"Shutter Island" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

To begin with, that the creative tandem Scorsese-DiCaprio is one of the most respected me in this cinema. They created a number of excellent bands, the only downside of which, perhaps, is the fascination Scorsese to generalizations truly epochal scope - to the long epic story with so many characters, details, and story branches that many people often fall out of the range of attention, with the result that the films seem sometimes too lengthy and sometimes boring.
But all this does not, in my opinion, with the film 'Shutter Island', which looks at one stroke, flies quietly and keeps in constant on stresses. Entering the territory of Hitchcock, Kubrick, Lynch, Fincher, Shyamalan, old master suddenly discovered his amazing ability to shoot drayvovye hypnotically atmospheric thrillers, and announced himself as a contender for a memorable place in genre cinema. Despite the ongoing work of the Hollywood machine, really stylish and powerful thriller recently came to little. And if they come, then, for the most part - it is rather chamber works, devoid of Hollywood swing. Scorsese quite gracefully landed very different audience - fans of the genre classic and colorful blockbusters -. To psevdoarthausa lovers
Scorsese deeply studied the psychology of the person who is in extreme circumstances, slowly loses his mind from blame him incomprehensible events of the past from the oppressive and hopeless future . The film envelops impenetrable state-severe depression in which the main character, and almost all the people of this horrible island. The constant fear in which they live almost all in this film acts as hypnosis. The film is very interesting to watch, sometimes even frightening, the tape makes such unexpected somersaults and jumps that only manages to combine what he saw with the deliberate, emotion -.
thoughts DiCaprio continues to torture yourself roles mentally mutilated people and is well accustomed to the role of man, in the heart and brain disorder which reigns, however, it is in 'the Aviator' was doing about the same thing, the same acting techniques, and not worse. But such samopovtor - rather a sign directing handwriting than acting stagnation. If the director puts similar problems requires finding a certain emotional state, which has already taken place to be, why not react to them accordingly? DiCaprio is a very versatile actor and I never found myself thinking that I do not believe it
masterful detective intrigue unfolds, the viewer solves the riddle of the mystery along with Teddy Daniels:. What happened to the patient and that the killer is going on here at all? And then twisted questions spring breaks, flies up, throwing all the guesswork and making completely rethink what they saw. All the time around in doubt, believe that everything - camouflage
atmosphere of the film -. One of its main advantages. And not only competently recreated on-screen era (50s.), And a kind of American Gothic, but above all the prevailing atmosphere of fear, anguish, loss of a close, the pain, restlessness, escape. This is facilitated by the selection of actors, magnificent nature, itself a mental hospital, the weather conditions - literally every frame work to ensure that the viewer felt confined spaces, loneliness, inability to selection, an inability to change anything and go anywhere to hide. Scorsese did a fine job and very Kafkaesque half asleep hallucinogenic flashes of sick imagination, a sense of total predestination, rock. The viewer, like the hero - will not get out to play with him, and more and more dangerous game, but it is impossible to stop, as it was impossible to stop the film for me
Feeling time is lost completely, dreary and cold pictures calm nature causes somnambulistic. trance - like the calm before the storm, and the violence of nature, reflecting what is happening in the soul and mind of the hero -. a panic alarm
I really love this movie. Many critics in Scorsese put the blame that he supposedly played, and generally reached where it should not climb. And here they are, poor, deceived. We waited another pseudo-biographical drama, spanning at least three generations, and got some Shyamalan. And I do, on the contrary, only added to the interest. Because Scorsese, embodying the 'Shutter Island', is really significantly departed from the usual of his work, although we can not say that he was never interested in crazy or hallucinatory reality. Back in the 'Cape Fear', he tried to explore the like. And such a departure, the abrupt change of style - from criminal and refined showdown in 'Departed' -. To the grueling psychological thriller (almost gothic horror) 'Shutter Island' cause I only have respect and admiration for the variety of skill maestro
only thing around this little spoils the impression - fantasies of the wife of the protagonist. He leads with her boring talk snotty, tearfully hugging, paintings too talkative corpse, giving belated advice. All this is filmed with a variety of beautiful and melodramatic annoying his broadside, totally out of place here.
And yet, perhaps, some predugadyvaemost events. But this claim is not for the film. Lasting consequences too well studied 'The Sixth Sense' and 'Others' - about the middle of techniques become recognizable, and the ending - understandable and expected, which, however, does not prevent the film to be addictive, mesmerizing, catchy and exciting the imagination. And even the final breath: 'Well, here! I thought 'do not spoil the impression and gives a twist to fully enjoy splashing the screen with the flow of painful consciousness.
However, I do not think that Scorsese tschilis impress the viewer the final chord of his symphonies. In the end, in order not to experience the shock is not only more stylistically similar films, but also the book by Dennis Lehane 'Private Island', on which the film was made, quite popular. Although much of the film lies in the unexpected turns of action, even without knowing the film, it is still possible to reconsider - to enjoy the rich atmosphere and filigree work of actors, directors and artists
In general, audiences and critics have taken this outstanding work Scorsese. very favorably - rarely between the audience and the representatives of the critical community comes similar agreement. This film is a puzzle, a film, Changeling, unfortunately, was bypassed by leading World Film Awards. Even genre Prize Saturn did not get him in any of the five nominations that at least strange, considering that the winners were, if not worse, it is certainly not the best 'Shutter Island'. Filled with wonderful actors, the film was quite unusual for Scorsese genre experiment, graceful monument to the vanity of the great director, who in his old age seemed to set out to prove that he is subject to all - all genres, all the elements, the critics and the box office. I do not want to stick to the picture label, called a masterpiece, etc. Yes it is, perhaps, not a masterpiece - a high-quality very spectator tape, made with such skill and talent that seems much better than it is. And this changeling, like others in this film, is pleased to give in to.
10 of 10

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