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Of course, fairy tales - these are the things, which in any case can not be touched, because it is not only our childhood, but also an effective way to get a lot of pleasure and positive mood by penetration into the unknown to us a world of wonders. But sometimes fairy tales need to fresh look, which is required in all areas of art. In the end, you realize that you want something different, new, eccentric and yet close to the heart and soul ...
comes to help it - a huge misunderstanding, and at the same time brilliant creation - «Shrek». So you want a child to clap their hands for joy, arising from the fact that this cartoon was awarded in 2002, «Oscar» as the «Best animated film ». And it is no coincidence, it's fate, because the "Shrek" - a completely fresh look at things that make up each complete picture of the fairy tales. All that we know about this genre, everything that we love from the children's books about the magical adventures, exposed the attention of this picture, in which everything is ridiculed with extraordinary courage. And this is one of the main advantages of tape Andrew Adamson, which I have to thank you for this precious gift for children and adult.
What we see ... We see the fabulous world of the person is not a prince, and ogre, green, smelly, evil and lonely ogre who scares all the fellows for the sake of personal desire to have fun. Yes this is a mockery of the genre! And here and there, this is the story of the adventure stories of love from an unexpected quarter, making the tape is not just curious but fascinating, and Homeric funny.
Cartoon shines unusually cheerful, easy drive, nedetskiy fascination, consisting in the characters and their characters, clash which leads to unexpected consequences, situations and, of course, the adventures that can serve as a significant difference between this fairy tale from the other. Versatility and the depth of the plot of "Shrek" is built in the first place does not expense of the diversity and uniqueness of the wizarding world, and themselves heroes, each of which is, that even it is not surprising the audience voted exclusively cult. The creators are not lazy, and with the agility typical uncovered faces of each of the characters, who find themselves on the rare, original, do not obstruct each other and do not compete in their own perfection. What catty Res speaking ass or an Princess fighting skills - each picture figures clearly distinguished and simultaneously in harmony with each other in one block, like complementing themselves and others. Such an approach to the story is accurate and respect the writers for the dramatic is happening, because the main characters all the drama and kept, without reeling in different directions, allowing for errors in ideological terms, and staunchly refraining, despite the equal excellence of humor and even action games .
Although humor by itself is not a burden to the picture due to the fact that he does not suffer from the typical American comedy stupidity, vulgarity and senselessness. Here, every joke, joke, gag comes before fun and sweet, pleasant and exactly what turns into a cartoon chest funny episodes, which did not impoverished. The irony, enclosed in the very idea of ​​"Shrek" by nature is wonderful, because thanks to her audience available to look at a story completely different eyes, on the other hand, in other subtleties, noting occasional nuances that make us smile broadly or laugh out loud. A typical fairy-tale transforms any narration, if you talk more objectively, in a crazy story, and this is built the whole cartoon in which over the genre of "fairy tale" stebutsya and bullied as you like, without exposing it as an example of absolute idiocy, but simply revealing in it amusing traits that sin is not to ridicule.
But this cartoon is remarkable is not that. It is important that stands out - it atmosphere events. Despite the fact that the tale is ironic creators with a noticeable accent, own fabulousness comes from the picture unexpectedly impressive, conveying the distinctive features of the magical world of "Shrek" expense of many key components, without which the main structure is known, would not have lined up. When viewing we come from different places, monsters, characters, and each episode we plunge deeper into the sea of ​​fantasy, where the place of free thought, and the standard trends of any fairy tale. In a world in which the main characters wander, the right long-known laws and customs of magic: there is also a magic mirror, and dragons, and three pig with the wolf, and Pinocchio, and fairies and dwarfs, and giants ... Undoubtedly, reality in which we find ourselves, we are full of wonders, and miracles, these writers are carefully maintained as a joke in the weave with a clever thought, from which is born a brilliant extravaganza fabulousness.
Naturally, such a rich world requires careful and thorough transfer of the screen, so that it looked colorful and nice. After all, in the movie, particularly in animation, one of the main responsibilities of the creators is to please the eyes of spectators, fascinating picture of what is happening, deftly managing tones and shades. In "Shrek" present stunning graphics, transforming the whole cartoon in a truly beautiful sight. With landscapes that the characters themselves -. All described craftsmanship animators
charming highlight of computer graphics is that the characters face is literally copied from individual real actors. Here, for example, the inimitable Mike Myers . Shrek, does not like it, but the charisma, character and look immediately remind us of "that guy who played Austin Powers." Myers perfectly voiced protagonist. An unusual case of the Eddie Murphy - he got the role of Donkey. A donkey, perhaps - the most memorable and symbolic figure of the entire cartoon. It seems to be normal and stupid animal turns into the most fun, friendly and comical creature on the planet, from which was born the love of both small and large audiences to this personage. A Murphy sounded just fine him, managing to still and sing catchy songs. At the same time touch on and Cameron Diaz, the image of which obviously served as a way of Princess Fiona. And Diaz manages to have fun with all the heart, character voicing and singing. Just a holiday of some!
9,5 from 10
Being one of the most extraordinary and bold cartoon "Shrek" has long become a cult animated film, giving the genre of "fairy tale" severity and impartiality, without losing the unique atmosphere of magic and comfort, for that the band deserves true love and sympathy of viewers critics.

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