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There was a time when the studio Walt Disney was the best in the creation of animated projects. Pixar studio beat out in leaders due to its "Toy Story." And like a lifeline for studios DreamWorks, it was precisely this tape. Needless to say that this film was one of the highest-grossing animated projects in the history of cinema and quickly gained the title of a masterpiece? I think no. Because it is known immediately when viewing the tape. Surprisingly, this is the only tape of the franchise, which throws me into such a strong enthusiasm. In this case, it is a merit of directors tape Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson . As well as the producer of the project Steven Spielberg . They started their career as an animator and created an incredibly high quality debut project. Of course, the film draws sufficient revolutionary animation. Usually, this animation is perceived as something for granted, than something new. In this case, it is trumpeted otherwise. I have never before, have not seen such a high quality and beautiful detail of the surrounding terrain, characters and other elements of the tape. The surrounding scenery looks great. And looking at the heroes of the person you see the real emotions that change throughout the tape and reflected on their faces. Which in turn is really impressive, and creates an opportunity to thank the large audience. This is a rare case when the film is equally entertaining and funny. In the picture a huge number of really funny scenes, which is simply impossible to describe in words. But reviewing them again and again, are you ready to dive again and again in the crazy laughter. The scene of the fight with the Knights, which is made in the spirit of wrestling, stage rigging fairytale characters in the swamp, the scene of attack gang of Robin Hood, scenes of torture pechenitsy man-and this list goes on and on. In addition to this, Andrew and Vicki gave the film an abundance of really spectacular scenes. Get at least a whole range of action that is associated with the first appearance of a dragon on the screen. It looked incredibly cool, exciting and full of dizzying adventure. Even the final transformation Fiona looked incredibly beautiful and spectacular. Though the scene is almost completely copied from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"
. It is worth noting that the main audience of any animation project has always been and will be small children. So, when you create any animated film always important morale, which can present a project. Many criticized the film for the content. The pier shown in the picture is what can not teach the children and show them all the more. But they look at it superficially. After all, the action of Shrek and other characters are shown as rough and indecent that would viewer himself realized that you can not do. What goes well with morality tape and elevates the role of child-rearing. After this film, and it is good that it is necessary to look to parents with their children and vice versa. That is to say, to strengthen family life. Speaking of morality, the picture brings the same morals as in the film "Too Circle For You." It does not matter whether you're beautiful as a model, or vice versa. What matters is who you are deep down. After all, if you are a good man and your inner "I" is a fine, the time will come and you will meet your love. Even if you're a poor man, and it is a kind of princess. This hope today is not enough for many. That men, women, and that this tape, this is good. It is also a film that must always change and aims to be better. How after this we can say that the film is nothing Putney children does not teach? Speaking of history, it is worth noting the excellent work of the genius duo Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio . We know the standard interpretation of fairy tales, which the creators have turned strongly here. Thus, the prince was gone by the wayside, and the main character was a troll, which has always played a negative place in history. Thus, Ted and Terry created a truly amazing, unusual and interesting story, which is completely crammed with banter and parodies of everything. Whether it's the familiar fairy tales and movies, or the familiar stars and more. Due to which holds much of the humor of the tape. And those who say that it's not funny looks probably are not familiar with the fact that a parody of the film. After all, as you can laugh at the fact that the film makes fun of and not knowing what it is. Speaking of humor, it's a rare occasion when I laughed from the abundance of really smesheyh jokes and abundance of funny moments. Certain jokes readily broken down into a quote and are using successfully in real life. Some funny moments can laugh even after hundreds of views.
Postproduction splendid. Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and John Lithgow coped just fine. But especially want to highlight the Eddie Murphy . He had long since dropped out of the cage supreme comedic Hollywood elite. But the image of a donkey for this tape can be considered the best work of Eddie for his entire career. We only need to listen to every word and intonation, which says Eddie. Laughter is provided to you. How Not surprisingly, people moved in the tape by the wayside. Thus, encouraging the most minor characters. Personally, I can highlight the donkey, dragon, Pinocchio and man-pechenitsu the most colorful characters of the tape. Because they make me laugh the most.
music creates the best blows of modern animation projects. John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams individually are true masters of their craft. But together they created an incredibly strong performance. It was very cheerful, perky, spectacular and simply beautiful. After John and Harry is well understood that creates music for the tale. Thus, the film is full beautiful overtures. A main theme lullaby tape is one of the most beautiful works that I've ever heard.
Special thanks for a terrific selection of Various Artists soundtracks. In each scene with their sound, we hear a great song and a picture, which creates an image of the video clip. I especially want to note the tracks All Stars and I'm Beliver from my favorite band Smash Mouth and Hallelujah by Rufus Vanrayta .
My assessment picture
10 10
Very bright, funny, fun, entertaining, fresh and high-quality animated film. The ideal film for family viewing. When will be happy to both children and their parents. And also, the amazing product that readily revising again and again. See the movie and revise. After all, he is worthy.

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