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After a long break in three months, I realized how much I want to write a new review! I wanted to write something special. My choice fell on a cartoon, which once turned my world upside down. It was an incredible, unpredictable, vast Shrek !!!
- Well, where is this hot beast
-? In the castle, waiting for us saviors
-! I am the dragon, Shrek ...
Once in the fairy kingdom in a swamp, there lived a big, green troll. His name was Shrek. He lived in pleasure, in splendid isolation, at times frightening farmers. But his solitary life was disrupted when a brutal despotic shorty Lord Farquaad expelled from their holdings of fabulous creatures. Right on the marsh to Shrek. He, of course, is not happy to share their favorite swamp with a crowd of pesky creatures. Therefore, Shrek makes a deal with Farkuadom: he will clear his swamp of evil fairy, troll and save the beautiful princess Fiona for him. Shrek and his unexpected companion - Talking Donkey - hit the road to the castle where the princess lives, but which also protects the fire-breathing dragon
We all loved fairy tales as a child!. Remember the story of his characters? Exactly - rescue the princess from the highest tower, a handsome prince on a white horse, the battle with the dragon, the kiss of true love ... Yes, yes, yes, we all know very well! But what role in all this is given to the troll. Traditionally, he plays the role of the villain, which promises the hero ... What we see Shrek - is an ingenious turn of events: the traditional fairy tale is turned upside down! Troll becomes the protagonist, Princess longer frail and weak woman is in trouble, and familiar characters from childhood fairy tales ... Their fate is not to be envied. Here I want to commend the work of the writers. Although, I remember that the first time I was shocked in every sense of the word. It's such an irony of our favorite fairy tales. But how it was witty, funny, exciting and incredibly fun! And apart from that in the movie there are many moral lessons is to learn in childhood
-. Do not make yourself at home, you are not welcome here officially. It's a fact.
cartoon characters have long been a favorite among children and adults around the world! Large, cool, green, and only he would save the princess: Meet - Shrek ! 'On the face of terrible, but good inside' troll who could easily dwell on his bog, lead a life of solitude, in this vast and sometimes cruel world. But by chance, and one harmful shorty Shrek embarks on a journey that will change his life. It might seem like we can sympathize with him - he's a troll, and a great evil. But it was not there. Although he has various habits of trolls, as a lack of refined manners, love of food that we would never have tasted, as well as sudden belching and flatulence, it is a very good hero, witty and good-natured, sarkastitchnym and brave, ready to give their lives for friends
-! Let's sit up late, to poison jokes, and in the morning bake wafers
any hero tale relies Warhorse, a squire, a companion who is here talking donkey named donkey .... ! Terribly chatty, annoying ass gets forced companion of Shrek on his journey. And how do these two completely opposite personalities could not come together! Surly, sarcastic troll upbeat and chatty, as well as singing ass. This is a modern fairy tale, why not ?! And this memorable duo already has captured the hearts of millions of viewers
-! And last but not least. Red-haired charmer from the castle moat of fire, guarded dragon ... Do not cool your ardor it !!!
Any tale put the main character. Traditionally, the fragile princess, who is languishing in a high-high tower, waiting for the prince and the kiss of true love ... At first glance, this is Princess Fiona and seems to be: spending half his life in prison, she dreams of a charming prince who will save her and give her a kiss ... All her dreams are dust, when she learns that her rescued troll that does not fit in with its fabulous views. And as soon as the plot of a fairy tale makes such a turn, we are introduced to Fiona closer and realize that a princess was not yet: she knows how to cook, can relish burp, and single-handedly deal with a whole gang of robbers forest! I just love these characters
-! Many of you may die, but the sacrifice I am willing to take
And finally, each tale relies villain! Here 100% villain is despotic, arrogant little man Lord Farquaad, who hates fairy tale characters, go camping for a princess anyone but himself, and dreams of becoming a king. All these features give the villain a lot of comic cartoon
Separately want to mention the voice acting heroes - the heroes of the original voice gave Aktru Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow . A cartoon in the original look with pleasure. And also, to praise the Russian dubbing, which I think is one of the best that I had to listen to, and the dubbing actors - Alexei Colgan, Vadim Andreev and Vladimir Nikonov Jeanne Antonica
! - Do not die! If you see a long tunnel, do not fly to the light ...
- Ass
Humor in the cartoon - exceptional! Many situations are fun thanks to a scenario in which the traditional fairy tale is presented in a completely different light: for example, the description of Cinderella who loves sushi, or Snow White, which is lives with seven dwarfs, but not cheap . Or the parade of fabulous creatures in the beginning of the film ... But the best joke, of course, the dialogues! For example, thinking about the layering of the giants, the true love and the possibility of meeting in the swamp. And the soundtrack contains great songs that still rank among my favorite - All Star - Smash Mouth, Bad Reputation - Halfcocked, My Beloved Monster - Eels, I'm on My Way - The Proclaimers, I ' m a Believer - Eddie Murphy, and It is You (i Have Loved) Dana Glover, will forever become associated with cartoons about Shrek
-! Honestly, I will soon need a psychiatrist. Already twitching eye!
Cartoon Shrek means a lot to me. Because I looked him in the right age, when I was 11-12 years old, a little relieved me of naivety and closer to reality. He also gave a lot of useful tips. And of course, I always fell in love with these wonderful characters, know by heart almost every phrase of the film, which year I listen to his songs ... I will give the title of the cartoon movie legends. After all, he has already become a legend for me.
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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