...
I note as well and work up to the last detail cinematography. Robert Richardson picked each frame, its perspectives reconciled and thought out. Almost all the scenes filmed "static" and the gloomy picture pleasing to the eye. She, along with a catchy and powerful music selected for the tape composer Robbie Robertson, is like an integral part of the story. Without such a heavy and depressing theme film I would have lost a lot. The soundtrack conveys depressed character and perfectly framed many important scenes (whether it be the arrival of the detectives on the territory of the hospital, escape Daniels in a hurricane, sinister image of the lighthouse -as said patients storing even more sinister secrets, etc.) ...
directorial style Scorsese felt in everything from storytelling to feed characters. Of course, the "Island of the Damned" -one of the best paintings by the master, and in the future it will take its rightful place in his filmography.
And as Lionardo DiCaprio, he also added the role played in his piggy bank is another excellent character. Incidentally, this is their fourth, shared with Martin Scorsese film. I hope they do not fall apart tandem and spoil us in the future with new exciting pictures.
I Write the review in the year release pattern, it would be greatly bothered her payback. All the same 80 million budget for the tape without action scenes and massacre with shootings, it is much much. And so grim and depressing movie hardly enticed a crowd of teenagers -Basic visitors cinemas. But it is already known - fees were more than impressive and more than offset the costs and even brought no small profit. Of course, Martin Scorsese has a lot to be proud, as unlikely le find many directors are able to remove the "nuarny" retro-thriller, which is able to cause massive interest.
10 of 10

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