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11 years after the premiere and 2 years after the purchase on DVD at last I got around to watching Shrek adventure that over the past decade has become a character of textbook, and films about his adventures included in the list of 'Top Grossing', 'most popular', 'most awarded', 'most anticipated' and the other 'most-most. " I often met 'Shrek' in all sorts of critiques, reviews and articles that withstand the onslaught of such information could not and looked the same cartoon, which 11 years ago changed the face of American animation.
This, of course, but only in part, but it is undeniable that after the stunning success of "Shrek" cartoons began to make a sharp turn toward a rethinking of traditional fairy tales and stories to add multiple quotes and parodies - is impossible. And flagrant 'adulthood' cartoons became popular largely due to the 'Shrek'. And given that the cartoon about a green troll became also a new word in the three-dimensional animation, the time to speak truly about the phenomenon, if not change the world of cinema, have a significant impact on the animation of the XXI century.
'Shrek' is worthy of all the laudable epithets with which it is awarded by critics and audiences. However, it is worth considering when you view a single moment - it's still not a children's cartoon. It is coming under the definition of 'family comedy', he, nevertheless, under the category of fairy tales, which teach the "reasonable, good, eternal" if ingested, is a stretch, let alone kids on watching this movie definitely has nothing to do. And it's not in the sometimes harsh tricks and frivolous moments, not wanting podmazyvatsya a fabulous standards, which, as we know, 'princess not fart', 'knights do not burp', 'toilets in the locks no', and any violence explained in terms of - 'not black - make sure white'. Small fry, which have not yet explained that life is good, what is bad, and how to do, and could not be - can be deceived and find it frankly parody 'antischkazochny' style film for the 'guide to action'. While on the other hand, grown on the glorious Soviet cartoons pioneers too inflated frogs through a straw, ruined nests of birds and sometimes even fed each other with mud. So here too the time to think parents that if their child showed this film should carry out explanatory conversation, that, in fact, in terms of pedagogy, it is desirable to do after each show the film, though the 'Bambi' or 'Shrek'. So the authors of the film swear champions of morality is meaningless. We grew up on, 'Well, wait a minute!', And this, along with the 'Tom and Jerry' - one of the most destructive cartoons
So, 'Shrek' -. Not Another Teen Movie, but - with the proper preparation - quite vnevozrastnoe. Its creators have tried to deliberately oppose the heroes of his stories and sentimental sverhdobrym Disney fairy tales, full of fun and imbecile as treacle sad characters, dancing trees and singing teapots, devoid of any hint of reality and completely emasculated in terms of morality, ethics, etc. .
Shrek - the character, rather similar to the traditional "good-evil" supporting characters, such as water, Baba Yaga, Goblin, or closer to the American audience favorite characters cautionary tales in the states Dr. Sussat - Grinch and the Cat in the Hat (incidentally, at one with the 'Shrek' time left over the screen in the same post-modern style). But here the occasional mythological character, the presence of which Disney was allowed only in heavily dosed version (the crab Sebastian, Timon and Pumbaa, etc.) is becoming a major - and - unusually attractive in its repulsive conduct. In the end, after the pot childhood in crystal clear behavior of the traditional heroes of fairy tales and believe it is reasonable to stop to ask a question such as 'what is the need to be an idiot, lured to the grandmother with the wolf?' or & apos; eat unwashed apple from the hands of some stinking hag? '
Writers' Shrek' issues such engaged in close and create a plot bordering between the ironic tale of chivalry, Hollywood 'great style' and a parody of them. In this story a bunch of characters familiar from childhood stories appear in a different form - sometimes in a rather unattractive, responding to those most notorious questions that you ask yourself, already knowing the failure of fairy tales in the world of reality. That's why this movie is not a child and that is why to understand it and understand the attached authors humor, irony, sarcasm can only with experience - seeing, reading and recognizing
Some parody finds 'Shrek' is not weaker than the classic findings of Brooks -. Also a great lover laugh at the legends. Well, of course, rich, vivid characters, well played (it played, not just articulated, because in the filmography of the actors who worked on the 'Shrek', the role of the - some of the best) raised now to a true masterpiece. Directed great tried, choosing actors who have so merged with the character that would not be perceived separately from the voiced characters. Such a brilliant entering the characters animated characters not seen since the genius Robin Williams voiced the Genie in "Aladdin." However, in place of Mike Myers would look over Chris Farley or even Schwartz, but Myers went quite to the court, even though his traditional screen image just with animated contrasts. The remaining members of the merry trio were sketched not so much with the actors as their main characters. Certainly become the main finding of the film Donkey by Eddie Murphy - copied from similar roles actor in '48 hours', 'Trading Places', and Princess Fiona - quite in the style of Cameron Diaz in' Charlie's Angels'. And if Shrek and Fiona, to some extent remain carriers somewhat distorted, but still quite Hollywood morality, the Donkey is intended to be primarily a rationalist and a destroyer of romantic dreams - a task that Eddie Murphy performs just brilliantly
worth noting that. creators do not 'overdo' tape, remaining faithful to the chosen style - ironic tales, without turning it into an endless stream of gags, jokes and parodies, like Brooks or Zucker. Rather, it is a fantastic styling, close in spirit tapes Burton, only lighter, focused on less demanding tastes.
Innovation in fabulous tradition appeared in the moral message of the film. The final conversion of the characters does idyllic beauties. On the contrary. Caesar-tsezarevo and troll-trollevo. Translated - be happy for what you have and look for his love among themselves. Quite original, if we remember that in every other tale Ivan the fool becomes king not having the appropriate authority, or the written handsome, purchases of milk. The 'Shrek' in fresh milk can only cook, but the singing princess with her singing - that viper - killed the bird. Proper tale for peers 'Kosmoboltsev' and 'Naked Gun' who are accustomed to look at everything through the prism of the tradition of the rapidly changing real world. And, of course, a masterpiece of modern animation.
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